Chapter 2472 - She's His Girlfriend ?

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Shen Mingxiu did not seem to see An Rui’s dark expression and suddenly knelt down on one knee.

The other students started to cheer.

Shen Mingxiu raised his hand, gesturing for the other students to be quiet.

It was obvious that Shen Mingxiu had come prepared this time. Apart from An Rui, Ye Tian and Zhou Li, the other students knew what he was going to do tonight.

The students were very cooperative.

The room fell silent very quickly.

Shen Mingxiu looked at An Rui, who was frowning, and said sincerely, “Little Ruirui, people are not saints. I know I made an unforgivable mistake and you punished me for four years.”

“I haven’t slept well in the past four years. Every night when I close my eyes, I see your face. I’ve seen these images countless times. I remember every word, every gaze, and every smile you said.”

“Xiao Ruirui, today in front of my classmates, I, Shen Mingxiu, swear to the heavens that I will never…”

Before Shen Mingxiu could finish, An Rui walked around him, preparing to leave with a cold expression.

But she had only taken two steps when Shen Mingxiu grabbed her wrist.

At this moment, a tall and thin figure walked quickly over to An Rui.

He grabbed Shen Mingxiu’s arm, his usually gentle eyes looking at Shen Mingxiu sharply. “Let go of her.”

Shen Mingxiu and Zhou Li looked at each other. Their expressions were dark and there was a stiff and cold air in the air.

Although they did not speak to each other, the other students noticed that something was wrong.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is Senior Zhou going over?”

Qi Yuan and Li Lei had a better relationship with Shen Mingxiu. They had heard Shen Mingxiu mention a few days ago that An Rui had found a new boyfriend and that he was her high school classmate.

Although Shen Mingxiu did not specify who it was, the two of them had already guessed it.

In their hearts, Zhou Li and An Rui were completely unrelated.

Because in An Rui’s eyes, there was only Shen Mingxiu. Shen Mingxiu was also more dazzling than Zhou Li in high school. The two boys had completely different personalities. An Rui could not choose a type she did not like just because she was injured.

“Doctor Zhou, let’s not do such an unkind thing,” Qi Yuan said.

Li Lei nodded. “Let’s not get involved in the matters between Old Shen and An Rui.”

When An Rui heard Qi Yuan and Li Lei’s words, she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

During high school, although they had a good relationship with Zhou Li, they looked down on him, right?

Zhou Li’s family background was not as good as theirs. Apart from his excellent grades, he had no common interests with them.

If Gu Yang had not insisted on them tutoring Zhou Li after she went to the flying school, they probably would not have even looked at Zhou Li.

In the past, An Rui realized that Shen Mingxiu and the other two liked to ask Zhou Li to help them do things.

Although it was all small matters, did they dare to let Gu Yang do it?

An Rui’s heart tightened and she felt a lump in her throat.

She was about to say something when she heard Zhou Li’s clear voice. “Ruirui is my girlfriend now.”

After Zhou Li finished speaking, there was a moment of silence.

Everyone looked at Zhou Li with an expression that they did not understand.

It seemed like he had just said something impossible!

An Rui had already retracted her hand from Shen Mingxiu’s and was leaning towards Zhou Li.

She thought that he would not confess to his classmates so quickly. After all, this confession was much more shocking and difficult to accept than saying it naturally.

Compared to the other students’ shock, Shen Mingxiu looked much calmer.

Shen Mingxiu’s eyes turned red. He gritted his teeth and said coldly, “Zhou Li, you’ve been coveting my girlfriend since high school. Is this how you treat a brother?”

The moment Shen Mingxiu finished speaking, gasps sounded one after another.

“Senior Zhou isn’t that kind of person, right?”

“If not, why is he with An Rui now? He knows how much Shen Mingxiu likes An Rui.”

“My morals are about to be overturned!”

Hearing the students’ discussion, An Rui was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. Her fair hand held Zhou Li’s.

Zhou Li looked calm and elegant, but his fingers were cold.

An Rui glanced at him and seeing his pursed lips, she looked at Shen Mingxiu and the other students. “I was the one who took the initiative between Zhou Li and me.”

Shen Mingxiu smirked. “Ruirui, you don’t have to protect him like this! Ask him if he’s been coveting you since high school and is ready to destroy our relationship at any time. He kept the glasses you gave him until he graduated from high school. You gave him a fountain pen and I went to the hospital a while back and saw him writing it.”

“With such a scheming love rival by my side, it’s only a matter of time before my relationship with Ruirui breaks down!”

The expressions of the students around Zhou Li became complicated.

Zhou Li’s thin jaw clenched slightly and he said, “Yes, I had a crush on Ruirui since high school, but I never thought of ruining your relationship.”

An Rui, who was standing beside Zhou Li, was in disbelief.

She looked at Zhou Li’s handsome side profile and her emotions surged.

Zhou Li looked down at An Rui and saw her looking at him with an unreadable expression. His heart seemed to be in his throat and his mind was blank. He did not know what to say.

Would she regret being with a person like him?

Although he had never wanted to ruin her relationship with Shen Mingxiu, she would still appear in his dreams when he was young!

It was a secret he did not dare to tell anyone.

Seeing An Rui and Zhou Li look at each other, Shen Mingxiu felt like his heart had been scratched by a cat and was bleeding.

Seeing that Shen Mingxiu looked like he had been hurt terribly, Qi Yuan started to criticize Zhou Li. “There are many women in this world. Zhou Li, why do you have to snatch her away from Old Shen? You looked so gentle and harmless in high school. I didn’t expect you to be someone who ignores your brotherhood and poaches your brothers.”

“Yes, Mr Zhou, how could you do such a thing?”

“An Rui and Shen Mingxiu are very compatible. Can you tell from those high school scenes on the big screen?”

“Yes, yes. Anyone who is not blind can see that An Rui loves Shen Mingxiu!”

“Senior Zhou, quit! There’s no good ending to ruining someone’s relationship!”

Most of the high school classmates were fans of Ye Tian and Gu Yang, An Rui and Shen Mingxiu. Now that there was Zhou Li between An Rui and Shen Mingxiu, they could not accept it!

An Rui slowly regained her senses from the shock of Zhou Li having a crush on her. When she heard her classmates accusing and blaming Zhou Li, she was furious.

She let go of Zhou Li’s hand and looked around coldly. “Shut up!”