Chapter 976 - I Can Do It ?

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The next day, the bright sunlight passed through the window and hit Song Yaoyao’s face.

Her back was sore. With a sob, she buried her head deeper into the quilt.

But a moment later, the curtains closed, and the room returned to darkness.

After a night, someone felt refreshed.

As for Song Yaoyao, she felt like the pitiful person in a novel who had her essence sucked dry by demons.

By this point, the production of Concubine Yan had been completed. All that was missing was the theme song.

Xu Yue and An Feiran were put in charge of managing the studio’s internal affairs. Anything involving collaboration would first pass through Huo Jiu and Song Yaoyao

After all, Huo Jiu was in charge of more than just the matters of the studio.

The school cafeteria was bustling with people, and it was located in a slightly quieter corner.

Xu Yue said, “I contacted a few songwriters, but they either don’t have time or they don’t have any inspiration. They’ve already declined several times.”

Tang Xinrou rubbed her belly. “What do they mean they don’t have time? To put it bluntly, they just don’t think highly of us.”

Song Yaoyao was quite famous, but not all of those talented songwriters cared about her status.

The more famous the songwriter, the more they cherished their reputation. These people might not be able to produce a song a year, but every time they did, it was a masterpiece.

The kind that was written for international directors.

In terms of seniority, Song Yaoyao was a little too young.

Xu Yue: “Actually, it doesn’t have to be those old artists.”

“That won’t do. Our production is excellent! Are we not worthy?” Tang Xinrou was dissatisfied. She was the female lead this time. “If it really doesn’t work out, I’ll slap myself in the face for once and go back to ask my aunt for help.”

Xia Rao had been in the circle for many years. The resources and connections in her hands were something that Tang Xinrou couldn’t catch up to even if she tried to curry favor with people.

Upon hearing Xia Rao being mentioned, Song Yaoyao glanced at her.

“Don’t disturb her. You want lyrics, right? I’ll do it.”

Tang Xinrou and Xu Yue instantly turned their heads and looked at Song Yaoyao in unison.

“You’ll do it?”

Song Yaoyao nodded with a serious expression. “I’ll do it!”

Song Yaoyao didn’t just say this as a passing comment. After they parted ways in the cafeteria, she immediately went back to her dorm and started doing her research. She then sent a list of books to Huo Si and asked him to send them over.

When Ye Meichen and Wang Jiayu returned to the dorm together after class, they saw a few stacks of new books in the dorm. The air even smelled like printing ink.

The two of them looked at each other in confusion.

Being a director could no longer satisfy their genius roommate, so was she planning to enter the music industry?

Song Yaoyao looked at the books seriously and read it in the dormitory for two days in a row. On the third day, she handed Xu Yue a manuscript and asked her to look for Luo Xingguang.

The lyrics were rich in ancient charm, and Song Yaoyao even added a line from Li Qingzhao’s poem to it.

The truth was, before Song Yaoyao managed to contact Luo Xingguang, Luo Xingguang had already written the theme song for Concubine Yan in advance.

But after seeing the lyrics that Xu Yue had sent over, he silently deleted his own lyrics.

Never underestimate a genius.

After changing the tune slightly, Luo Xingguang entered the recording studio and sang as he played to find the feeling. The more he sang, the smoother it became.

When he encountered areas that needed to be modified, he would stop and quickly use a pen to mark them on a piece of paper.

After modifying it, on the day of the official recording, the old acquaintances who often worked with Luo Xingguang were all stunned.

“Old Luo, not bad. After not seeing you for a few days, your lyrics have more depth, and the mood is beautiful.”

Luo Xingguang looked askance at him and threw the manuscript over.

“You gussed wrong this time. I composed the music, but the lyrics were written by someone else.”