Chapter 873: Evans’s Discovery

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Chapter 873: Evans’s Discovery

Evans can only keep smiling in the face of ridicule launched by his new colleagues. After all, he is a newly promoted agent. He also knew that the higher the rank of an Agent in SHIELD, the greater the chance of encountering danger, but he was not afraid.

After all, if he got afraid so easily then he wouldn’t have been trained as a professional agent by SHIELD. However, Evans felt that this incident was not completely over.

Evans had previously followed Agent Coulson to the Stark Industries building but left without being able to see or hear anything about this situation.

As for Jane Foster, Thor, and the young man Jackson Lin, Evans still doesn’t know anything about them and their situation. However, he had hoped in his heart that they would be all right.

“Hey! ~ Even though our level seems to be quite high, we can only do this kind of simple aftermath work. Although this is an S-level incident, but the most thrilling stage has passed.” While Evans was lost in his thoughts, his colleagues next to him began to sigh again.

It seems that these agents are also people who can’t stand peace. Now they are asked to be responsible for the aftermath of the battlefield in which no fights are involved. They still feel that it is too bland.

However, Evans felt that the aftermath work was just as meaningful as those combat teams dealing with front-line situations. Anyway, he didn’t want to experience that kind of danger again. There is a difference between not being afraid and being foolish. To be honest, he will have to see a psychologist due to the things he has experienced.

While Evans and the others were chatting in the base room outside the battlefield and watching the researchers cleaning the battlefield, a sudden alarm sounded out and Evans almost jumped up hearing this alarm sound.

In the next moment, Evans has quickly taken out a small instrument from his waist, which is the instrument used to detect the concentration of Alpha Particles, and this alarm sound is emitted from this instrument.

“It’s here again!” Seeing the rapidly rising value of the instrument, Evans spoke with an even expression on his face.

This was not the first time that Evans had experienced this kind of situation so he responded quickly. Before other agents could understand what Evans said, he quickly sent the news out.

If the increase in the concentration of Alpha Particles this time leads to the emergence of dimensional gates linking to other worlds then the researchers in the ruins must retreat quickly.

“It’s an S-Class alert!”

“We are actually going to see this! It seems that Evans is quite lucky!”

After Evans sent out this alert, the other agents also reacted accordingly, and everyone lost the relaxed expression they had just now.

These agents all understand what the Alpha Particle concentration represents. When it rises to a certain level, there is a high probability that a situation involving another planet will occur. As for the current situation, it is SHIELD’s current focus.

After Evans had sent the alert, all SHIELD personnel stationed on this battlefield quickly moved. The researchers who were still conducting scientific research in the ruins of the battlefield all quickly retreated under the cover provided by the soldiers.

At the same time, all kinds of powerful weapons transferred by SHIELD during this period were also quickly charged and ready. Once something like a dimensional gate or a portal appears, they will be able to respond as soon as possible.

However, the AlphaParticle concentration stopped rising as SHIELD responded, but it kept floating at a dangerous value. It looks like Alpha Particle is teasing Evans and the others.

“Something’s wrong! This is…” Evans, who had been observing the change in the concentration of Alpha Particles for a while, frowned and muttered.

Because he has personally experienced an S-Class incident of an intruder rushing out of the dimensional gate before, although Evans is very clear that this concentration of Alpha Particles is not enough to open the dimensional space gate. However, this situation represents the imminent emergence of a space gate-like energy.

“Perhaps, this dimensional gate is not here!” After staring at the instrument for a few seconds, Evans suddenly thought of a very possible guess.

The instrument in his hand has a detection range. If it exceeds a certain range, although Alpha Particles can still be detected, it is definitely not so accurate, and the concentration values ??will vary greatly.

If the space energy was present in other areas this time then they would be able to detect Alpha Particles here as well. However, the concentrations detected here have never been able to break through to dangerous values.

“My name is Evans, a fourth-level agent and I am applying to expand the detection range of Alpha Particles. The larger the range, the better!” While everyone was still preparing for the possible S-Class incident, Evans had already applied for an expanded search.

“Huh? Expand the detection range of Alpha Particles?! Okay! Let the other agents and patrol soldiers in London open all the Alpha Particle detection equipment! Report to me once you find anything!” At that time, the Agent in charge of the aftermath of this incident was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted and issued an order.

Then, a message was quickly sent out from this base. The SHIELD agents and soldiers all over London quickly turned on the Alpha Particle detection equipment they were carrying after receiving the order.

Those without detection equipment also paid more attention to other anomalies. If space energy really appears somewhere then there will definitely be an abnormal situation.

“Who thought of it?” After issuing the order to test the whole city, the Agent in charge of this base wanted to see who had made the request.

“Huh? Evans, is he the newcomer who was just promoted? It seems that people who have personally experienced this incident do have more ideas.” After seeing that it was Evans’s application, the Agent in charge was somewhat relieved and sighed with emotion.

At the time when the Agent in charge sighed with emotion, many reports had already passed to him one by one. The Alpha Particles have been detected by agents and soldiers spread across London, and the concentration varies from location to location.

“This?! Could the upcoming incident cover the whole of London?!” Seeing the range of the Alpha Particle displayed on the tablet in his hand, the Agent in charge, who has experienced many storms and waves, also showed a shocked expression on his face.

However, the next latest alert dispelled his thoughts as the concentration of Alpha Particles in one place has exceeded the critical point!