Chapter 868: Sudden

Heroes of Marvel Li Qun Xi, 离群戏 著 2022/10/27 13:33:24

Lin Rui is struggling helplessly while teleporting into infinite space. The sight in front of him made him start to feel dizzy, but he is still insisting on finding his destination.

The uncountable number of transmissions has made Lin Rui’s body very tired, and he has also become acutely aware that he may not be able to last much longer. If the Heart of Life was still there, perhaps Lin Rui could continue to hold on for a longer time.

But now, the most he could do was to exchange some Beginner items from the System Shop that could enhance his vitality and body strength.

“Come on! Come on! Where the hell is the earth?!” He searched for traces of the earth in countless teleports, but Lin Rui still couldn’t sense the location of his planet.

And as Lin Rui continued to curse, a few scenes that he was very familiar with suddenly blinked in front of his eyes.

“It’s Earth! But…” The sight in front of him was only fleeting, but Lin Rui could still be sure that it was the Earth. However, he felt that the scene just now was a bit strange.

The scene Lin Rui saw just now was not in Tony’s Stark Industries building, nor was it the New York that Lin Rui had been living in for more than ten years and was very familiar with. Through the familiar characters on the street side, Lin Rui determined that the place he had just seen was the place he had never gone to in his life: China.

Although Lin Rui has lived for more than ten years in his life, he has never been to China of this world, but he often reads news about the country on the Internet.

Aside from the things that were deliberately distorted by other countries, Lin Rui also knew that China in this world was very different from the China he initially lived in.

“That…… just now is…… the place where I used to live! Another Earth!” After carefully recalling the scene he glimpsed just now, Lin Rui couldn’t help but exclaim.

At this moment, Lin Rui’s belief that he had been thinking about returning to Earth was shaken unconsciously. Because, he suddenly discovered that in this infinite space teleportation, he still has a chance to return to the ordinary world he once lived in.

Therefore, Lin Rui suddenly remembered an idea that he had when he hadn’t officially opened the System Mainline Mission before his sixteenth birthday, which was to return to the world he once lived in.

Although Lin Rui was ordinary in that world, there was a life he was familiar with. However, after the emergence of the Main Missions, Lin Rui began to walk further and further on the road to becoming Superhero, and he gradually faded away from that idea.

“That world… the place where I once lived, I don’t know what it will look like now.” Lin Rui muttered to himself without paying attention to the other sights that kept flashing in front of him.

While Lin Rui was absentmindedly talking to himself, the Magic Cube in his hand continued to pour out space energy, and it continued to consume Lin Rui’s body. It won’t be long before the things that Lin Rui exchanged from the System Shop will run out. At that time, if he hadn’t gotten out of this state, he might never be able to leave.

When Lin Rui fell into this state and gradually stepped into danger, his mind suddenly sent out a blast of energy.

The sound of the explosion in his mind made Lin Rui’s blurred eyes recover in an instant, and then Lin Rui found that his situation seemed to be dangerous.

“I almost lost myself!” Not bothering about what exactly had just exploded in his mind, Lin Rui had now refocused his attention to get out of his current state.

“I’ve already reached this stage, and I’m still hesitating about which world to return to, I didn’t know I was holding so much back.” Lin Rui said helplessly to himself, looking at the scene in front of him.

Then, Lin Rui dismissed all distracting thoughts and silently closed his eyes. He wants to find his way home in the shortest time, and the key lies in the Magic Cube in his hand.

After Lin Rui flashed through hundreds of different worlds, his eyes suddenly opened, and the light belonging to space energy enveloped his eyes.

In the next moment, Lin Rui’s constantly blinking image freezes in an instant, and he finally stabilizes a portal. Then, Lin Rui’s figure fell into it.

When Lin Rui was trapped in infinite space teleportation and managed to escape, he did not know that on the earth of Marvel World, Ancient One felt a sudden burst of strong magic and time fluctuations just now.

In the building where the Ancient One lived, the intense magic and time energy fluctuations gradually dissipated. The secluded sorcerers who originally lived in this yard were all frightened by the sudden energy fluctuation just now, but Ancient One did not give any explanation.

“Phew…” Sitting cross-legged on the futon in his room, Ancient One took a long breath and opened his eyes.

Then the Ancient One dropped his hands which had been sealed on his chest. There, the Eye of Agamotto is slowly closing, and the green light from it is rapidly converging into it. It seems that Ancient One just used the Time Stone.

“That kid! I didn’t expect to be able to do so many things!” Ancient One, who put his hands down, looked a little tired, and then said to himself.

As for the kid he mentioned, there was no one else except Lin Rui. Since Lin Rui was teleported to Asgard by Heimdall, Ancient One had been watching him. Besides saying his greetings to Odin, Ancient One also wanted to see how Lin Rui was doing.

Overall, Lin Rui’s previous performance did not exceed Ancient One’s expectations. Even if Lin Rui accidentally triggered the Magic Cube’s power, Ancient One was just a little surprised just like Odin.

As for Lin Rui being teleported away by the portal, Ancient One didn’t worry too much at first. Anyway, Ancient One left a trace of his Magic Psychic Power in Lin Rui’s body, which he could still handle.

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However, Ancient One did not expect Lin Rui fell into the infinite space teleportation this time. He tracked his Psychic Power in Lin Rui’s body but it was impossible to track Lin Rui’s whereabouts under such circumstances.

Therefore, Ancient One had to make a move, and while contacting his magical Psychic Power, he used the Time Stone to explore the countless possibilities of Lin Rui’s situation.

And when Lin Rui flashed on Earth for a while, Ancient One seized the opportunity and started the Psychic Power in Lin Rui’s mind. It was also at that time that Lin Rui, who was in a state of confusion, suddenly came to his senses.