Chapter 869: Small Town

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Chapter 869: Small Town

And Ancient One couldn’t track Lin Rui’s whereabouts again after making his move at the moment Lin Rui appeared on Earth, so he wasn’t very sure that his move was effective. However, he has also been using the Time Stone to probe Lin Rui’s possible future.

It is not that Ancient One has not done such a thing before, but the future of Lin Rui cannot be seen through. However, Ancient One can confirm that Lin Rui’s existence is good for the world.

However, this time, when Lin Rui saw the world he used to live in and his belief wavered, Ancient One’s prediction of his future showed great changes.

Of the almost countless possibilities seen with the Time Stone, a large number indicated that Lin Rui would leave this world forever this time, and his departure would have immeasurable effects on the world.

“This kid’s future… I hope he can make the right choice!” Using Time Stone to see so many futures, it was too much for the Ancient One.

However, at this time, he can only expect Lin Rui to make the right choice this time. After all, he had already made so much impact and changes in the world. If he does leave then maybe Ancient One would have to go to that universe to get him back.

“Well, the boy must be left to his own devices. As for Malekith, does he really think that Earth is someplace he can come to any time he wants? For him to plan to use earth as the focal point when the Convergence start, how foolish.” Then, the Ancient One, whose face had recovered to normal, said to himself with a cold look in his eyes.

The next moment, two golden rays of light shot out from Ancient One’s hand and rushed out of the courtyard where he lived. The two golden rays of light flew to Sanctum the Masters of London and New York, respectively, with his orders.

As for the message inside, it depends on the actions of the Sorcerer. However, judging from Ancient One’s self-talk just now, at least Malekith will have a hard time getting things done on Earth.

Having done all this, the Ancient One rises from the futon, and some of his actions have alarmed the Sorcerers who are in seclusion here, and he had to go out to explain his actions.

After all, not every Sorcerer takes orders from the Ancient One. There are many Sorcerers living here that are no less powerful than the Ancient One.

The Ancient One had already done what he had to do for Lin Rui, while Tony and Peter are seriously waiting to receive Lin Rui’s next possible contact. Lin Rui, who fell into the last space portal, is falling into a space tunnel filled with space energy.

In the space tunnel leading to nowhere, the unconscious Lin Rui was still holding the Magic Cube whose light had dimmed. Ancient One’s magic Psychic Power has been activated once, and will not be effective for a short time.

It can be said that Lin Rui’s current situation is completely dependent on the will of God and this time he will be teleported to any one of the countless futures that Ancient One saw.

The Earth of Marvel World, the United States. An unknown town in the western state of Minnesota.

There are many old buildings in this small town, and some migrants with unstable jobs live in some of these old buildings. A temporary tenant lives in a house on the seventh floor of one of these old buildings.

He had arrived a month ago and was living a very regular life, not communicating with anyone except the landlord. Of course, the landlord didn’t mind as long as he paid cash.

On this sunny afternoon, the tenant of 7002 came back from the outside alone, carrying a bag of cheap food. It looked as if the burly outsider was one of those social idlers who didn’t do his job properly.

Taking out the key and opening the door, the outsider tenant stood at the door and waited for a little before stepping in. After his figure entered the room, the door closed quickly behind him.

Throwing the key in the utility closet behind the door, the person walked to the kitchen with the food he had purchased.

He had been in hiding since he left the control of that organization, and all the cash he had obtained was through some not-so-legitimate means. Now, he had little money left. Perhaps he would have to change his place again.

He put the bag on the kitchen counter and was about to wash an apple to eat. Today, he was able to buy some apples due to the low price and he wasn’t sure if the stall owner who sold them to him deliberately lowered the price for him.

A sudden burst of energy came from the living room just as he took out the apple to wash. A cold light flashed in the eyes of the foreign tenant who sensed this energy fluctuation. In the next moment, he left the kitchen and rushed into the living room.

When the foreign tenant rushed into the living room, a mass of silver-white spatial energy appeared in the middle of the living room, and bursts of spatial fluctuations were constantly being transmitted from it.

And after seeing the situation in front of him, the tenant who rushed over already had a modified submachine gun in his hand which appeared at some point.

“Space Energy!” Holding the submachine gun in his hand, the foreign tenant couldn’t help but let out a low roar.

From the roar, he seemed to understand what the silvery white light in front of him represented. In this way, he is not an ordinary person. There may be a lot of people in this world who can recognize space energy, but there are not many, at least ordinary people can’t recognize it.

After determining the silver glowing space energy in front of him, this outsider who originally held the submachine gun with only one hand unconsciously used both hands to hold it up. Because he knew that this spatial energy was likely to appear as a case of teleportation, and there was no telling who or what would appear from this teleportation.

When he raised his arms to hold the submachine gun, his left hand, which had been wearing gloves, also showed his arm above the wrist, which was not a normal human arm, but a special metal arm!

When the foreign tenant dragged his submachine gun towards the space energy in front of him, there was a sudden burst of strong fluctuations in the silver space energy, and then a figure was directly sprayed out.

The foreign tenant was directly knocked into the air by the sudden surge of space fluctuations and then stopped flying backward after hitting the wall of the living room. Judging from how quickly he turned over and jumped up, he should be fine. However, the submachine gun in his hand has become a part of the ground after being reduced to parts.

The tenant jumped up from the ground and walked back to the center of the living room empty-handed. The space energy just now had all disappeared. However, on the sofa in the middle of the living room, a stranger appeared out of thin air.