Chapter 2475 - Asking Her Out ?

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When Zhou Li led An Rui to the office, the nurse who was supported by An Rui earlier asked, “Dr Zhou, is she your girlfriend?”

Zhou Li smiled and nodded.

The nurse gave a thumbs up. “No wonder he defended you so much. He’s really bold. What he said just now was really good!”

Zhou Li’s smile widened.

An Rui was a little embarrassed by the nurse’s praise.

When they arrived at Zhou Li’s office, before An Rui could say anything, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Smelling the faint disinfectant smell on him, An Rui felt at ease. She hated the smell of hospitals the most in the past, but now, it was the place she looked forward to and felt the most at ease!

An Rui patted Zhou Li’s thin and broad shoulders lightly. “I know it’s none of your business.”

Zhou Li looked down at the woman in his arms and pressed his lips against the top of her head. “Don’t be so silly next time. Those people will really hurt people!”

An Rui rubbed against his handsome chest. “I’m not afraid! This is a civilized society. If they dare to touch me, I’ll sue them to death!”

Zhou Li held An Rui’s hand and was about to hold it when he heard An Rui gasp.

Zhou Li hurriedly picked up her hand and looked at it.

There was a blister on her fair and tender fingertips.

“You cooked personally?”

An Rui nodded. “I wanted to give you a surprise, but I was too clumsy.”

Zhou Li’s handsome face turned cold. “Don’t cook again.”

An Rui was shocked by his stern tone.

She pouted. “Dr Zhou, you’re fierce to me!”

Although it was an accusing tone, it was clearly coquettish.

Zhou Li’s heart softened and he pulled her into his arms again.

When he came out of the surgery room and learned that those people had come to cause trouble again, he rushed over.

Seeing the leader almost slap An Rui, his heart almost jumped to his throat.

An Rui hugged Zhou Li tighter and she coughed. “Dr Zhou, I can’t breathe.”

Zhou Li realized something and let go of An Rui.

An Rui grabbed his slender hand and walked into the lounge.

“Come and try my cooking.” An Rui opened the thermos flask.


An Rui put a piece of meat into Zhou Li’s bowl. “It’s my first time making it. Don’t despise it if it doesn’t taste good.”

Zhou Li took a bite and looked at An Rui. Seeing the nervousness in her eyes, he smiled. “It’s your first time doing it.”

An Rui blushed slightly. “Really?”

Under his influence, An Rui lied and ate a bowl of rice.

Actually, the taste of the food was really ordinary, but because he was here, the ordinary food became delicious.

An Rui only returned home after Zhou Li got off work.

An Rui took the initiative to be the driver while Zhou Li sat in the front passenger seat.

Perhaps he was too tired recently, he fell asleep in the car.

The car stopped at the district and An Rui looked at the man in the front passenger seat. He had taken off his glasses and when he was asleep, his eyelashes were thick and long, his facial features handsome and well-defined.

The more he looked at her, the better she looked!

An Rui unbuckled her seatbelt, leaned over and kissed him secretly.

She was about to move away when something tightened around her slender waist.

Before she could react, she was pulled into someone’s arms.

An Rui did not struggle. She lay on the man’s chest and wrapped her arms around his neck, the tip of her nose rubbing against his. “Did I wake you up?”

Zhou Li opened his slightly dazed eyes and subconsciously narrowed them because of his short-sightedness.

An Rui caressed his thick black eyelashes with her slender fingers and looked into his clear eyes. “How short-sighted are you?”

“Three to four hundred.”

“Then if I stay away from you, won’t you not be able to see me clearly?”

“No, I can see you no matter where you are.”

An Rui burst into laughter. “Where did you learn to sweet talk?”

This was not Zhou Li’s sweet words. Her appearance and figure had long been deeply imprinted in his heart.

No matter if he wore glasses or not, he would be able to see her first wherever she was!

An Rui cupped Zhou Li’s handsome face with both hands, her eyes slightly curved. “Am I beautiful?”

“What is it?”


“Did you like me before because I was pretty?”

Zhou Li pursed his lips. “No.”

An Rui was a little curious. “Then why?”

“There was once when I was on duty and didn’t eat dinner, so my stomach felt uncomfortable. You bought me food and medicine.”

An Rui’s lips twitched.

To be honest, this was nothing to her.

She would help anyone.

“If it was another girl that day, would you have liked someone else?”

Zhou Li had never thought of such a possibility.

Seeing that he was silent, An Rui glared at him. “Am I? Answer… Mmh!”

He immediately covered her mouth with his.

He only let go of her when she was almost out of breath.

This fellow was indeed a genius. He had already gone from being young and inexperienced to being at ease.

An Rui leaned on his shoulder and punched him lightly.

“Your lung capacity is quite good!”

Zhou Li chuckled softly. “I still need to practice.”

He lifted her face and kissed her again.

An Rui realized that he was much more passionate than before tonight, but only when it came to kissing.

They went upstairs and he kissed her forehead. “Rest early!”

An Rui wanted to say something, but when she saw the redness in his eyes and thought of his exhaustion recently, she said nothing more.

During the weekend, An Rui received a call from Mrs An.

“I brought Dr Zhou back for a meal.”

“Mom, it’s not that I don’t want to, but he’s been busy with work recently and doesn’t have time for dates!”

“Work is more important. I’ll bring it back next time. But Ruirui, Dr Zhou looks good, but you have to be more reserved. Don’t have anything before marriage.”

“Mom, I want to, but he’s a gentleman.”

“Look at you…”

An Rui planned to ask Ye Tian out to buy some winter clothes for Zhou Li.

After ending the call with Mrs An, An Rui went to her room to change and the phone in the living room rang again.

Seeing the unknown number, An Rui thought it was for work and answered the call.

“Is this Miss An?” An unfamiliar female voice trailed from the other end of the call. Just from the voice, it sounded like a dignified and elegant woman.

An Rui recalled in her mind and confirmed that she had never heard this woman’s voice. She asked, “I am. Who are you?”

“Miss An, I want to talk to you about your family’s old villa.” The woman paused slightly. “I’m in Yue Ling’s tearoom. If it’s convenient, let’s meet at two in the afternoon.”

After the call, An Rui put on light makeup and went to the tearoom the woman had mentioned.

The waiter brought her to one of the elegant private rooms. When the door was pushed open, An Rui saw a woman sitting inside making tea.