Chapter 870: Who Am I?

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Chapter 870: Who Am I?

Looking at the stranger who was lying on his couch, the tenant who had run out of submachine gun pulled another pistol from the back of his waist.

The pistol was loaded in an instant, and the muzzle was aimed at the guy who appeared from the white energy, and then he slowly approached him.

“Ugh…” A few seconds after the outsider pointed his gun at the guy on the couch, the man lying on his stomach suddenly moved his fingers, and then let out a muffled groan.

It seemed that it was very uncomfortable for his head to be buried in the sofa. The guy who fell out of the portal moved his arms slowly on the sofa a few times and then turned over with difficulty while supporting half of his body.

Then, the tenant saw what the unexpected visitor in front of him looked like, and it turned out to be a mixed-race young man.

“It’s so uncomfortable!…” As he turned over, the strange guy was still muttering in a low voice.

Finally, after a few seconds, he turned himself over and lay on the sofa on his back. However, when he turned over, he found a man in front of him pointing a gun at him.

“You, you! … What are you doing?” The guy lying on the sofa man was frightened by the scene in front of him and then shouted in fear.

“Who are you? Why are you here?!” Without speaking any nonsense, the man holding the gun stood on the spot and asked.

“I am!… Uh… I am… Who am I?” Hearing the question from the burly man with the gun in front of him, the guy lying on the sofa was going to answer, but when he spoke, he realized that he can’t even remember what his name is.

“What’s my name? Why don’t I even know this?!” The stranger who didn’t remember his name for a while seemed to be stunned, he raised his hand and tapped his head with difficulty, and muttered a few words.

“You don’t remember your name?” Hearing the stranger muttering to himself, the cold eyes of the outsider holding the gun suddenly softened and he asked.

“Uh… it seems more than that… I don’t seem to remember anything…” Looking up at the stranger with a gun in front of him, the guy who appeared from the portal said helplessly with eyes wide open.

Hearing this, the tenant of this house stared carefully at the guy in front of him, and then put down the right hand holding the gun. He believed the words of the stranger in front of him, perhaps because he had the same experience.

“Huh? What’s on my butt?” After thinking for a while and not remembering who he was, the guy lying on the sofa suddenly frowned and muttered.

Then, he reached out his hand and slowly touched the place under his buttocks. And at the moment when his fingers touched the thing that was sticking to his butt, tiny space energy blinked.

“Ah!” With an exclamation, the unexpected visitor who had lost his memory suddenly retracted his hand and jumped up from the sofa at the same time.

As the guy on the couch jumped up, the outsider standing in front of him pulled out his gun and pointed it at him again.

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“It’s not me! It’s it! It scalded me!” Seeing the burly man in front of him draw a gun at him again, the unexpected visitor hurriedly pointed to a place on the sofa and shouted.

Following the direction of the guy’s finger in front of him, the foreign tenant saw the square blue thing at a glance. However, this thing did not originally exist in his living room. Therefore, it should have fallen out of the portal just like the guy in front of him.

With a pistol in his right hand pointing at the unexpected visitor, the room tenant stretched out his left hand to grab the square object. In that accidental visitor’s astonished gaze, the tenant’s gloved left hand had grabbed the object that had just burned him. Then, he picked it up without suffering.

“Hey?! Why don’t you feel anything?” Seeing that the guy in front of him didn’t react at all, the unexpected visitor widened his eyes in surprise. He was scalded just now, although there was no sign of injury on his hand.

In the surprised expression of the unexpected visitor, the tenant put away the square object. Regardless of whether this thing appeared from the portal with the guy in front of him, it was right to put it away anyway.

“You don’t remember your name?” The tenant asked again after putting the thing away.

“Well, I don’t remember. But… I vaguely remember that I should not be an ordinary person.” Hearing the question of the burly man in front of him, the unexpected visitor answered with a confused expression on his face.

“Of course, I know you won’t be an ordinary person. How can an ordinary person be exposed to space energy, and how can it be possible for an ordinary person to pass through the portal and be intact.” The tenant was not surprised at the conjecture of the unexpected visitor.

“By the way, my name is Bucky, Bucky Barnes.” Looking at the unexpected visitor with a confused expression in front of him, the tenant put away his gun and introduced himself.

It turned out that the guy living alone in this old building was none other than the Winter Soldier that Alexander dispatched when Hydra attacked the SHIELD headquarters a few months ago: Bucky the Winter Soldier!

Since Hydra attacked SHIELD in full force a few months ago, Bucky fell from the SHIELD headquarters building while being pursued by Lin Rui. The situation at that time was very dangerous and any average person would have died. But Bucky was unusual, and SHIELD and Rogers never found Bucky’s body.

So Rogers was sure Bucky wasn’t dead, and kept looking for him, but couldn’t find him. Under Lin Rui’s suggestion, Rogers also used some of SHIELD’s resources to search for the small country called Wakanda but found nothing.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Bucky did not leave the United States but just came to the northern city. Perhaps Bucky didn’t have enough money to take the smuggling route out of the country. After all, he didn’t recover his complete memory and he has not fully accepted modern society.

“Uh… Hello, Bucky.” Hearing the self-introduction of the stout man in front of him, the unexpected visitor responded with some embarrassment, rubbing his head. He didn’t have any special feelings about the name Bucky-Barnes either.

“Why don’t you give yourself a name for now? Or I wouldn’t know what to call you.” Perhaps it was the unexpected visitor’s youthful appearance or the fact that he had also lost his memory, that Bucky felt empathy for him, and his attitude toward the unexpected visitor was more relaxed than that of other strangers.

“Any name?… Then… call me… Jackson!” Hearing Bucky’s words, the unexpected visitor thought for a moment and then said with a bright eye.