Chapter 2471 - He Came ?

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Ruirui’s boyfriend was in the car?

Ye Tian was a little surprised and looked behind her.

Most of the boys who went to attend the class monitor’s wedding sat at the back.

When Ye Tian turned around, Qi Yuan waved at her.

Ye Tian asked An Rui softly, “Qi Yuan?” Qi Yuan’s personality was similar to Shen Mingxiu and felt that he was not very reliable.

An Rui was stunned. She did not expect Tiantian to guess that it was Qi Yuan.

She shook her head hurriedly.

“Li Lei?”

“No, no.”

Ye Tian then guessed the other boys, but did not mention Zhou Li.

Actually, she had already guessed it in her heart. She deliberately did not say it and let An Rui say it herself.

An Rui covered her face with her hands, her ears slightly red as she said, “Why don’t you guess who it is?”

Ye Tian looked at An Rui with a faint smile, a knowing look in his eyes.

An Rui hugged Ye Tian’s arm and asked softly, “Aren’t you surprised?”

Looking at An Rui, she probably did not know that Zhou Li had a crush on her.

Ye Tian glanced at the seat behind. Perhaps sensing her gaze, Zhou Li sat upright, clearly guessing what she had said to An Rui and looked a little nervous.

Ye Tian smirked at Zhou Li and looked away at An Rui, who was hugging her arm. “I’m your best friend. Don’t I know what type of woman you like in the past few years?”

Humans were all people who sought benefits and avoided harm. An Rui had suffered a serious emotional injury once, so she would naturally avoid men like Shen Mingxiu and find a steady and reserved man who would give her a sense of security.

“Ruirui, Senior Zhou is a good person. You have to be together from the start!”

An Rui smacked her lips. “Tiantian, why do I feel like you treat me as a scumbag and want to bully Senior Zhou?”

Ye Tian coughed. “He will definitely dote on you. Don’t be arrogant. They understand and trust each other.”

An Rui brushed her long hair away. When she was with Shen Mingxiu in the past, Tiantian was always worried that she would be bullied by Shen Mingxiu. But now that she was with Zhou Li, Tiantian was worried that she would bully Zhou Li.

How good must Zhou Li be to let Tiantian speak for him?

An Rui smiled. Her best friend felt that she had found the right boyfriend this time and she was happy too.

After arriving at the town where Xia Fan was holding his wedding, Xia Fan arranged for his high school classmates to stay in the town’s hotel.

An Rui and Ye Tian shared a room. Ye Tian had come back from abroad last night and had jet lag. Xia Fan asked everyone to have dinner and Ye Tian was resting in the room.

An Rui and the other female classmates arrived at the restaurant and Xia Fan booked a large private room.

There were several male classmates standing at the door and An Rui saw Zhou Li at a glance. He was talking to one of the male classmates. His eyes were gentle and elegant, and there was a refreshing smile on his lips.

He was like a wine that had been brewing for many years. As it settled, it would make people intoxicated.

Perhaps sensing An Rui’s gaze, Zhou Li turned back.

Their eyes met and they smiled.

An Rui knew that being with a person like Zhou Li would not be grand, but it was reassuring.

Xia Fan came over and suggested that the girls go into the room first. An Rui and several female classmates walked toward the room first.

The lights in the room were not turned on and it was slightly dark. The girl behind An Rui asked, “Why aren’t you turning on the lights?”

The moment she finished speaking, the big screen on the stage lit up.

“Little Ruirui, hold on, hold on one more round, the dawn of victory is right in front of you…”

On the big screen, An Rui’s appearance from high school suddenly appeared. She was wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, competing in an 800-meter race on the field.

Shen Mingxiu ran with her while Li Lei recorded the entire process from the back. He laughed at Shen Mingxiu. “Old Shen, why do you look like you’re accompanying An Rui?”

“What do you know? I’ll keep it as a memento in the future to let Little Ruirui know that she can’t do it without me.”

An Rui was sweating and her face was red. She glared at Shen Mingxiu. “Stop being narcissistic!”

After the last lap, An Rui was held by Shen Mingxiu’s shoulders and fell into his arms. There was a commotion around them.

The scene changed again. An Rui was holding an English book and chasing after Shen Mingxiu in the classroom.

She shouted angrily as she ran, “Shen Mingxiu, return the thing to me. If you don’t, I’ll ignore you!”

“F*ck, who did you write the love letter to? It’s so mushy.”

“I copied it online. Why do you care who I wrote it for? Give it back!”

Shen Mingxiu stopped and she stood in front of him, panting. She wanted to snatch the love letter back, but he suddenly raised his arm.

She jumped but still could not reach it. Seeing that she was really angry, Shen Mingxiu patted her head with his other hand. “Shortie, I know who you wrote it for.”

There was a proud and arrogant smile on his lips. He folded the letter in front of her and put it in his pocket.

Then, the scene changed…

The big screen recorded many things that had happened between Shen Mingxiu and An Rui’s high school.

There were some scenes that even An Rui herself might not remember.

The girls behind An Rui and the boys who came in later all held their breaths when they saw the scene on the big screen, their eyes full of gratitude.

After coming out of society, she realized how precious high school time was.

Unfortunately, time could not go back.

Seeing these videos, although the main characters were not them, they were all emotional.

An Rui’s mind was in a mess. When she first saw the video, she was only surprised, but after watching a few clips, she subconsciously turned back to look for Zhou Li.

How would he feel when he saw these?

In these fragments, the way she looked at Shen Mingxiu and the way she spoke was like a little girl who had just fallen in love.

The video continued. An Rui frowned and walked up the stage.

She was about to turn off the video when the lights in the room were turned on.

Followed by cheers and whistles from the students.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Old Shen, come on!”

“After Brother Yang’s engagement ceremony, we’ve been looking forward to seeing you and An Rui!”

“From the school uniform to the wedding dress, there are only the two of you.”

“Such feelings are too touching.”

An Rui looked down the stage and saw Shen Mingxiu, who was wearing a formal suit, coming over with a box of Roseonly.

His classmates cleared a path for him.

He strode towards An Rui.

An Rui’s eyebrows were almost knotted together.

What was Shen Mingxiu doing again?

Did he think that he would be able to move her by showing the scenes from high school?

An Rui did not look at Shen Mingxiu. She found the computer and turned off the image on the big screen.

An Rui wanted to leave, but Shen Mingxiu stood in front of her, blocking her way.

An Rui lowered her voice and said, “Shen Mingxiu, if you know what’s good for you, move aside. I don’t want everyone to be embarrassed!”

After An Rui broke up with Shen Mingxiu, she had given him enough face. She had never said anything bad about him in front of her former classmates. She had always stuck to the principle of parting on good terms, even though he had hurt her badly back then.