Chapter 867: Detection

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Chapter 867: Detection

When Peter suddenly looked up at Tony, he saw Tony looking up at him, too. It was like they both discovered something at the same time.

“Did you just… Do you feel anything?” Peter and Tony looked at each other for a few seconds. Finally, Tony spoke first.

He didn’t explain what it felt like, but Tony simply asked. However, Peter’s eyes brightened a lot after hearing Tony’s words.

“Mr. Stark! Did you feel it too?! Just now… It was as if someone had appeared to watch us!” As his eyes brightened, Peter spoke with some excitement.

“So you also felt it?! Who do you think is looking at us?” Tony asked with a twinkle in his eyes when he heard Peter’s answer.

Originally, Tony thought he was delusional. After all, this was in the underground laboratory of the Stark Industries building, and the level of confidentiality and security at his building would not be any worse than the SHIELD Headquarters.

It was highly unlikely that someone could just appear silently behind Tony and Peter without being noticed.

But if Tony’s feelings are right, there’s a good chance it could be that person. So, Tony needs further confirmation from Peter.

“I seem to… feel… I feel it was Jackson!” Peter replied hesitantly under Tony’s questioning.

Hearing Peter’s answer, Tony’s eyes brightened completely. Because he felt the same as Peter, just now he sensed that someone was watching him, and the gaze was from that guy Lin Rui.

“Cou… Could it be that Jackson is trying to contact us in some way?” Tony continued to ask without considering whether the illusion just now was true or not.

“I think it’s possible. The information from SHIELD shows that Thor is from Asgard, and we have got further information about Asgard from Miss Jane who says that Earth and the other Nine Realms are contained within the World Tree. Maybe Jackson is over there contacting us somehow.” Hearing Tony’s question, Peter thought for a moment and answered.

Now, Peter and Tony are looking beyond the earth as they learn more about hidden situations surrounding them and their planet. They no longer doubted the idea of the world tree and the existence of all kinds of strange things in the universe.

“So why did Jackson contact us? And it only felt like a fleeting illusion. Is he in some kind of trouble, and why didn’t Bifrost send him here?” After Peter finished answering, Tony asked several questions in a row, talking to himself.

“So, can we find a way for him to contact us? Maybe we can connect with Jackson without waiting for that Bifrost.” This time Tony said what was on his mind without waiting for Peter’s answer.

“That’s right! That’s right! As long as we can find out how Lin Rui appeared!” Peter shouted excitedly after hearing Tony’s question and answer.

“JARVIS!” The next moment, Tony called out to JARVIS.

“I’m here, sir. I’ve analyzed everything that happened in this lab and the entire Stark Industries building when you and Mr. Peter got delusional at the same time but I have found nothing out of the ordinary.” JARVIS’ voice came after Tony finished shouting and he had already spoken his analysis, though Tony hasn’t told it what to do yet.

Tony and Peter were stunned when they heard JARVIS’ answer. They were not stunned by JARVIS’s early answer, but by JARVIS’s assertion that nothing was out of the ordinary.

Through mutual verification of the feelings of Tony and Peter, they could almost confirm that Lin Rui did appear in this laboratory by some means just now, but JARVIS said that there was no abnormality.

Tony and Peter trusted JARVIS’ inspection and it was precisely because they trusted in JARVIS that they were stunned. Because they are also very confident in their feelings. So, now there can only be two answers to this.

“One, it is possible that both of us experienced the same illusion at the same time, and the other situation is that JARVIS can’t find the way Jackson contacted us.” After being stunned for a while, Tony calmed down and analyzed the situation.

Hearing Tony’s words, Peter nodded silently. Asgard is another civilization with advanced technology. If Lin Rui had used their method to contact them then JARVIS probably won’t be able to analyze it.

“It’s going to be hard to do that unless Jackson can contact us again.” Tony frowned without asking JARVIS to re-check.

The illusion that Tony and Peter saw this time was too short, so short that they only noticed the appearance of Lin Rui with their sixth sense. If Lin Rui reappears and it lasts a little longer then Tony and Peter can still provide some help based on the news from Lin Rui.

“JARVIS, from now on, we will do our best to monitor this laboratory! No, not only this laboratory but anyway that can be used to contact me or Peter. Also, we can’t just monitor it in the usual way. We need to pay attention to extraterrestrial energy, such as Magic Cube energy, Bifrost energy, and even dark energy.” After analyzing the situation at this time, Tony quickly instructed JARVIS that he would wait for the next arrival of Lin Rui.

“Okay, sir.” JARVIS agreed quickly after hearing Tony’s order.

Then, JARVIS’ core system went into full swing, and it won’t release this energy-intensive monitoring until Tony’s orders are over. Tony and Peter also temporarily put down the experiments in their hands, they are waiting for Lin Rui to contact them.

While Tony and Peter on Earth were trying their best to prepare for the short glimpse of Lin Rui, Lin Rui was also trying to control the Magic Cube to find the portal back to Earth again.

In this space teleportation without the concept of time, Lin Rui’s body seems to have not changed, but it is already on the verge of breaking. After all, Lin Rui’s strength has been greatly increased, especially in all aspects of his body, but it is not enough to resist the backlash effect brought by an Infinity Stone.

If Lin Rui cannot escape from this state in a short time, it is likely that Lin Rui will be trapped forever. However, it would be his soul that would be trapped here, and his body will travel through infinite space and disappear completely.