Chapter 1196 - Jiang Miaoyu’s Arrival

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Chapter 1196 Jiang Miaoyu’s Arrival

While chatting casually, Director Li Huawen took Fang Qiu to the Central Television building.

He handed Fang Qiu the room card of the hotel where Fang Qiu had stayed before and then brought Fang Qiu to the recording hall of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, where they strolled around the premises.

It was already late, but the staff of the show was still making various preparations for the livestream of the final tomorrow.

All the staff members were pleasantly surprised by Fang Qiu’s appearance and worked even harder.

They all knew that as long as Fang Qiu participated in the recording, the audience rating of the show would be good. With a decent rating, all their efforts and sacrifices would be worth it!

While orienting himself in this place with Director Li Huawen, Fang Qiu kept greeting the staff and learned about some of the changes and details of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

After Fang Qiu had a general understanding, Director Li Huawen sent him back to the hotel.

“A mystery guest showed up backstage at the recording of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

“Fang Qiu appeared at the studio center for the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor and will participate in the livestream of its last episode of the second season!”

Somehow, just after Fang Qiu returned to the hotel that night, all kinds of news were popping up online.

Since the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor started, there were rumors circulating around that Fang Qiu would join in several episodes. However, to the audience’s great disappointment, he never did.

But it was different this time.

In addition to the rumors, many media outlets included photos of Fang Qiu appearing backstage and in the studio of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

In the beginning, no one believed it.

However, the photos with Fang Qiu ignited everyone’s fervent hopes.

While looking forward to it, the netizens were also very curious.

“There were always rumors that Fang Qiu would participate in the recording of the show, but he didn’t appear even once. Finally, it is the last episode. But we’ve not seen Fang Qiu in the past month or more. What has Fang Qiu been doing during this period?”

“Legendary Fang Qiu is so heartless. His movie is a tremendous success, but he ran away and hid somewhere. There was not a single piece of news about him. He doesn’t care about his fans, does he?”

“I started binge-watching episodes of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor to see Legendary Fang Qiu. From the first episode till now, he will eventually return.”

“Oh, my gosh! Billion Fang showed up finally. I’ve been waiting for so long.”

“If Fang Qiu comes for real, it will be too much fun.”

“Didn’t they say Goddess Jiang and Legendary Fang were high school classmates? This time, they will attend the show together, and it is a livestream of the final. One of them won the last season’s championship, and the other will most likely be this season’s champion. How fun will it be if they show up on the stage together?”

“Which high school did they attend? This high school must be a treasure land with so many talented students!”

“Fang Qiu’s return is indeed an attraction, but the high point of the last episode is Jiang Mengjie, the odds-on favorite to win the contest. What kind of result can Jiang Mengjie eventually get? After all, Goddess Jiang is the protagonist in this season!”

“Jiang Mengjie, an acknowledged front-runner, has always had an advantage and won first place in every episode. But the strength of a few contestants was gradually brought into full play in the last few episodes. It is also hard to say whether Jiang Mengjie will be overtaken in the last round.”

“With the fierce competition for the championship and Legendary Fang Qiu joining, I’m getting increasingly excited about this episode!”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to watch the livestream tomorrow!”

Netizens were engaged in a heated discussion.

This season of the ‘Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’ brought about a lot of topics and the news of Fang Qiu participating in the final gave rise to a heated discussion about this show.

For a time, almost all netizens were talking about the final livestream of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. The more deeply they analyzed it, the more expectations people had for the show.

The next day was Sunday.

Director Li Huawen took Fang Qiu to the studio early in the morning. After having breakfast with everyone, Fang Qiu returned to the lounge, ready to familiarize himself with the entire process first.

But as Fang Qiu pushed open the lounge door, he was instantly stunned!

There was already someone in there.

The lady looked distinctly familiar.

Fang Qiu hurried in, closed the door, and then asked happily.

“Well, well, are you the only one allowed to come?”

Jiang Miaoyu seemed unhappy when she saw Fang Qiu and was even a little hostile toward him. “Don’t you remember I’m also an old-timer ranked among the top ten in the first season? I’m eligible to participate in the show,” she added.

“Yes, surely you are!”

Fang Qiu hastened to say with a smile.

Hearing Fang Qiu’s reply, Jiang Miaoyu smiled proudly and said, “Besides, I’d been invited here. Though I’ll not be on the stage, I can at least watch it off the stage.”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu knew it was not good.

How could anyone who was an invited guest to the show sit off the stage?

She must have appeared with a purpose, most probably for Jiang Mengjie!

“Great. That’s right. Those who can participate in the final can’t be any ordinary person.”

