Chapter 2470 - Their Relationship ?

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After the two retakes, it was almost nine at night.

There were still two scenes to be filmed and the director asked An Rui to rest for ten minutes.

An Rui thought of Zhou Li and took out her phone.

He had never sent her a message.

An Rui felt a little stuffy and wanted to breathe outside.

The moment she came out, she saw the black SUV parked not far away.

Zhou Li leaned against the car door, his handsome face hidden in the light and she could not see his expression.

An Rui was delighted.

She ran towards him with a smile.

“Why are you here?”

Zhou Li looked at the smiling girl in front of him and his slightly furrowed eyebrows relaxed.

He was a little dazed and uneasy the entire afternoon.

He knew that Shen Mingxiu’s words had affected him.

It was not that he minded her relationship with Shen Mingxiu.

Instead, would she really have feelings for him after loving that teenager so strongly?

For a moment, he wondered if she had not walked out of the pain caused by her previous relationship. Did she get together with him on a whim?

But after careful consideration, he felt that he should believe her!

She was the girl he had a crush on for eight years. How could he be suspicious of her because of Shen Mingxiu’s words?

In the month they were together, her gaze on him was clear and pure, focused and shy.

He could feel that she liked him!

Perhaps she did not love him, but she liked him.

Their time together was still too short, so he could not ask for too much.

After thinking through this, Zhou Li was no longer conflicted.

“Xiaohe said that you didn’t eat anything tonight, so I made steak. It’s not fat, eat some.”

The two of them sat by the flower bed and Zhou Li took out the thermos flask. The steak inside had been cut into small pieces and there were several broccoli flowers.

Zhou Li took off his jacket and put it on An Rui’s shoulders. The wind blew over and messed up her hair that was draped over her shoulders. He held her long hair with his hand and looked down at her fair face.

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An Rui took two bites and looked up, meeting Zhou Li’s smiling dark eyes.

She fed him a piece of beef. “You eat some too.”

“I’ve already eaten.”

An Rui glared at him. “You have to eat it even if you’ve eaten it. This is called fun, understand?”

Zhou Li opened his mouth and ate the beef she fed him.

An Rui’s eyes curved into crescents.

She had a small appetite and could not eat much. She fed him everything that was left.

He put the thermos flask aside and pulled her slightly cold hand to his palm. “I’ll wait for you in the car. Go in quickly. It’s a little cold outside.”

An Rui did not want to go in so quickly. Her hand was warm in his palm and she snuggled into his arms. Seeing that he was not moving, she glared at him. “Don’t you know to hug me?”

Zhou Li raised his long arm and pulled her into his arms. An Rui leaned against his chest and listened to his heartbeat, her lips curling up unconsciously.

“Dr Zhou, your heart is beating so fast.”

Zhou Li said nothing and looked down at her.

Her eyes were curved and her eyelashes were lowered, making her look long, thick and beautiful.

Feeling Zhou Li’s scorching gaze, An Rui looked up at him. Their eyes met and the tip of their noses almost touched. In that moment, he lowered his head and kissed her for the first time.

Under the neon lights of the city at night, a handsome and elegant man was holding a slender and fair girl in his arms. Their lips were intertwined and it was as beautiful as a painting at night.

Neither of them noticed that a dark-colored sedan was parked in the dark.

When the man in the driver’s seat saw this, his eyes turned red and his expression was as cold as ice.

This afternoon, he went to the hospital to look for Zhou Li, wanting to introduce a girlfriend to him. When he said that he had one, he felt that something was wrong.

In the afternoon, she waited for Zhou Li to get off work and he followed behind her car quietly.

Zhou Li’s car arrived at An Rui’s district.

The bad feeling in his heart grew stronger.

Resisting the urge to rush up to Zhou Li, he smoked countless cigarettes in the car.

After about an hour, Zhou Li came downstairs with a thermos flask in his hand.

He followed behind his car and arrived at a small mall.

The moment he saw An Rui coming out of the mall, Shen Mingxiu’s blood froze.

An Rui ran towards Zhou Li and they sat on the flower bed together.

Zhou Li took off his jacket and put it over An Rui’s shoulders. The two of them were talking and laughing as she fed him with a smile.

Until the last scene, Zhou Li lowered his head and kissed An Rui.

If he still wanted to lie to himself that they were only classmates, then he was really a fool!

When she found out that Zhou Li had a crush on An Rui, she was always worried that he would steal her away.

She did not expect that he would still do it four years later.

What did he promise him before he went abroad as an exchange?

Shen Mingxiu’s expression was extremely dark. An Rui’s change of heart and Zhou Li’s sanctimoniousness made the blood in his body boil and his heart constrict.

He tried to control his emotions so that he would not rush out of the car and beat Zhou Li up!

He did not care who he was with, why did it have to be An Rui?

Her high school classmates in the capital rented a bus and headed to the town where Xia Fan was holding his wedding.

After graduating from university, Xia Fan returned to his hometown to start his own media business. Now, he was doing well in his hometown.

An Rui and Ye Tian sat together while Zhou Li and several boys sat behind. Gu Yang had gone abroad with the King and did not have time to go with them this time.

She had not had the chance to tell Ye Tian about An Rui and Zhou Li being together.

After Ye Tian got engaged, she went on a vacation with Gu Yang. After returning, she was busy with work and An Rui had not found a suitable opportunity.

Shen Mingxiu was in the Capital, but he was not with them.

An Rui did not pay much attention to Shen Mingxiu. She looked at Ye Tian’s beautiful side profile and wanted to say something but stopped.

Ye Tian noticed that something was wrong with An Rui and raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong? I haven’t seen you for a while and you’re still unfamiliar with me?”

An Rui bit her lip. “Of course not. I just have something important to confess to you.”

Hearing this, Ye Tian blinked. “You have a boyfriend?”

An Rui said, “How did you guess that?”

“Don’t I know you? With how guilty you look, it’s obvious that it has something to do with men.” Seeming to have thought of something, Ye Tian frowned and poked An Rui’s arm lightly. “Did you get back together with Shen Mingxiu?”

An Rui was speechless.

“Did he threaten you again?” Ye Tian’s face tensed up in anger. “I heard that he’ll drive over himself later. When I see him tonight…”

Before Ye Tian could finish, An Rui shook her head and interrupted her. “It’s not him.”

Ye Tian said, “It’s not Shen Mingxiu?”

An Rui swallowed. “Even if Shen Mingxiu forced me, I wouldn’t make up with him. It was someone else and they were in the car.”