Chapter 670 (END) - Side Story Fifteen (3)

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Momo’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly got up and stood in the corner of the cell with her, protecting her behind him.

After more than a minute, there was indeed a commotion. It was too dark in the cell, and one could only vaguely see a figure about Beibei’s height striding in.

Beibei subconsciously tightened her grip on Momo’s clothes and took out a gun from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch.

Momo took the gun and pointed it at the figure.

Just then, however, the figure stopped and walked into another cell.

Beibei and Momo waited for a while, but that figure actually didn’t move.

This made the two of them raise their guard even more.

Beibei’s heart subconsciously started beating faster. She tugged at Momo’s clothes even tighter.

With an expressionless face, Momo looked at the person who had disappeared into the darkness after approaching the cell. Based on his intuition, he fired at that person.

Beibei took out the glowing bead at the same time.

Although the bead didn’t illuminate the surroundings much, she could see the figure curled up there.

“Brother Momo, that person is a child.”

Momo responded with an “Mm”.

He had shot that child just now.

The smell of blood had already wafted over.

“Why is he here? Why don’t we go take a look?”

“No, this person must be very dangerous.”

Beibei sensed it. “He looks like he’s about to die.”

After considering it for a while, Momo agreed to go take a look with Beibei.

But he didn’t let down his guard. With the gun in one hand and Beibei in the other, they walked towards the cell.

They walked into the cell and under the illumination by the bead in Beibei’s hand, it was only then did the two of them realize that there was a lot of blood flowing beside the boy.

The boy looked up after a while.

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The boy looked a little younger than Beibei and was especially gorgeous. However, his eyes were fixed on the two of them like those of a wolf pup.

“Who are you?” Beibei asked.

The boy didn’t answer her.

Beibei was displeased. “I know even if you wouldn’t tell us. You must be a pirate.”

After saying that, she said to Momo, “Brother Momo, why do you think he came here alone?”

Momo didn’t answer. He pointed the gun at him and said, “All pirates must die.”

When the boy on the ground heard this, his eyes revealed powerful hostility.

Beibei stopped Momo. “Brother Momo, he doesn’t look well. Why don’t we pretend we didn’t see him?”

Momo frowned, a little disapproving of Beibei’s soft-heartedness.

Nevertheless, he retracted his gun.

Beibei looked at the boy and said, “You pirates commit all kinds of crimes by killing, burning, and robbing. How many people have you killed? How many people have lost their families because of you? We’re choosing not to kill you today because we’re not like you people who won’t let even children off.”

After saying that, she took out a medicine bottle and threw it on him. She said, “Mommy told me that doctors are benevolent. Even if we meet a bad person, we have to treat him before dealing with him. Take this medicine. If you can live, it’s best if you don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, I won’t let you off again.”

After saying that, she pulled Momo away.

As Momo left, he turned to look at the boy and met the murderous glint in his eyes.

He quietly took out a concealed weapon and threw it at him.

The boy covered his wound and quickly took the medicine from the bottle.

After Beibei and Momo walked out of the cell, they realized that the entire village was very quiet.

Beibei was a little surprised. “Did Third Uncle do something while we were sleeping?”

Just as Momo answered, they saw a tall figure striding over.

Beibei could tell at a glance that it was Sun Tianhao. She quickly shouted, “Third Uncle.”

Sun Tianhao walked over, covered in blood. He frowned and said, “Why did you guys come out?”

Beibei said, “We’re worried about you.”

Sun Tianhao nodded. “Since you’re out, let’s leave this place immediately.”

“Take a pirate ship.”

After saying that, Sun Tianhao turned around and led the two of them towards the sea.

The three of them had just walked to the shore when Beibei suddenly pointed at the horizon where the sea and the sky met. “Third Uncle, Brother Momo, look. A few helicopters are flying over.”

Shocked, Sun Tianhao quickly carried Beibei and ran towards a concealed place. As he ran, he said to Momo, “Momo, move quickly. It’s possible that those are pirates.”

The three of them had just hidden themselves when a few helicopters arrived at the island.

In a short while, a helicopter stopped on the beach in front.

Seeing Chu Luo and Li Yan get out of the helicopter, Beibei happily ran towards them.

“Daddy, Mommy.”

Sun Tianhao heaved a sigh of relief and gestured for Momo to go out with him.

Then, another helicopter stopped and Third Master Sun and Qin Ming alighted.

Surprised to see his father, Sun Tianhao was about to enact the scene of a touching reunion with Third Master Sun. Alas, unexpectedly, the moment Third Master Sun saw Sun Tianhao, his expression hardened and he pulled out his belt from his waist and shouted at him, “Little brat, how dare you bring Beibei and Momo to the pirates’ lair. See if I don’t beat you to death!”

Sun Tianhao stopped in his tracks and turned to run. As he ran, he complained, “I was wrong. Father, save me some face!”

Looking at the father-and-son duo who didn’t care about their image, the others couldn’t help but laugh…