Feeling that there was something unusual going on, Fang Qiu didn’t dare to say anything more. He could only go along with her words.

“I heard that Mr. Xu Miaolin is also here?”

Jiang Miaoyu said, “It seems he is the judge for this season.”

“You’ve just found out about that?”

Fang Qiu was startled.

“You should know what I’ve been doing for the past year. How can I have time to care about these things?” Jiang Miaoyu said.

Fang Qiu nodded in agreement. Then an idea occurred to him, and he hurriedly said, “You haven’t seen him for almost a year, have you? It’s not easy for us to get together. Shall we go and visit Mr. Xu together?”

Jiang Miaoyu nodded and said, “I don’t know if my master is here or not.”

They chatted as they walked out of the lounge and headed together toward Xu Miaolin’s lounge.

Soon, they arrived at the judges’ lounge.

Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu immediately walked toward Xu Miaolin, who was making preparations.

“You guys came pretty early.”

Xu Miaolin learned from Director Li Huawen that Fang Qiu had promised to participate in the show’s last episode, so he was not surprised to see him here.

However, Jiang Miaoyu’s appearance slightly surprised Xu Miaolin.

“Aren’t you providing medical care in Africo?”

Xu Miaolin looked at Jiang Miaoyu and asked.

“It’s the last episode, so the program group specially invited me here.”

Jiang Miaoyu explained.

Xu Miaolin nodded knowingly and then chuckled without saying anything.

“By the way, is my master here?”

“Why would she be here?”

Xu Miaolin shook his head and said, “I was invited to be a judge on this show, but they didn’t invite her. I’ll go back after doing the recording of the show. Why would she waste money on a trip to the capital? It’s not easy for me to make some money by being a judge!”

His words stunned Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu instantly.

“Isn’t it quite profitable to be a judge?”

Fang Qiu was curious and asked.

“Not bad. It’s much more profitable than being a doctor.”

Xu Miaolin nodded and said, “I don’t earn as much as you, a big star now, but it’s good that I’m still able to support my family while educating people.”

Then their topics shifted from the contestants of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor to the current situation of Chinese Medicine, other trivial stuff, some knowledge points about Chinese Medicine, etc.

After chatting for a long while, they went out for a meal and came back and continued their chat.

It was an hour before the livestream began.

Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu said goodbye to Xu Miaolin.

Then Fang Qiu returned to his lounge while Jiang Miaoyu went straight to the studio to take her seat in advance.

It was seven forty-five in the evening.

There were fifteen minutes left before the livestream of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

Jiang Miaoyu waited off the stage in her seat.

Fang Qiu also came to the backstage of the studio from the lounge.

“Will there be a recitation contest again this year?”

Standing next to Director Li Huawen, Fang Qiu asked.

He still remembered it clearly.

The recitation contest was one of the tests in the final of the last season.

It had baffled many contestants.

Hearing Fang Qiu’s question, Director Li Huawen burst out laughing and said, “This segment was elected by balloting and won the most votes. How could we not keep it?”

“I like it, whether as a contestant or one of the audience.”

Fang Qiu spread out his hands and said with a smile.

Director Li Huawen rolled his eyes at Fang Qiu and said, “You like every contest. Anyway, you will be the winner no matter what kind of competition it is. How can you not like them?”

“Well, you can go out now. According to the program, you can sit in the guest area under the stage for a while. The host will invite you to come on stage later.”

Director Li Huawen told him.

Fang Qiu nodded and walked over to sit in the guest area of the studio.

The audience hadn’t yet been allowed to enter the hall, so it was not noisy.

The invited audience started to stream in!

Everyone was busy looking for their seats, so they didn’t notice Fang Qiu sitting in the guest seating area. Also, Fang Qiu deliberately avoided being discovered in case his appearance should hinder the livestream.

It was eight o’clock!

The livestream began.

The host started the introduction and the competition for the championship officially started. Fang Qiu sat in the guest area and watched the performance on stage from another angle and found a different kind of beauty in it.

Soon, the competition was over.

On the stage, the host began to announce various results of the competition.

Fang Qiu listened attentively.

Whenever a result was announced on the stage, it would attract a burst of exclamations from the audience.

Jiang Mengjie was the main focus.

Her every twinkle and smile would arouse the cheers of all the audience present.

Each result released on the stage was not as good as that in the first season, but the difference in the overall performance was not big, which greatly gratified Fang Qiu.

After all, these results and the appearance of the newcomers on the stage represented the growth of talents in Huaxia Chinese Medicine.

A larger number of practitioners of Chinese medicine would mean that more patients’ suffering in the world would be relieved.