Chapter 1194 - I’ll Make It Quick!

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Chapter 1194 I’ll Make It Quick!

In the suite of a five-star hotel in Sala City, Zangjiang.

“There were five gurus belonging to the foreign forces and they slaughtered one of them?”

All the members of Nirvana Organization, led by Seventh Venerable were gathered in the suite’s hall.

In addition to Seventh Venerable and the four gurus who had fled with him, there were three servants in black whose strengths were at the eighth-class level, and they were the ones giving the update.

Right after Seventh Venerable listened to their report, his expression changed drastically. A touch of anger emerged on his pallid and gaunt face

“Seventh Venerable, this…”

A guru said with an abashed smile, “This time, we slipped up.”

Seventh Venerable said with a snort of derision, “If the former Guardian hadn’t made a mistake and gotten himself killed, Master Numinous and the patriarchs of the four great families would have been dead!”

The four gurus nodded one after another.

The plan these people so painstakingly put in place ended in failure. They thought they could wipe out the four clans, eight factions, and sixteen sects in one fell swoop. By doing so, they could ignite the contradictions in Huaxia’s Wulin and cause constant turmoil in Huaxia. Contrary to their expectations, their first error triggered a series of mistakes to happen one after the other.

Because of the accidental death of their former Guardian, their elaborate plan fell through.

Seventh Venerable couldn’t be more regretful upon learning about the invasion of the foreign forces.

“How could these foreigners intrude after we left? If we had known in advance that they would come, maybe we could have taken advantage of their furious battle when both sides were wounded!”

Seventh Venerable gritted his teeth in hatred.

He knew perfectly well it was no use having regrets now.

“After we failed in Zhongdong, our plan in Huaxia also blew up in our faces.”

Having said all the above, Seventh Venerable clenched his fists tightly, glanced at everyone in the living room and said harshly, “Next will be our assignment in Africo. No mistakes are allowed. Otherwise, all of you will die!”

A post cropped up on the Wulin online forum in Huaxia.

“Shocked! Large-scale Foreign Forces Invaded Huaxia, Trying to Rob the Ancient Relic!”

Someone must have seen the news on the world underground-force forum and immediately reposted it on the Wulin online forum, adding a header which quickly attracted attention and hatred.

The poster succeeded in his plan of garnering attention.

The article was newly posted.

A great number of Netizens on the Wulin online forum opened and browsed the page.

Everyone clicked on the link with great indignation. But after they read the contents, everyone recovered their equilibrium.

It was because the post revealed the outcome of the invasion launched by the foreign forces.

A foreign guru was killed.

When they read this, everyone was instantly thrilled!

“How dare foreigners invade Huaxia?”

“Absolutely! No foreigner is allowed to violate Huaxia territory!”

“Huaxia just withdrew from the world stage not long ago. Did they forget Huaxia’s invincible might so quickly?”

“The death of a guru is not a big deal. They will have to pay a much higher price if they dare to come again!”

“These people are heading for their doom.”

“Any intruders to Huaxia should be punished to death!”

Everyone was talking animatedly about the matter.

Soon afterward, many disciples of various forces started to disclose more information on the forum site when they found out that the battle became a hot topic.

“John Doe was the one who alerted the people about the invasion of those foreign forces.”

“A total of 29 people joined the counterattack: the Pear Garden’s chief, patriarchs of the four clans, leaders of eight factions and sixteen sects, and John Doe.”

“Not only did they kill a guru but also many Half-step Gurus and also repelled those who were lucky to survive. Those foreign forces who vowed solemnly to invade Huaxia didn’t even manage to get a foot in!”

“John Doe singly annihilated one guru and two powerful Half-step Gurus!”

For a moment, the discussion turned even more heated.

“Because of him, these foreigners were cowed into total submission; He really lives up to his reputation as the head of Wulin.”

“Awesome! As juniors, we didn’t go, but each force had contributed to this battle against the foreign enemies.”

“I admire the heads of all forces so much. They are my idols!”

“They brought honor and glory to Huaxia.”

“John Doe is superb! He put two Half-step Gurus to death!”

“He deserves to be recognized by the patriarchs of the four major families! He is excellent enough to fight side by side with Wulin seniors.”

“Well, all of this sounds indeed exciting and fantastic. But since these enemies were scared away, can I ask you all a minor question? Where on earth is that ancient relic?”

“That’s right! Where is it exactly?”

“What does the ancient ruin look like? Tell us. We’d like to have a look.”

“Who knows where the place with ancient treasures is located?”

“Please let me know!”

“A group of masters has explored it thoroughly and taken away all the treasures. So, how about sharing the location with us? We are so eager to pay a visit to this prominent place!”

With this, a lot of people began to inquire about the ancient ruin.

However, no matter how anxiously they wanted to know the answer…

Most of the people personally involved in the battle wouldn’t casually make comments on the Wulin online forum. Even if they might visit it frequently, they did not post anything about it.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

At a county station in Beijiang, a familiar voice came from behind an old man who had just gotten off the train.

