Chapter 874: Interfere

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Chapter 874: Interfere

The newly transmitted alarm location is more than ten kilometers away from the suburban battlefield here and is the location where the temporary Alpha Particle concentration exceeds the critical point throughout London.

“Are you sure?” The Agent in charge asked solemnly when he saw the area marked with a conspicuous red dot.

“Positive! A large amount of space energy has been detected!” Soon, further news came back, answering the Agent’s question.

Hearing the answer from the frontline agent, the Chief’s eyes suddenly became very serious. (Calling Agent In Charge Chief from now on)

“Then, start the First-Level Emergency Plan!” In the next moment, the Chief issued an order.

As soon as this order was given, the large army which had been holding the ruins of the battlefield was set into motion, and separate groups of soldiers hurried to their positions near the heart of London.

Now that the space energy is clearly there, it doesn’t matter if ordinary people see SHIELD’s special forces. Exposing the SHIELD team is better than letting an invasion happen which would have ruined London. The authorities would have to find an explanation afterward.

When the forces in the base began to move, the orders for Evans also came directly from the Chief.

“Agent Evans, set off with the first mobile team, this operation needs you!” This was a very simple order from the Chief, but it showed the importance he attached to Evans.

Evans is also excited to hear the orders from the Chief. He felt that his recent lucky streak is still going strong.

Although he would definatly encounter a dangerous situation following the mobile team to the front line, isn’t this what he as a SHIELD agent, should do? Why should he continue to guard this ruin where a dimensional space gate is unlikely to appear?

“Brothers, I am going first!” Then, Evans shouted to the other agents who had not received further orders while running towards the gate.

The veterans, who had just made fun of the newly promoted spy, looked at each other and wondered what to make of Evans’s dashing back and the closed door.

“Damn! How is this kid’s luck so good?!” After the door was closed again, the first agent spoke with some resentment in his heart.

“Perhaps, it’s not a matter of luck. Evans is very smart and he has the potential to become an Elite Agent. Maybe, we are not as good as him.” Another Agent spoke meaningfully when he heard his colleague’s words

“Then… what about us now? Do we continue to stay here?”

“Of course not! Although there are no new orders, we are not a garrison team!”

“So, we should be going there soon!”

Then, several other agents in this room also quickly left after Evans. Although they could not follow the first mobile team to the scene, they could follow the follow-up team. As veteran agents, they would not give up such a good opportunity.

As SHIELD mobilized a large force to go to the center of London, the agents stationed here noticed that there were significant spatial energy fluctuations in the area.

Prior to the arrival of the SHIELD force, the SHIELD agents stationed nearby had already called some of the nearby police forces on their own authority to start evacuating the crowd.

However, it will take some time. If there is a dimensional space linking the extraterrestrial universe when the energy of the square space reaches the critical point, it would cause chaos in the heart of London, which is something no one wants to see.

“By the looks of it, the space energy will reach a critical point soon.” The agent guarding the edge of the outgoing Alpha Particle area gave a silent murmur as he looked around at the rapidly retreating civilians.

The scope of the Alpha Particle was large this time, at least five times larger than the size of the outer London dimension. The dimensional space over there is as big as a patio, and the area over here is at least five times larger, so the spatial anomaly will appear in a large range.

“Bailey, should we pull back a little, too much concentration of Alpha Particle will affect us.” After the agent’s mutter, his teammate reminded him.

“Don’t be in a hurry. We have to report back the situation here as soon as possible. As Agents, we can’t leave those civilians.” Hearing his teammate’s words, Bailey shook his head and replied.

As Bailey and his team stared intently at the area in mid-air where space energy appeared, they didn’t know that in a building not far from them, three people in retro suits were standing in the window house on the third floor that had been emptied.

These three people are the Sorcerers who were originally guarding the Sanctum in London. After receiving the news from Ancient One, they have been paying attention to the situation in the whole of London. After the space energy appeared here, they arrived as soon as possible.

“Looking at the range covered by this space energy, could there be a massive invasion?” Standing by the floor-to-ceiling window looking at the situation outside in mid-air, one of the sorcerers frowned and asked.

“I don’t know, but judging by this, it won’t be a small fight if a space tunnel is actually opened.” After the first man speaks, the Sorcerer next to him shakes his head and replies.

“As per Ancient One’s orders, we will do our best to protect London and its people no matter what happens.” The third man spoke.

However, although the Ancient One sends a message alerting them to possible cosmic invaders coming to London, the Sorcerers are somewhat confused. They are not supposed to meddle in such affairs as this is not a Mythical threat.

The situation that needs the Sorcerer would be similar to Harry being possessed by a demon from another dimension. Sorcerors protect the Earth from these kinds of dimensional threats.

They wouldn’t have interfered if not for Ancient One’s warning/order even if an enemy force from the outer universe invaded the earth as this is not their responsibility.

In fact, if the three sorcerers of the London Sanctum and the sorcerers of the New York Sanctum were in constant contact with each other then they would have known the reason.

They have broken the original rules more than once since the Sorcerers and Mirage Knight became familiar with each other. Moreover, Ancient One didn’t say anything to oppose their actions which means that he was also agreeing with their actions.