Chapter 872: Following the Event

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Chapter 872: Following the Event

Ten minutes later, Bucky ate the meal prepared by Lin Rui. Although it was very simple due to the limited ingredients, it was the best meal Bucky had in months.

Because of Lin Rui’s cooking skills, Bucky felt that it was the right choice to take him in. However, the cost of two people living here is much higher than that of one person and he is running out of cash.

So, after dinner, Bucky was ready to go out for a stroll after dark. In such a small city which is neither far nor close enough to a big city, the law and order are not very good, and it is normal for some gangsters to fool around on the street at night, and Bucky’s goal is those gangsters.

All it takes is a few punks, and Bucky will have money for the next two weeks.

“Hey, Bucky! Where are you going?” However, as Bucky was about to go out after dark, Lin Rui, who was sitting in the room doing nothing, looked at him and asked.

“I’m going out for a walk,” Bucky explained with a straight face as he couldn’t possibly say that he was going out to rob the gangster because he didn’t have any money.

“Then I’ll go with you! I am feeling cooped up in here and I want to see the neighborhood seeing that I would be living here for some time.” Lin Rui rushed over and said after hearing Bucky’s answer.

Bucky’s eyes flashed as he noticed Lin Rui’s speed. But now he did not know whether he would ever get out. After all, he couldn’t take the young man to a robbery. That would be child endangerment!

“Huh? Bucky, why are you standing there? Weren’t we going out? Did you forget something?” Lin Rui, who had already reached the door, saw that Bucky was still standing so he turned his head and asked.

“Yeah, I forgot this.” Bucky had no choice but to take an umbrella from the cabinet by the door and walked over after agreeing.

Then, Lin Rui and Bucky left their humble rental home. I wonder how Lin Rui will react if Bucky goes after those punks tonight. However, based on Lin Rui’s subconscious reaction, perhaps Bucky’s worry is unnecessary and he should worry more about the punks.

After all, Mirage Knight got its start fighting street thugs. When it comes to dealing with street thugs, Bucky has less experience than Lin Rui.

New York, in the basement laboratory of the Stark Industries building.

“JARVIS, turn off the energy monitoring.” Tony, who had been up all night, looked away from the unchanging screen and spoke to JARVIS.

“Yes, Sir.” Hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS, who is in full surveillance mode shuts down the all-around surveillance of the entire Stark Industries building.

Twelve hours had passed since Tony and Peter had the “illusion” at the same time, and during these twelve hours, JARVIS had used all his powers to monitor any accidents in the Stark Building. However, nothing was found. And Tony and Peter didn’t have that illusion again.

“Mr. Stark… Jackson will come back, right?” Peter, who also stayed up all night, asked hesitantly after Tony asked JARVIS to turn off the monitoring of dark energy and Bifrost energy.

Hearing Peter’s words, Tony didn’t know how to answer. Judging from yesterday’s situation when Lin Rui asked Thor to summon the Bifrost to save Jane Foster. That said, Lin Rui was confident that Thor will come back after he returns to Asgard. Otherwise, Jane will never be able to come back.

However, Tony and the others saw Lin Rui getting teleported away by Bifrost. At that time, Lin Rui probably didn’t expect that he would be enveloped by the Bifrost beam, but JARVIS also told Tony that at that time, Lin Rui had the space energy of Magic Cube surrounding him. So, maybe Lin Rui was brought to Asgard because of the Magic Cube.

“Don’t worry, Jackson was able to come back after being teleported to an extraterrestrial planet by an unstable portal, he will come back safely this time. Besides, didn’t he borrow Bifrost before which means Jackson had something to do with it?” After some thought, Tony said with relief.

“Yes! That’s right! Although Jackson made it sound simple, his first time off Earth was much more unexpected.” Hearing Tony’s words, Peter also remembered the time Lin Rui left the Earth.

Perhaps, it was because of the fact that this was not the first time that Lin Rui left the earth unexpectedly, so this time, Tony and the others were not so worried except for doing their best. Moreover, they all have an inexplicable trust in Lin Rui.

“Well, it’s best if you can think that way. What we should do now is to settle the matter in front of us, we still don’t understand much about the Extremis and we still have a lot to do! As for Jackson, I think he’ll be back on his own in a few days.”

“But… Can we keep it quiet by having JARVIS do Jackson’s voice and call Jackson’s house every day?” Although Peter also believes that Lin Rui will be okay, he still wanted to cover all the bases.

“Isn’t it on you and Harry? With the two of you to help cover his absence, you can keep going until Jackson comes back.”

When Tony and Peter were still waiting for Lin Rui’s return. In the suburb of London that was hundreds of kilometers away from New York.

The place that was invaded by the Dark Elves due to the emergence of the Convergence not long ago has been enclosed by the SHIELD. This kind of place has been counted as an S-level event, and they have to focus on researching it.

In the circled ruined battlefield, hundreds of researchers and equipped SHIELD elite soldiers were scanning inch by inch. This battlefield has left a lot of things worth studying, including the remnants of Lifeform arms of the Dark Elf race and the corpses of Dark Elf warriors, whose research value is impossible to estimate.

On the outskirts of the ruins, a cluster of base houses that houses Elite agents and Elite teams from SHIELD headquarters in charge of the area. One of them is a special agent Evan who had experienced this incident personally.

“Hey! Evans! Congratulations on your promotion but man jumping three levels in a row, who would have thought that when you just picked up the job for observe the target, you would encounter such a high-level event?”

“I would rather not have encountered such a thing, I almost died out there.” Evans, who had been promoted to a Fourth-Level Agent, smiled awkwardly when he heard the ridicule of his newly-acquainted colleague beside him.

“Hey, this is a normal thing, and you will encounter it often in the future.” Seeing the look on Evan’s face, the Elite agent, a senior, said with a smile.