Hearing the sound behind him, the old man trembled all over.

A closer look revealed his face.

It was the Peace Faction’s former elder, Ma Chunyu! He exposed an astonishing secret and had been escorted to the ancient ruin by the Nirvana Organization members.

Even since he was taken to the Snow- mountain Sect, Ma Chunyu knew he was not going to make it.

To his surprise, these Nirvana Organization experts abandoned him when they made their escape, while the leaders of various Wulin forces also ignored him when they were pursuing the enemies.

In their eyes, he was a dead man already.

No one expected that he would survive.

When others were hunting for Nirvana Organization members, he sneaked down the mountain. Later, the arrival of the foreign forces bought him more time, enabling him to reach the foot of the Snow-mountain Sect. Lucky for him, he successfully hitched a ride and returned to the city.

Beijiang was the nearest place to him.

In Beijiang, he took a flight to run away from the others.

He headed for a remote county in Beijiang by train in order to stay alive after getting off the plane. There, he was ready to find a more remote town or even a village to settle down in and would never go out again.

However, never had he anticipated what would happen next.

As soon as he stepped off the train, he was caught.

With fear and trepidation, Ma Chunyu turned around and saw a person. In an instant, a look of desperation appeared on his face.

The man behind him was exactly Lin Qingyi, the Peace Faction’s leader!

Ma Chunyu forced a smile and asked, “You must have placed a spirit tracker on me, right?”

Lin Qingyi nodded as he responded, “I wouldn’t make the same mistake. Back when we were at our faction, I should not have been so lenient to you because you were an elder. If I had put a spirit tracker on you, all the following troublesome incidents wouldn’t have happened!”

“But I don’t have many years left to live.”

Ma Chunyu looked at Lin Qingyi.

A short silence followed. Then Lin Qingyi promised, “I will give you a quick death.”

“Let’s go up to the mountain.”

Ma Chunyu gave a brief sigh, pointing to a nearby mountain.

Lin Qingyi agreed with a nod.

The two strolled up the mountain.

“Originally, I had intended to live in seclusion in a village and grow old alone and die in a place where no one knew me.”

On the way up the mountain, Ma Chunyu talked in a flat voice, seemingly telling a story. “After going down the mountain for some days, I lost everything and suddenly realized that not all mistakes could be corrected. Actually, I’m no longer concerned about life and death. I have been on the run because of the obsession in my heart. Now… I feel relieved.”

“I had wanted to spare your life.”

Hearing his innermost feelings, Lin Qingyi sighed softly and said, “Disciples in our faction didn’t go all out to track you down. Otherwise, we would have found you long ago. But what you had done attracted the Nirvana Organization and even the foreign forces. This time, you made an unforgivable blunder. Even if I let you go, you will be held in contempt by all Wulin people and would even be accused of being a traitor to our state.”

Ma Chunyu turned around, looked at Lin Qingyi, and said, “I have nothing to live for now and it’s impossible to repent and mend my ways. Now that I’ve gone so far, my only regret is that I didn’t get my revenge.”

“Come on. Make it quick!”

Lin Qingyi walked forward.

“I will collect your corpse. Our faction’s memorial temple cannot take you in, but I’ll bury you at the foot of the mountain.”

As he spoke, Lin Qingyi tapped Ma Chunyu on the shoulder.

In the next instant, Ma Chunyu went limp and fell dead to the ground without feeling anything.

As soon as Fang Qiu returned to the cultivation base, the phone in his trouser pocket rang.

He took it out and had a look.

Director Li Huawen called.

He immediately answered the phone.

“Fang Qiu, the last episode of the second season of Young Chinese Medicine Doctor is coming out soon. The livestream of the final is on Sunday. Pal, you will be joining us, right?”

Director Li Huawen’s voice came across the phone.

“Okay, I’ll be there on time.”

After all, he had agreed to it, so Fang Qiu answered immediately.

After hanging up the phone, he remembered that it was already the middle of September and school would start the next Monday. As soon as the school reopened, he would be a junior student.

Fang Qiu sighed with emotion.

After that, he came to the cellar of the cultivation base, where Zhao Shanlin had started to cultivate the Tianshan Snow Lotus. First, he put the little puppet away. Then, he took out the jade piece and the Giant Order, put them in a wooden box, and buried the box underground.

These three items were all treasures.

He hid them here in case anything happened in the cultivation base. In emergencies, he could tell others about the three treasures and let them use the Giant Order to command the little puppet to fight.

It could be regarded as a safety defense!

Fang Qiu came out of the cellar.

He walked into He Xue’s office. After greeting He Xue, he left the cultivation base quickly and rushed to the capital.

He had to prepare in advance for the show he would participate in. If he went there totally unprepared, that would be excessively irresponsible of him.

Besides, Fang Qiu hadn’t paid attention to any episode of the second season and knew nothing about it. Before going on the show, he should at least learn something about it first!