Chapter 92 - Riding Together

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Chapter 92: Riding Together


This news shocked everyone.

“Didn’t the contract just got renewed last year? Wasn’t it a renewal for five years? Why does he suddenly want us to move out?” Zhong Xiang asked in bewilderment.

“How would I know? I didn’t dare listen to more,” Little Lu cried.

“Let’s go and find out,” Ye Jiayao said.

The survival of the restaurant would directly affect the benefits and interest of everyone. It was only natural that they would be concerned about it.

The gang tiptoed up to the second floor, crouching at the door, as though they were forming a human pyramid, to eavesdrop.

“I have no say in this matter. You have to leave this place after three days,” the landlord said firmly.

“Boss Sun, isn’t there?any room for discussion? The contract clearly stated that if we were to move out, or if you were to stop renting the place to us, there has to be a three-month notification in advance. With only three days, where do you want us to move to?” Shopkeeper Li asked, worry evident in his voice.

“I will compensate you according to the contract and you need not pay the rental fees for this year. Will that do?” Boss Sun sighed.

Ye Jiayao knew that there was something amiss. She had found out that in this district, the rental fees for just a storefront would cost more than 2000 taels per year. A whole building cost at least 6000 taels?to rent. 6000 taels was a huge amount, but the landlord had no qualms about refusing it just like that. Could it be that he had a bigger interest in giving it up?

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They heard Shopkeeper Li say, “Boss Sun, this is unfair. We have worked together for eight years and never have I once delayed rental payment. Even if the business cannot go on, you still have to be humane. You’re not giving me a way out!”

“Shopkeeper Li, I don’t want to do this either, but I really have my difficulties.” Boss Sun sounded apologetic as well.

“Is someone trying to sabotage us?” Shopkeeper Li tried to sound him out.

Everyone pricked their ears to listen but it stayed quiet. Finally, Boss Sun said, “I have to take this building back, Shopkeeper Li. I’m sorry that I have let you down.”

That was an implicit admittance if Ye Jiayao ever heard one. Shopkeeper Li replied, “Boss Sun, give us some clue on account of our partnership for all these years. If there is any conflict, I would find a way to solve it and you need not be caught in the middle, right? I will never reveal that you are the one who told me, how about that?”

“Shopkeeper Li, please don’t make this difficult for me than it already is. If I could tell you, I would have done so already. You should already know who you offended. I am taking my leave now but I will be back three days later to reclaim the building.”

Before everyone could retreat, the door opened. Cui Dongpeng, who was right at the bottom holding on to the door, lost his support and fell forward. The others fell on top of him and the group sprawled down on the ground.

Boss Sun only shook his head at them.

Everyone hurried to get up, making a way for Boss Sun. When he left, everyone swarmed into the room, talking all at once.

“Shopkeeper, let’s just not move and see what he can do about it. This is too unreasonable.”

“With only three days, we don’t even have enough time to find another place. He is deliberately making it hard for us.”

“Which bastard is making mischief behind our backs? If I find out, I would chop him up into mincemeat.”

“Shopkeeper Li, what do you think we should do? We wouldn’t be afraid of a fight.”

“That’s right! When the time comes, we will seize the guy and protect the restaurant. We’ll chop anyone who dares come…”

Shopkeeper Li was distraught with anxiety. He could understand how everyone was feeling, but a fight would only make more trouble instead of solving the problem.

“Alright, alright, go back to work! Let me be alone for a while,” Shopkeeper Li said with annoyance. The restaurant’s business has been improving at this juncture and the future looked bright. He had even thought of renovating it slightly. He would never have thought of a calamity like this befalling the restaurant.

Ye Jiayao waved her hand and motioned for everyone to get out.

Right now, the mastermind behind this was still unclear. Whether it was someone in the same trade or simply someone who wanted to make things difficult for Heavenly Residence, they didn’t know. Without that knowledge, every plan was useless.

Ye Jiayao had a suspect in mind, though. For Boss Sun to act that afraid,?this person must be extremely influential. Perhaps, this person was specifically targeting her.

Heavenly Residence has met with an unprecedented crisis, while everyone was feeling indignant at such injustice, for the most part, fear was lurking around. What would happen if the restaurant really closes? Where would they go? Other than Ye Jiayao, the people working here had all been in their jobs for several years. It was not easy to look for a job now, and even if they found one, they would not get the same treatment they have here.

For a moment, Heavenly Residence seemed to be shrouded with depression, the atmosphere was extremely heavy.

“Li Yao, can you look for the Young Royal Highness?” Zhong Xiang broke the silence. He seemed to have hesitated for a long time before saying it.

Everyone was worried about their future. Li Yao was the only one who need not worry that he had no place to go because based on his current fame, many restaurants would scramble to hire him. He would not think of coming to the Young Royal Highness Jing for help. However, all the other brothers need it. As difficult as it was to say, Zhong Xiang had to steel himself and try.

Zhong Xiang’s words were like a ray of light piercing through the haze. Everyone turned to look at Li Yao hopefully.

Ye Jiayao propped her chin on her hand and thought about it. After a long while, she nodded and said, “I shall look for the Young Royal Highness this instant.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, their faces relaxing into smiles. They believed that as long as the Young Royal Highness intervened, the situation would turn for the better.

