Chapter 2474 - Causing Trouble ?

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Shen Mingxiu did not go to Xia Fan’s wedding the next day.

No one mentioned what happened last night.

Ye Tian naturally did not know either.

After attending Xia Fan’s wedding and returning to the capital, everyone started to work again.

An Rui’s career was gradually improving, followed by various jobs.

After she was done with work and had two days off, she posted on her social media. Zhou Li had not liked or left any comments for her.

But there was still a good night message on WeChat every day.

An Rui felt that something was wrong. In the past, apart from good night messages, he would always like her posts whenever she posted them on her feed.

Was he busy with work recently?

An Rui did not call him immediately. Instead, she went to the supermarket to buy some groceries, planning to go back and cook something delicious to surprise him.

An Rui was not good at cooking, so she called Mrs An to ask for advice.

After Mrs An taught her everything, she asked, “Why did you suddenly think of cooking? Does my darling have a boyfriend?”

An Rui knew that she could not hide it from her mother and told her the truth. “Yes, Dr Zhou, who you thought was good last time.”

When Mrs An heard this, her laughter sounded through the microphone. She was clearly in a good mood. “I’ve long thought that that child is not bad.”

“Mom, but his family background is average!”

“Family background is not important. What’s important is that the child is ambitious!”

In the past, Mrs An had always told An Rui that when she found a partner in the future, she had to find someone of equal status and good family background so that she would not have to suffer.

Later, something happened at home and Mrs An’s thoughts changed.

She would support whatever her daughter liked!

“Aiyo, you’d better not cook. Do you think I don’t know your skills?” Mrs An was worried that Zhou Li would be frightened by An Rui’s cooking skills and would regret not dating her daughter.

“Mom, you didn’t say that when I wanted to cook just now!”

“How is that the same? You can eat it yourself. It’ll pass if you endure it. But now, you’re making it for Dr Zhou.”

An Rui said, “Mom, why do I feel like you’re starting to favor Zhou Li?”

“Of course, my status will be higher than yours in the future.”

An Rui was speechless.

Under Mrs An’s repeated instructions, An Rui made three dishes and a soup.

Although it was not delicious, she felt that it tasted alright. After all, it was her first time cooking so many dishes!

After An Rui was done, she sent a message to Shen Ting.

Knowing that Zhou Li would be working overtime tonight, An Rui packed the dishes into a thermos flask and took a taxi to the Royal Hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, An Rui had just passed by the outpatient clinic when she heard someone shouting Zhou Li’s name.

“Let that quack Zhou Li come out. Does he still want to be a coward after treating a dead person?”

An Rui froze and looked at the man who was causing trouble.

The man rushed into the hospital with several people, pushing away the security officers who were stopping them and ran toward the second floor.

An Rui hurriedly chased after him.

“If you don’t give us an explanation today, I won’t let you off!”

An Rui’s heart tightened when she saw those aggressive people.

In her heart, Zhou Li was nothing like a quack doctor!

But what was going on?

When they arrived at the office, a doctor and nurse stopped them.

“Dr Zhou is still working in the operating room. Stop being unreasonable!” A nurse could not stand these people coming to make trouble every day and could not help but say.

When those people heard this, they were even angrier and reached out to push the nurse away.

An Rui put down the thermos flask and ran to the nurse to support her.

Facing the fierce men, An Rui stood out and blocked them, not letting them enter Zhou Li’s office.

“What are you doing? We all know very well how Dr Zhou’s medical skills are. Don’t be unreasonable!”

The leader glared at An Rui. “Where did you come from? My uncle was killed by him, can’t I look for him? Even if we go to court, I’m the one in the right!”

Hearing the commotion, Shen Ting walked over quickly, afraid that those unreasonable people would hurt An Rui. He pulled An Rui behind him.

An Rui asked Shen Ting softly, “What happened?”

“A car accident patient was sent over a week ago and his life was in danger. Doctor Zhou told his family to prepare for the worst and the patient did not survive the surgery.”

“The family didn’t make a fuss at that time, but after a day, they suddenly started to make trouble for Doctor Zhou.” Shen Ting sighed. “At that time, the patient was already at his last breath. Even a god wouldn’t be able to save him. These family members are unreasonable!”

Those people were cursing and even Zhou Li’s ancestors were scolded by them.

Many people surrounded them, but no one dared to go up against them.

An Rui pursed her lips tightly and took a step forward. Shen Ting pulled her back. “I asked the security captain to bring a few more people up. Don’t go against them head on. If you anger these people, they will hit you regardless of whether you’re male or female!”

An Rui pulled Shen Ting’s hand away from her arm and took a step forward, walking in front of the leading man. She looked up at him arrogantly. “The role of doctors is to save the dying and heal the injured. They’re not gods who can come back to life! They want to save that life more than you do. Seeing that life leave, they don’t feel good either! You’re scolding Doctor Zhou for being a quack, but do you know how many lives he saved with his hands?”

“If his surgery went wrong and caused his death, you can pursue it, but it’s not his mistake, but your uncle’s life has come to an end! Instead of mourning the deceased, you came here to cause trouble. Your uncle will never rest in peace!”

The leader looked at An Rui, who was eloquent, and his face turned green. He raised his hand, wanting to slap her.

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At this moment, a slender and fair hand reached over and grabbed the man’s wrist.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on her.” The man’s clear voice was not too loud or too soft, but it had a dignity that made people shiver.

“Dr Zhou, we support you!”

“Yes, doctors are not gods. You can’t force them!”

The surrounding patients all stood up for Zhou Li.

“Dr Zhou is the most responsible doctor I’ve ever met. It’s obvious that you’re deliberately making things difficult for him by coming to scold him every day. Let’s call the police and let them investigate this matter!”

“Yes, yes!”

The leader wanted to break free from Zhou Li’s hand, but found that if Zhou Li did not let go, he could not break free at all.

He looked tall and thin, but she did not expect him to be so strong.

The leader of the security team came up with several security officers and drove the troublemaker out of the hospital.

“Zhou Li, we’re not done with this!”

After the corridor regained its silence, An Rui looked at the man she had not seen for nearly half a month. His eyes were slightly red and it was obvious that he had not rested well recently.

An Rui picked up the thermos flask and looked up at him. “I made you something delicious.”