Chapter 94 - Ruthless Words

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Chapter 94: Ruthless Words


Ye Jiayao finally understood where his anger was coming from. He saw her and Chunfeng riding together in the streets!

Ye Jiayao suddenly stopped feeling afraid. Equally angry now, she raised her chin up and said, ”?Your??woman? I don’t belong to you, Xia Chunyu. I was once yours but you denied me, you don’t just get to act like that didn’t happen! And for your information, your brother was the one who insisted that we ride together. What, did you think that I seduced him to give me a ride? Do you really think that you Xia brothers are just so irresistible? Stop accusing me of baseless things,?because you don’t have the right.”

She continued ruthlessly, “I will be with whomever I like. Even if I sleep around with someone else, that is none of your goddamn business.”

Her every word felt like a dagger piercing right through his heart. It hurt and it made him so??angry.??It felt like she just threw a stone right at the mouth of a volcano that’s about to erupt.

Xia Chunyu raised his huge hand high up, rearing to slap her.

Ye Jiayao didn’t shy away and instead, met his gaze with her own cold ones.??Go on. Hit me. Hit me if you dare.

Xia Chunyu’s hand was trembling, his heart growing heavier and colder. He dropped his fist, barely scraping her hair, and punched the table behind her, breaking it into pieces.

Ye Jiayao jumped. She didn’t expect that he’d fist would really land. She looked at the debris of what used to be the table and she couldn’t help but tremble with lingering fear. If he had punched her…

Xia Chunyu took great efforts to calm his rage. When he raised his eyes again, his eyes were blank. He said coldly, “Ye Jinxuan, who do??you??think you are? Did you really think that I tolerated your attitude because I liked you? I merely pitied you. I showed you benevolence because you’re pathetic. Since you don’t appear to need my kindness, I shall take it back.”

She??knew…??she knew that he really didn’t like her. She knew that whatever he had done for her was out of the guilt he was harboring. Still, hearing those words struck her deep. She could feel the hope that she had previously held onto turning to dust.

This was just like that song…?all the good things are just bubbles that would burst upon a soft touch.

“I am never coming to look for you again. We are just strangers from now on. Make no mistake, though, you are never going to be with my brother again. If I found out that you two are in contact, you’d face harsh consequences,” Xia Chunyu threatened cruelly before he flung his sleeves and left the room.

She was not the only woman in the world. There were many women out there who were far better than her. Why should he let her trample on his sincere heart?

The door shut with a bang, making the room shake.

Ye Jiayao stared blankly at the closed door.

He said he won’t look for her ever again.

We are just strangers from now on…

Her vision started to blur, tears filling her eyes. Why was she crying? She didn’t want to cry! She knew that their situation was impossible from the start. Why was she upset now? She tried to steel herself but her tears still fell uncontrollably.

She slowly sank to the floor, picking up the mess that was left behind.

She recalled all the things that Chunyu had done for her.

He was afraid that she would get bullied so he tasked Song Qi to protect her.

He knew that Liu Li came to the restaurant to create trouble so he immediately rushed over to help her out.

He was afraid that it would be inconvenient for her to stay outside so he arranged a place for her to stay in.

Were all of those done merely out of pity?

Those confused and impassioned gazes, pampering and helpless bitter laughs, tender words of concern…

Did he do all that because he??pitied??her?

Jiang Yue carefully pushed the door open.

“Third… Third Madam.”

Ye Jiayao wiped her tears away. “You heard what he said. Don’t call me that anymore.”

Jiang Yue, too, felt like crying as she watched how upset Third Madam was. She had always felt that she and Heir-Son Lord made a beautiful couple. Although they couldn’t be together properly, they were still very compatible.

Was this all going to end just like that?

Jiang Yue didn’t know how to console Third Madam. She could only squat down and help her clean up.

“Aiya! Why did it happen like that? Heir-Son Lord had been obviously worried about you but why did he just blew up like that? Why must it end like this?” Auntie Jiang grumbled upon entering, looking at the mess on the floor in dismay.

“I’m sorry to have caused trouble for you.”?Ye Jiayao was embarrassed. She must look so wretched right now, a pitiful little creature who got dumped by a guy.

“Mother, don’t,” Jiang Yue said softly. Third Madam was already heartbroken and saying all these would only make her even more upset.

Auntie Jiang shut her mouth but she could not help sighing.

The mother and daughter cleared the mess on the floor. After a while, Jiang Yue stepped out of the room and came back with a basin of water. “Sister Yaoyao, don’t be upset anymore. Wash your face and you will feel better.”

Ye Jiayao nodded and softly thanked her. “Thank you. I am fine. You should rest, Jiang Yue.”

Of course, she would be fine. She had been through worse things than this. What was this little setback to her? Without him, there’s still Little Jing, and even without Little Jing, she still has her culinary skills, she won’t starve.

This is not a big deal.

