Chapter 871: Recalls

Heroes of Marvel Li Qun Xi, 离群戏 著 2022/10/27 13:33:25

Half an hour later, the living room, which had been swept up by a blast of space energy, had been tidied up, and Bucky had done nothing about the unexpected visitor that teleported himself into his living room.

After determining that this person, like him, had lost part of his memory, Bucky decided to take him in, much to his own surprise.

Although the young man who had given himself the name Jackson didn’t look like a Hydra-trained Soldier, Bucky could relate to him.

And, perhaps knowing he wasn’t going to do anything to him, the young man who already had a name didn’t plan to leave, and he wanted to stay with Bucky until he regained his memory.

In his own words, he can’t remember who he is now and the first person he saw when he woke up was Bucky, so this is fate, he will stay with Bucky until he remembers everything.

Bucky was also feeling a little helpless in this regard, but he did not refuse, because he knew the young man in front of him was not ordinary, and that two people with the same problems might be able to take care of each other.

So, while Bucky went back to the kitchen to wash the apples, Jackson, who was left in the living room, cleaned up the mess. If he wants to stay, it is only right that he should do what he can. While cleaning, Jackson took a look at himself in the mirror. Looking in the mirror, Jackson saw a handsome young face looking back at him.

“So I’m pretty handsome and it looks like I am half-Asian!” Jackson said to himself with a smile after fiddling in front of the mirror a few times. Then he went on to clean up.

Bucky, who decided to take Jackson in, didn’t know that the young man he was now taking in was more than just an abnormal person.

The young man who has forgotten his identity is Lin Rui, Jackson Lin who has made a difficult return to Marvel World Earth from the infinite space teleport.

No one knows what Lin Rui experienced in his teleportation, but he lost some of his memory after he came out. And the place where he was finally teleported turned out to be the place where Bucky Barnes, a good friend of Captain America Rogers, lived in seclusion.

Fortunately, Bucky has now recovered some of his memories and he was no longer the Winter Soldier who murdered without blinking. Otherwise, Lin Rui, who lost his memory, might have been shot by Bucky while he was unconscious.

Now, in addition to losing part of his memory, Lin Rui’s internal energy has also been exhausted so he seems to be an ordinary person as well. However, as time goes by, Lin Rui’s internal energy will certainly recover.

The most important thing is the Magic Cube, however, it was tucked away by Bucky. In addition, it is not known when Lin Rui will recover his memory or it is also possible that he will not recover his memory at all.

After cleaning the living room, Lin Rui, who lost part of his memory, threw himself on the sofa again. In addition to not remembering who he is and what he did before, Lin Rui has some common sense and he knew the basic things. Therefore, if someone were to look at Bucky, who also lost part of his memory, Lin Rui would be better able to adapt to the current situation.

“Bucky told me I came from a portal created by space energy, but I look like I am still in high school.” Lin Rui silently thought in his heart as he slumped on the sofa staring at the ceiling.

After deciding to let Lin Rui stay with him, Bucky didn’t hide his situation, what happened to Lin Rui, and his guesses about his identity. To help Lin Rui to better recall or find the differences between their memory loss, Bucky also shared with Lin Rui some of his speculation and some things in the world that ordinary people are not clear about.

For example, there are many Superheroes in this world, and there are many powerful forces, such as SHIELD and Hydra. Bucky explained whatever he could to Lin Rui and he is also holding on to see if he can use this information to jog Lin Rui’s recovery.

However, although Bucky said a lot of shocking things, Lin Rui in front of him was not surprised in the slightest, it was as if he knew these things. Therefore, Bucky became more certain that Lin Rui’s identity is not that simple.

“Why am I not surprised by those things? I don’t recall knowing any of these things, but my subconscious is telling me that those things are nothing to be surprised about. Could it be… Am I some sort of a Secret Agent? Or a super soldier? Am I someone trained by some mysterious power? What am I?” Lin Rui thought helplessly as he listened to some of the movements Bucky made in the kitchen.

Click ~ Click ~ Click ~

While thinking about it, Lin Rui unconsciously squeezed his fist. Then he heard the crack of the bones coming from clenched fists. It seems that he had abnormal strength.

“Forget it! If I’m really like Bucky who was trained by Hydra then I don’t want to remember those things!” Lin Rui quickly observed his fist before he loosened it and decided on a course.

Because Bucky explained his identity and situation to Lin Rui in order to let Lin Rui decide whether to leave or stay, Lin Rui knew that the man with long hair who was busy in the kitchen was also poor. If Lin Rui is really like Buckythen he won’t be able to accept it. However, Lin Rui’s subconscious seems to be telling him that he is not such a person.

When Lin Rui gave up searching for his identity in his mind, a crisp sound came from the kitchen, which was the sound of a bowl being broken. This was the third sound that Lin Rui had heard since he was cleaning the living room. In that time, Bucky had broken three bowls in the kitchen.

“Ah! It looks like it’s up to me!” Sighing softly, Lin Rui stood up from the sofa.

Then, Lin Rui walked into the kitchen and showed a helpless expression when he saw the broken bowls scattered on the kitchen floor and Bucky who was still busy preparing food.

“What are you doing here? I will be done soon!” Bucky said with a slightly embarrassed expression on his cold face when he saw Lin Rui walk into the kitchen.

“Bucky, you better get out of here, I’ll take care of this.” Not commenting on Bucky’s embarrassed expression, Lin Rui walked over and took the kitchen utensils from his hands.

“You know how to cook?” Looking at Lin Rui’s skillful appearance, Bucky, who was pushed aside, asked with a surprised expression on his face.

“I think so, maybe I worked in a restaurant?” Hearing Bucky’s words, Lin Rui, who had already found his senses, replied with a smile on his face.

Then, Lin Rui began to cook with the not-so-abundant ingredients in the kitchen with Bucky looking at him.