Chapter 866: Unlimited Extent Transmission

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Chapter 866: Unlimited Extent Transmission

Looking at the ruined hall, Lin Rui’s figure seemed to disappear with the disappearance of those portals.

“It couldn’t be… did he fall in one of those portals?…” Volstagg’s eyes glanced back and forth in the middle of the ruins several times as he spoke uncertainly.

“Didn’t he create these portals? Why was he teleported away?” Hearing Volstagg’s words, Fandral beside him asked with an inexplicable expression on his face.

“The situation was clearly out of control and the young man must have made a mistake. Still, he wouldn’t be in danger even if he’s been transported through a portal.” Frigga said quietly as the Warriors discussed the situation behind her.

“Where will Jackson be teleported now?” Thor asked worriedly after hearing Frigga’s explanation.

“Don’t worry, your friend is strong and he seems to have a lot of good luck. And he can use the power of the Magic Cube so he will be fine.” Knowing that Thor was worried, Frigga simply stated her assumptions.

And she was right, even if these portals were unintentionally created by Lin Rui, he may not be in danger. After all, the Magic Cube is still in his hands, and as long as Lin Rui can still control it, he will not be in any danger.

“Okay, we can ask Heimdall, maybe he can find where Jackson was teleported to.” After hearing Frigga’s words, Thor thought of something and said.

“Yes, but Heimdall may not be able to find him.”

As Thor and the others were worried about Lin Rui’s disappearance, a golden light shot from outside. It exploded in front of them to form a light curtain. The light curtain had rows and rows of large characters upon it. It was news from Heimdall.

“Malekith and The Kursed left Asgard with a small stealth ship. They were hit eight times during their breakout process. The Spaceship was severely damaged. Malekith and The Kursed should have also suffered varying degrees of damage. The Bifrost is ready to attack the Dark Elf territory at any time. We should strike now.” This was the news from Heimdall, who was on Bifrost Bridge and had seen Malekith and the others escape.

However, although Malekith and Algrim escaped, their situation definitely wasn’t that good due to Asgard’s interference. And, if Asgard took any action against the Dark Elf planet then Malekith may return to his home only to find it destroyed by Bifrost.

As a bridge between Asgard and the other Realms, Bifrost is not without its lethality. It can be said that Bifrost was created as a deterrent to other Realms besides being used for teleportation. If Bifrost is used then it can penetrate and destroy any planet.

In the original plot, Loki used Bifrost like a madman to destroy Jotunheim of the Frost Giants. Jotunheim would have been destroyed by Bifrost if Thor hadn’t destroyed Bifrost at the last minute.

So, if Malekith can’t be stopped this time then Asgard may make drastic decisions.

However, this is the ultimate solution that no one wants to use. If Asgard used Bifrost to destroy the planet where the Dark Elves are located then how are they any different from Malekith who wants to do the same for all the Nine Realms?

It’s just that one would be destroying a race, and the other is thinking of killing all races.

“So they managed to run away! We must stop Malekith before he uses the Aether to destroy everything!” Thor clenched his fists and said after seeing the message from Heimdall.

“This…” Seeing Thor’s serious expression, Frigga wanted to say something but was interrupted by someone.

“Uh…” When Thor wanted to make up for the consequences of losing the Aether Particle because of saving Jane and taking the initiative to fight, Jane Foster, who had been holding him all the time, suddenly moved.

Then, Jane slowly opened her eyes. At this moment, her eyes no longer had the crimson light filled with Aether particle energy, but clear green eyes. When Jane opened her eyes, she saw Thor holding her and spoke.

“Thor, I had a horrible dream!”

While Jane woke up in Thor’s arms, Lin Rui, who fell into the portal, was in a very special and helpless situation. Lin Rui was not directly teleported to another place, but shuttled between countless portals, appearing and disappearing at times.

At the same time, Lin Rui’s figure appeared in various places in the universe, but they just disappeared in a flash, and so far it has caused a lot of chaos in the area.

But Lin Rui had no way to stop this, he could only follow the chaotic power of space to shuttle around the universe, and what flashed in front of his eyes were scenes from all over the universe.

In such a rapid space transfer, Lin Rui could not feel the passage of time, it was as if he would spend his whole life constantly jumping through space. However, when Lin Rui traveled through many worlds, several familiar figures suddenly flashed before his eyes.

“Huh?! Tony! Peter!” Although the scene in front of him was fleeting, Lin Rui still recognized who the figure was in the scene that crossed his eyes just now.

At this moment, Lin Rui, who was almost lost in the infinite space jump, finally woke up. Feeling the Magic Cube tightly held by his hand, Lin Rui realized that he could not go on like this.

“I must stop! Otherwise, I will never be able to go back!” The scene in front of him was still changing rapidly as Lin Rui firmly thought in his heart.

“Since I saw Tony and the others just now, then one of the countless space teleporters must lead to the earth! I can go back!” Holding the Magic Cube and feeling the continuous gushing space energy inside, Lin Rui made a quick mental analysis.

“So …… the way home! Start from now!”

Tony and Peter are busy doing a series of Extremis experiments in the underground laboratory of Stark Industries on Earth, New York.

Since Lin Rui was teleported away by Bifrost, Tony and Peter didn’t bother about Lin Rui’s departure after discussing Asgard’s situation and focused on other things. Because they knew that they could not help Lin Rui this time.

And as Peter was making a note, he jerked his head up to look ahead.