Chapter 875: Worry and Requesting Reinforcements

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Chapter 875: Worry and Requesting Reinforcements

The three sorcerers guarding the London Sanctum stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows on the third floor of the building above the two SHIELD agents, watching the energy changes in the space ahead, while the two agents below were also watching the situation and waiting for support.

No one noticed that huge planets are rapidly moving according to their established orbits in the outer universe. These are the Nine Realms.

At this moment, the Nine Realms in the World Tree, including the earth, are finally about to run into a linear orbit again after more than a thousand years. This is a very special kind of celestial body Convergence, and the average person can’t observe it at all.

According to the current operation of each planet, the Convergence will appear in about fifteen minutes. That is, if Malekith’s plan goes well, he will travel through the space tunnel to Earth within those fifteen minutes.

Because the earth is at the center of the Nine Realms, and here he can use the Aether to devour the Nine Realms and plunge everything into darkness at the fastest speed.

“Something seems to be wrong here, have you noticed it?” As time passed, a sorcerer standing by the floor-to-ceiling window asked with a frown.

“Yes, I feel it too.”

“The environment has changed, and the air pressure and air composition outside are changing rapidly.”

Hearing the sorcerer’s words, the two sorcerers next to him nodded and spoke. As sorcerers, they do not need scientific instruments, and they are very sensitive to changes in natural elements.

“It seems that big trouble is coming here this time!” After confirming the drastic changes in the outside environment, the sorcerer who just opened his mouth muttered with a worried expression on his face.

“Would we actually be able to handle it? I’m afraid the three of us won’t be able to handle whatever’s coming here.” After the first sorcerer expressed his worry, the second sorcerer also spoke with a helpless expression on his face.

“I don’t know, the Ancient One told us to keep London safe and not allow the invaders to cause huge damage to the earth. But… if the invaders are powerful then we would get some support…” After listening to the two beside him, the third Sorcerer said with uncertainty.

The London Sanctum has the weakest defense compared to the other two Sanctums, but they haven’t encountered any troubles for so many years. They usually meditate in Sanctum, and can also open a portal to communicate with other sorcerers in the Himalayan sorcerer seclusion place.

The three Sorcerers are getting worried now that things have finally happened in London. After all, they cannot open a large-scale Mirror Dimension with their strength. Without the Mirror Dimension, there is no guarantee of how much damage would be done to London by the invaders.

“We… We can contact other Sanctum sorcerers. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to call someone to help in advance. It would be easier for us even if the intruder is not that strong and if they are then we have support with us.” Looking at the outside area saturated with space energy, the first sorcerer suggested.

“That’s a good idea. The Master at the Hong Kong Sanctum is very strong, and he would be willing to help us. It should be no problem to ask him to come here.”

“There is another person, Sorcerer Yeshua, I heard that she recently traveled to New York, and she is very powerful!”

“No matter who you invite, send a message now! I’m worried and we seem to be running out of time!” While the two sorcerers were discussing who to call for help, the third sorcerer quickly interrupted their conversation and reminded them.

“Okay!” The two sorcerers agreed and quickly sent out two messages.

In the next moment, two golden rays of light flashed in front of them and disappeared. These two golden rays of light will appear in New York and Hong Kong in an instant, they will find the location of Sorcerer Yeshua and Wong and pass the news of the two sorcerers here to them.

“Huh? Bailey, did you see something flashing just now?” When the sorcerers on the third floor sent a message, an agent standing below looked up and said to his partner.

“No, don’t start seeing things now, the cavalry is arriving so we can retreat a little bit.” Bailey, who had been paying attention to the change in the mid-air situation, replied without turning his head when he heard his partner’s question.

“Ohh, it feels like someone is watching us…”

The moment the sorcerer, who guards the London Sanctum, sent a message for help, the Alpha Particle in the area in front of them that was emitting space energy suddenly soared again.

“Holy Shit! The Alpha Particle concentration has exploded! Withdraw!” The SHIELD agent, standing next to Agent Bailey, shouted as the instrument used to measure AlphaParticle’s concentration was no longer displaying the value accurately and was simply issuing an alarm.

“Yes! Withdraw!” Bailey, sensing that the situation was no longer in need of a closer look, said yes and turned to leave.

By the time Bailey turned around, his men had retreated. The civilians in the vicinity had all been evacuated, and the local forces on the London side had not been involved in this kind of thing at this level, so they had to get them out of the way first.

When the two agents of SHIELD retreated because of the high concentration of Alpha Particles, the expressions of the three sorcerers who were standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows on the third floor of the building next to them also became very grim.

Because, when the concentration of Alpha Particles exploded, they also noticed that the energy in the mid-air space had reached a level sufficient to form a large-scale space portal.

“It should be clear what kind of invasion it is!” Staring at an area in mid-air that has been engulfed by turbulence energy, one of the Sorcerer said with a grave expression on his face.

“The Sanctum defenses are working, right?” As they stared nervously in the air, a sorcerer suddenly asked.

“There is no problem with them. There is a defensive talisman engraved by Ancient One himself, who can break through?” Another sorcerer answered quickly when he heard the question from his friend.

“That’s good, our large defense talisman for guarding London this time is connected with the Sanctum as the heart. As long as there’s no problem over there, London can’t be damaged very badly by the invaders.”

While the three Sorcerers were talking to each other, there is a clear sound of space being torn from the space energy that has been gathered for a long time, and the space tunnel is opened!