Ye Jiayao consoled herself with that thought.

Xia Chunyu returned to the Marquis residence angrily. His foul?mood only became worse when the servants reported that Chunfeng has yet to return to the mansion.??That brat.?

He returned to his room to take a bath, washing away the negative emotions. Xia Chunyu grabbed a book and laid on the bed, but even after a few pages in, not one word has registered in his mind.

His ears kept ringing with the hard words that she said.

Let’s see if you don’t regret this, wench.

Qiao Xi entered with a pot of tea and took the initiative to report on Da Bao and Er Bao’s condition.

“Da Bao seemed to be unable to eat properly for some reason.”

Xia Chunyu asked, “Is it ill? Get a physician to take a look.”

Qiao Xi blinked.?Get a physician??What physician??Is there a physician for rabbits?

Xia Chunyu closed his eyes, realizing the mistake in what he just said. “Tell the housekeeper to find someone experienced in rearing rabbits to take a look.”

Just after Qiao Xi left, Song Qi entered the room. He said cautiously, “Heir-Son Lord, Jiang Li is here.”

“What for?”?Xia Chunyu said coldly. He was listening attentively, though.

Song Qi felt guilty. If he hadn’t been such a blabbermouth, the Heir-Son Lord and Ms. Ye would not have quarreled.

“Heir-Son Lord, Jiang Li said that Ms. Ye was crying terribly.”

Xia Chunyu sat up straight but laid back down after some thought.

Wasn’t she very arrogant? Why would she cry? She doesn’t mince her words. She just says whatever comes to mind without even caring whether others could take it or not. Now that it was her turn to suffer, she could not take it???Let her cry.

“So what?” Xia Chunyu said indifferently.

Song Qi’s shoulder slumped in defeat.

Song Qi watched the Heir-Son Lord’s expression and carefully said, “I think you can’t blame Ms. Ye for this, Heir-Son Lord. It was most probably initiated by Third Young Master, you know that Third Young Master is a little excitable and Ms. Ye is dressed as a man…”

Xia Chunyu threw the book aside, and looked at Song Qi expressionlessly, making the latter shudder with fear.

“You’ve said enough. Scram.”

Since she doesn’t care about him at all, then he should just let her be. Besides, he made his stand. Men should always follow through on what they say.

However, the image of her tearful face surfaced in his mind. Xia Chunyu flung his head back and forth, but he could not seem to shake that image away. He covered his face with the book and thought with annoyance,?Was I too ruthless??

Song Qi left dejectedly.

He went out to meet Jiang Li. “Heir-Son Lord is still in a fit of anger. Perhaps it will all blow over after he calms down.”

Jiang Li silently sighed. His father said that this matter was just between the two of them and no one should intervene, but he couldn’t help but try to make things right. He sincerely thought that Third Madam was a good woman and has a pitiful plight. She was a well-off young lady who was reduced to having to dress up as a man to make a living. How difficult was that? She could have lived a life of luxury with the support of Heir-Son Lord, but she?chose to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to work. She didn’t depend on anyone.?How many young ladies in the world would be able to be as strong as her?

Perhaps men liked weaker women and more obedient women, so they could not see the positive points of Third Madam.

“Go back home. Tell your mother and sister to take good care of Ms. Ye, and I will try my best to think of something on this side,” Song Qi said apologetically.

Jiang Li nodded. When he was leaving, he ran into Xia Chunfeng who was just now returning to the house.

“Third Young Master,” Song Qi greeted, clasping onto his fist.

Xiao Chungfeng pointed at the silhouette of Jiang Li. “Who’s that?”

“Someone Second Young Master called to do some work,” Song Qi replied perfunctorily.

“Oh.” Xia Chunfeng nodded. “Is my second brother asleep?”

“Not yet, he is reading in the study.”

“I’m going to talk to him.” Xia Chunfeng walked towards the study purposefully. He felt that he had to tell Chunyu about what happened to Heavenly Residence. He went to investigate with Little Jing and found Boss Sun. After using threats and rewards, they finally found out that the mastermind was from the palace. It really didn’t take a genius to figure out that Liu Li was behind all of these.

“Ay… Third Young Master, it’s best that you don’t disturb him now.” Song Qi blocked him.

Xia Chunfeng raised a brow. “Why not?”

Well, because Ms. Ye and Heir-Son Lord had a fight because of you. If you go in there now, with him feeling so terrible, he might just take a swing at you.

“Second Young Master is not in a good mood and he even lost his temper just now. Third Young Master, with his current state, I think you’d just get criticized and scolded,” Song Qi said.

Xia Chunfeng backed away. He definitely wouldn’t like that. He and Helian Jing could handle this by themselves.

“Then I better not disturb him.” Xia Chunfeng curled his lips and walked straight to his courtyard.

Song Qi massaged his temples, feeling a headache coming.??Please let this crisis end.