Chapter 1193 - Huaxia’s Unfathomable Foundation!

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Chapter 1193 Huaxia’s Unfathomable Foundation!

Fang Qiu hit upon an idea.

He took out the Giant Order from his trouser pocket immediately.

Even before he made any gesture with the Giant Order, the little puppet crouching on the ground before him suddenly rose to its feet, turning its head to glance at the Giant Order in his hand. Then it bowed deeply to Fang Qiu with its hands folded in front!

Fang Qiu was overjoyed and immediately ordered, “Two steps back!”

Without the slightest hesitation, the puppet retreated two steps.

When Fang Qiu spoke again, his tone was full of surprise.

Hearing Fang Qiu’s order, the little puppet immediately took another step ahead.

Fang Qiu was now really convinced.

The Giant Order could be used to command this small puppet!

Fang Qiu was delirious with joy when he found out.

Although the puppet was small, it was of great use!

If he took it back, it would be equal to having a great fighting force, whether to guard the base or for combat. Except for Fang Qiu, who was a guru, it was the strongest among those below the guru level.

At least, all the opponents that Fang Qiu had encountered, Lin Rusheng, Thomas, and the poison-type elder from Zhongdong that he had just killed, would have been no match for this little puppet.

Fang Qiu was fully confident of its strength because he had considered the most significant advantage of this small puppet: it was made of wood.

Unlike a real human, it had no mind or consciousness, so the little puppet felt no pain and couldn’t be poisoned!

In Fang Qiu’s eyes, this little puppet was a war machine!

With the same level of strength, how could ordinary humans defeat a war machine?

Moreover, this little puppet had grasped so many ancient martial arts skills!

“My guess seems to be right.”

In a flurry of excitement, Fang Qiu confirmed his previous guess. When he thought back on it, he felt the owner of the cave residence must have left the Giant Order there for any destined person from future generations.

If the owner just wanted to hide the Giant Order and prevent others from getting it, he could have completely buried this cave. Otherwise, why would he create such an ancient relic to attract people here? Also, it was absolutely unnecessary to place a little puppet whose strength was second to a guru here to guard this place.

The cave’s owner clearly didn’t expect that it would take so long for someone to take the Giant Order away.

In this era, there was no sign of the Mo Group at all.

Back then, the Mo Group possessed unrivaled mechanical arts and the support of countless top experts. But now, it was nowhere to be found. Even if there were people surnamed Mo, they inherited nothing from the ancient Mo Group.

As a result, this Giant Order had lost its overwhelming influence in ancient times, but Fang Qiu felt perfectly content as long as he could control the little puppet with it!

“Little guy, have a rest first. I’ll take you out to play later.”

Fang Qiu said, smiling. Without checking whether the little puppet understood his words or not, he reached out to grab the jade piece in its chest.

Perhaps because he was overly thrilled, Fang Qiu didn’t notice that its wooden eyes moved a little when he took the jade piece out from its chest.

The jade piece was out of its body.

The puppet instantly stopped moving.

Fang Qiu observed his surroundings. Upon confirming that there was nothing unusual, he scooped the little puppet up in his arms and rushed out of the cave.

Fang Qiu was not stupid enough to return to the site where the big crack was. Instead, he returned to the cold pool at the top of the mountain again and flew down from the mountain top. While checking the situation within 50 kilometers around him with his Divine Consciousness, he swept past the Ox-Horn mountains and rushed out of the glaciers. Finally, he came close to the numerous snow-capped mountains. After he checked for the right direction, he headed down as quickly as he could to get back!

“What about the jade mine?”

On the way back, Fang Qiu thought to himself.

The jade mine located before the cave dwelling was packed with jade pieces. There were no jade pieces around the cave, but it was a long distance between the jade mine he saw and the cave. The interior of the mountain within this range must be packed with these precious jade pieces.

The quantity of ore in this mine must be more than what Fang Qiu had imagined.

“We have to be well-prepared for this deep mine. Only when all the equipment is put in place can we begin digging.

“When I get back, those devious and sly elders will pay close attention to me and this place. I must never let them discover this little puppet and the jade mine inside.

“For the time being, it’s not the right time to extract the jade pieces on a grand scale yet.

“I should wait for a few days until they shift their attention from me to other things.

“As for this little puppet, after going down the mountain, I’ll have to hide it in a suitcase.”

When the chief of the Pear Garden, patriarchs of the four great families, and leaders of the eight factions and sixteen sects returned, hot discussions began to spread quickly in Wulin.

The arrival of a foreign force in Huaxia was no longer a secret in the world.

However, most people on the Wulin online forum were not concerned about the invasion of foreigners, but rather about all the news related to the ancient relic.