Ye Jiayao also wanted to find out what or??who??was behind this. If it really was her fault, as she strongly suspected it was, she would have to take full responsibility. If it was not, then she would still do everything in her power to help all these people.

Just as she arrived at the Helian Mansion, Chunfeng walked out.

“Li Yao!” Xia Chunfeng greeted. “Are you looking for Little Jing? He’s not back yet.”

Xia Chunfeng went to the mansion to find Little Jing so they could?have a meal together at Heavenly Residence. Eating at home would only mean listening to his mother’s nagging and that would just decrease his appetite. He didn’t know that Little Jing went to the Ministry of War with his brother and has not yet returned.

Ye Jiayao smiled slightly. “I’ll just wait for him.”

Xia Chunfeng asked curiously, “It is almost dinnertime, don’t you have work to do?”

“Business is slower at night. Besides, if distinguished guests like you don’t come, I wouldn’t really have to cook.”

“Why wouldn’t we come? I was just about to get Little Jing to go to Heavenly Residence. How about this, I’ll leave a message with?the gatekeeper and we’ll wait for him at Heavenly Residence?”

Before Ye Jiayao could respond, Xia Chunfeng had already turned back to pass the message to the gatekeeper and a servant led a horse out.

“Do you know how to ride a horse? Why don’t I bring you along?”?Xia Chunfeng asked.

Ye Jiayao waved her hands frantically. “No, I am afraid of heights.”

Riding on the same horse through the marketplace would invite lots of gossips. In this era, everyone was still quite sensitive to homosexuality. She was even previously misunderstood when she was on a night tour around the Qin Huai river with Chunyu. If another scandal breaks out again, she would soon have a new identity…?the male pet of princes and noblemen.

“A grown man afraid of heights? You suck! Horse-riding is not as scary as you think, you know. Come on, try it. I guarantee you will fall in love with horse-riding.”

Xia Chunfeng, without waiting for further excuses, propped Li Yao up and pushed him onto the horse.??Huh? Why is he so light???Xia Chunfeng found that strange for a guy who worked with foods – or for a guy, period.

“Ah… I can’t, I am going to fall.” Ye Jiayao deliberately made herself look as if she were to fall, pretending to be afraid and panicky.?How dare this brat touch my butt?

Xia Chunfeng mounted the horse nimbly and held on to the reins with both arms, confining Ye Jiayao in his arms.

“Don’t be afraid, sit up straight and squeeze your legs tight. Look forward, that’s right, just like this, sit tight…” Xia Chunfeng squeezed his legs and tightened the reins.

Hyaah!??The horse started galloping.

Ye Jiayao felt like crying.?F*ck!???If Chunyu sees this, he’d pull Chunfeng down and bash him up!

Ye Jiayao dismissed the thought. No. He was his brother. If that donkey was going to beat someone up, it would be her. He’d go on a lecture of how she was being shameless and promiscuous.

Like I care about what he thinks. My life is none of his business.

However, she really didn’t like being confined by someone like this. It felt awfully a lot like a hug, and it was even more uncomfortable because this is Dumb Donkey’s brother.

As the horse galloped through the wind, an exotic fragrance wafted over to Chunfeng. It was different from the incense on their clothes, and it wasn’t also the powder that men liked to use. It was very mild but enticingly sweet and it was making him want to move closer to Li Yao.

He didn’t understand what was going on. This wasn’t the first time that he was riding a horse with a man! He had even slept in the same bed with Little Jing and he never felt this kind of weird sensation.

Xia Chunfeng looked down and saw Li Yao’s exposed neck, slim and slender, fair and delicate, like a graceful swan. He had the strangest urge to put his lips on it and bite it, his mouth watering at the picture that made in his head.

“Ay! Ride slower, there are many people in front.” Ye Jiayao cried out in alarm. Riding so quickly on the street bustling with people was too dangerous.

“Oh…” Xia Chunfeng snapped out of his daze and slowed the speed down.

In front of a stationery shop, Song Qi cried out, “What was that? Isn’t that Third Young Master and Brother Yao on that horse?”

Xia Chunyu, who came out a beat later, looked up after hearing Song Qi’s words. He could only see the back view from afar but he recognized Chunfeng’s stature immediately.

“Are you sure the one in front is Ms. Ye?” Xia Chunyu asked, his face unreadable.

Song Qi replied meekly, “I… I’m not sure. I didn’t see very clearly.”

Song Qi wanted to give himself a tight slap.??Why do you have to be so loud?

Xia Chunyu glared at him and instructed, “Bring this stuff back.”

“Heir-Son Lord, what about you?” Song Qi asked carefully.

Xia Chunyu ignored his question and swiftly walked to his horse stopped by the road. He quickly leaped up onto the horse and went off in the direction that Chunfeng took.

Song Qi’s face turned bitter.?Ms. Ye, pray for the best! I promise I did not do this on purpose.

Xia Chunyu followed the two all the way to Heavenly Residence but he stopped far back from them. He saw Chunfeng help Yaoyao down the horse, and Yaoyao even lost her balance, falling into Chunfeng’s embrace.

Xia Chunyu was so furious he almost jumped off his horse.?Yaoyao, what are you doing???Riding together with another man, parading about town? Did she think that just because she was dressed as a man that would excuse her behaviors?

The most hateful part was she was with his brother.??You are his f*cking sister-in-law! Aren’t you afraid that it would get awkward in future?