Chapter 2473 - Liking Him ?

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With An Rui’s shout, the surroundings fell silent.

The eyes of the classmate who was standing with Shen Mingxiu turned complicated when he saw her holding Zhou Li’s hand.

Looking at An Rui, it did not seem like she was taking revenge on Shen Mingxiu on purpose.

She seemed to have really fallen for Zhou Li!

Shen Mingxiu also saw An Rui holding Zhou Li’s finger. His pupils constricted and his heart sank.

He once thought that he was the only one in An Rui’s eyes and heart.

She had once told him that she only liked him, Shen Mingxiu.

After all, he had lost her!

Shen Mingxiu knew very well that he could not blame others for not cherishing her!

But how could he accept it?

He was not lying to her. He had seen the scene on the big screen countless times alone in the middle of the night!

The way she looked at him back then was completely different from now!

“Ruirui…” Shen Mingxiu approached An Rui with red eyes.

An Rui hugged Zhou Li’s arm with her other hand and leaned close to him. When her almond-shaped eyes landed on Shen Mingxiu, there was only endless coldness and annoyance. “Please don’t morally kidnap me, okay?”

An Rui could not hide the tiredness in her eyes. “Shen Mingxiu, can’t I find another man apart from you?”

Shen Mingxiu’s heart tightened and the hands by his sides clenched into fists. “You can look for him, but…” He pointed a trembling finger at Zhou Li. “Why him?”

“Why can’t it be him?” An Rui raised her voice. “It’s been more than four years since I broke up with you. Can’t I find my own happiness? Zhou Li is reserved, steady, attentive and considerate. He’s the person I fell in love with before I got married. Who did I offend by falling in love with him openly? Who asked you to say that about him?”

“When you were in school, do you dare to say that you didn’t get Zhou Li’s help in your studies? He’s the most humble genius. He will answer any questions you don’t understand patiently!”

“We’ve been in high school for three years. Don’t you know his character? So what if he has a crush on me? Who didn’t have a crush on someone when they were young?”

“But he didn’t do anything to ruin my relationship with Shen Mingxiu. I broke up with Shen Mingxiu for several years before I got together with him. What right do you have to treat him as a third party?”

“I’m sure some of my classmates know why I broke up with Shen Mingxiu. Shen Mingxiu slept with a promiscuous woman and wants me to forgive him. Do you think you don’t have a bottom line when you like someone?”

“A white lotus has a daughter and Shen Mingxiu wants me to be his step-mother! If you think it’s nothing, anyone who wants to go can go!”

An Rui was a little agitated and her eyes turned red. Her gaze landed on the silent Shen Mingxiu again. “I’ve long let go of the past. I’m with Zhou Li not to take revenge on you or to find a new man to date, but I’ve really fallen for him.”

“You know how special I am. When I like someone, I will be completely devoted and can’t stand anyone else in my eyes!” An Rui sniffed and said clearly and firmly, “Just like how I treated you in high school. Now, I only have Zhou Li in my eyes!”

An Rui’s words made the two men freeze.

Zhou Li and Shen Mingxiu’s eyes landed on her.

Zhou Li grabbed An Rui’s hand, emotions surging in his eyes under the lenses as his eyes turned red.

He never thought that she would say such things in front of Shen Mingxiu and the other students!

An Rui turned her head and met Zhou Li’s gaze. Her ears turned red and she lowered her eyes, pulling his hand and walking out.

Shen Mingxiu looked at their retreating figures and held his head in his hands, squatting down slowly.

An Rui pulled Zhou Li out of the room.

Outside the restaurant, she let go of Zhou Li’s hand.

Unlike the affectionate look in the room, her fair face immediately tensed up.

She glared at Zhou Li. “I want to be alone. Don’t follow me.”

Before Zhou Li could say anything, An Rui walked toward the hotel opposite.

Zhou Li’s gaze chased after An Rui’s back, an indescribable emotion surging in his dark eyes.

Did she get angry because he had a crush on her in high school?

An Rui walked into the hotel.

She was indeed a little angry at Zhou Li.

He had had a crush on her since high school, but she had not noticed it at all!

If she had not taken the initiative, he would probably have kept this crush in his heart forever.

How could there be such a foolish person in the world?

An Rui was not stupid. Combining what had happened before Zhou Li went abroad, Shen Mingxiu must have known what Zhou Li was thinking.

He probably did not go abroad as an exchange student willingly!

How did he survive going to an unfamiliar country?

But he never told anyone about this. If Shen Mingxiu had not said it today, she might have been kept in the dark!

An Rui took a few steps towards the hotel lobby but did not hear any footsteps behind her. She could not help but turn back.

Zhou Li was still standing opposite her, his tall body leaning against the street lamp, his dark eyes staring in the direction she had left.

Seeing her looking at him, he quickly lowered his head.

An Rui’s heart softened immediately!

She turned around and ran towards him.

When she stood in front of him, she could not help but jump into his arms.

He reached out a hand and held her slender shoulders.

“I’m just angry at you. You already liked me, but you still acted like you didn’t know anything. I almost missed you!”

Zhou Li tightened his hold on An Rui’s shoulders and pulled her into his arms.

He lowered his head, burying his handsome face into her neck. “I’m used to putting you in my heart and don’t dare to reveal it easily, afraid of causing you trouble.”

“Fool.” Although she said that, An Rui could not help but smile.

Zhou Li had never felt so relaxed and happy before.

Today, his high school classmates knew that he was with An Rui and he could love her openly in the future!

In the restaurant’s private room.

Shen Mingxiu stood in front of the French windows and looked at the couple hugging downstairs.

His heart felt heavy, slightly painful and bitter.

All kinds of emotions intertwined, making him feel like a small boat that had lost its direction in the sea. The road ahead was long, but he did not know where he was going.

“Old Shen, you should be more open-minded. Actually, from An Rui and Zhou Li’s point of view, they didn’t do anything wrong…” Tomorrow’s groom, Xia Fan, said.

Shen Mingxiu had communicated with Xia Fan beforehand about tonight’s arrangements. Xia Fan thought that Shen Mingxiu and An Rui still had a chance. It would be a good thing if they could get back together!

But who knew that things would turn out like this?

Shen Mingxiu pursed his lips and took out a red packet and handed it to Xia Fan. “I’m sorry for what happened. This is a little gift from me. I wish you a happy marriage in advance!”

With that said, Shen Mingxiu strode out of the room.