After all, they were not aware of the foreign invasion.

Everyone was intent on guessing what treasures were in the ancient ruin and who would get them.

However, the main concerns of these foreign forces were different.

These foreign forces cared more about the result of their invasions.

Huaxia’s Wulin had a wealth of talents, which was universally known. Some time ago, John Doe had already gained an international reputation for Huaxia. In addition to John Doe, there was Lingyin, who had occupied the top place on the World Killer List year in and year out!

Notably, most of the underground forces in the world had a feeling of awe for Huaxia.

Many underground forces attempted in vain to encroach into Huaxia’s territory. Without exception, all of them suffered a crushing defeat and even failed to break through Huaxia’s border.

Though Huaxia was powerful, it kept a low profile. As a result, foreign forces had no idea of Huaxia’s real strength. The overriding impression they had of Huaxia was that it was a mysterious force.

Huaxia could stay mysterious because of its enormous power!

Therefore, even when lots of experts invaded this time, everyone thought Huaxia would win in the end!

The battle against those invading foreign forces was over.

As those foreign forces retreated to their countries in a fluster, they spread the news about the outcome of the war.

“All foreign forces were defeated and had to retreat and a foreign guru armed with a hunting gun got killed in Huaxia!”

Everyone who paid attention to this matter abroad cried out in alarm.

“These Huaxia martial arts practitioners managed to put down a guru! How could they be so capable?”

“The gun-wielding guru died? For real?”

“How is that possible? How could any Huaxia martial arts practitioner take his life away?”

“I thought he had a better chance to stay alive than others.”

“What happened exactly?”

These metahumans with unique capabilities were deeply shocked when they heard the surprising news.

They didn’t expect a guru to be slaughtered!

He was a mighty guru equipped with a hunting gun and adept at keeping himself safe.

How could these Huaxia experts slay him so effortlessly?

This grievous news came like a bolt from the blue for the foreign metahumans!

This news soon spread to the underground forces from all over the world.

Such news undoubtedly caused violent reactions among the worldwide underground forces!

“Oh, my gosh! Since when has Huaxia become so invincible?”

“It’s not that Huaxia has become so powerful, but it has been invincible from the beginning. People in Huaxia merely feel it is beneath them to parade their achievements!”

“It’s horrible. It’s the first time I’ve heard that a guru has been killed!”

“A guru might die in a battle. However, gurus are usually powerful enough to survive a war. Unless in special circumstances, it is almost impossible to take their lives away.”

“If a guru died in the battle, what about the others?”

“According to reliable sources, more than five Half-step Gurus have died, let alone other practitioners. There might be even more casualties.”

“Huaxia is not to be underestimated!”

Many more organizations other than these forces had received the news.

When these special groups all around the world received this piece of sensational news, they all burst into an uproar!

Whether it was the world’s major mercenary groups, the super institutions from different countries, or the mysterious organizations operating among nations, they were all stunned.

Many of them had presumptuous ambitions to invade Huaxia, a vast territory with abundant resources and the world’s largest economy. Once they gained control of Huaxia, they could obtain huge benefits.

These forces were instantly astonished.

Even a guru had died in Huaxia. If they intruded into Huaxia, wouldn’t they be courting death?

All the forces from all over the world suppressed any plans of invading Huaxia in their hearts. After all, how could they pin down such a powerful force like the Huaxia Wulin?

On the world underground force forum, shock waves reverberated among almost all the underground forces apart from those special groups with unique abilities.

“What the hell? Did they finish off a guru?”

“Fortunately, I didn’t go to Huaxia.”

“Why should we go there? We are not those metahumans and can’t even defeat the special forces soldiers of Huaxia. How would we dare to go there?”

“Huaxia lives up to its name with its horrifying strength.”

“I finally know why Huaxia is one of the five major powers in the world. It’s the world’s number one economy, but its largest source of strength should be its deep foundation that looks fathomless to us.”

“At this moment, I really admire the local underground forces in Huaxia. How were they able to develop in such a harsh environment? I heard that Huaxia is particularly hostile toward them!”

“No wonder the Huaxia underground forces have gone abroad. There are powerful Huaxia forces from Nihon’s Constellation and Murican’s Huaxiatown. They couldn’t survive in Huaxia, so they escaped to other countries, right?”

“It’s a pity that ordinary people in other countries can’t afford to offend these forces that have so little chance of survival in Huaxia.”

“To be honest, this news makes me a little scared of Huaxia.”

For a moment, people from ordinary underground forces made various comments.

Members of the underground forum were very well aware of what a guru meant. In the eyes of a guru, they were as weak and negligible as ants.

However, judging from the current situation, a guru seemed to be of no consequence in the eyes of Huaxia people!