Chapter 1197 - Champion Jiang Mengjie!

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Chapter 1197 Champion Jiang Mengjie!

As the show progressed, only three people, apart from the host and judges, were left on the stage.

“The fourth to tenth places have been announced.”

“Phew…” The host let out a long breath and turned his head, his eyes sweeping through the audience. Then he immediately looked back at the camera and said, “Now, let’s relax a little.” he said.

His suggestion was greeted with loud boos from the audience.

Even Fang Qiu was amused.

How could the host relax when everyone could hardly wait to hear the final result?

Everyone’s hisses didn’t sway the host. Instead, he turned to look at Xu Miaolin and the other two judges with a relaxed expression and asked, “You should all have your favorite contestant. Who are they exactly?”

His voice echoed all around the hall.

All eyes fell on the three judges.

Xu Miaolin, sitting at the judges’ table, resolutely picked up the microphone and said, “As judges, we fully support Chinese Medicine. The three contestants are all Chinese Medicine practitioners and are the pride of the younger generation. As their seniors, we sincerely hope they will steadily mature and become pillars of Chinese Medicine and contribute greatly to it. Therefore, we support each one of them, whether they win the championship or not.”

After his speech, the other two judges, who were also highly-skilled doctors, also nodded in agreement.

“The older, the wiser.”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu chuckled to himself.

The host attempted to mess with the judges, but he didn’t expect Xu Miaolin to defend all of them with these inspirational words.

The host felt helpless.

He had planned to force him to choose his favorite candidate like the last season, but on second thought, Xu Miaolin had been good at being vague ever since he took part in the show’s recording. If he insisted on getting a definite answer, Xu Miaolin would only talk in a roundabout way. But once the livestream was prolonged, it would be his problem.

“These three judges are indeed broad-minded.”

Thinking that he might exceed the time for the livestream, the host didn’t bother to press Xu Miaolin for an answer and could only say hurriedly, “So, what will the final result be?”

“I’ll announce the result soon!”

“First of all, please watch the short videos of the three contestants who made it to the finals with me.”

The video of one of the three contestants appeared on the giant screen set up on the stage.

The video was the same as what was played in the previous season.

It was a collection of carefully chosen video clips about this contestant from the first episode to the last.

As shown in the short video, this candidate overcame all the difficulties along the way. Though Jiang Mengjie surpassed this candidate the whole time, this candidate had made steady progress. Now this candidate was competent enough to vie for the championship.

Soon, the short video ended.

This candidate’s final result immediately emerged on the big screen.

Li Ming provided treatments for 532 patients.

The cure rate was 87.7%, and the improvement rate was 100%!

All the data about Li Ming emerged.

All the people present gasped with admiration.

Before this, those contestants from the fourth to the tenth place had only treated 500 people at most, and their highest cure rate was 86%.

Li Ming’s scores pulled up to the average level!

The audience cheered.

“Next, it’s Zhang Dahai.”

Then another short video was played on the big screen.

Since the show’s first episode, the lead in this video, who had been Jiang Mengjie’s close rival, had shown great strength.

The short video was over.

Zhang Dahai’s result was displayed on the huge screen.

Zhang Dahai provided treatments for 553 patients.

The cure rate was 88.9%, and the improvement rate was 100%!

Each data showed a higher achievement rate than the last one!

Zhang Dahai’s dazzling performance shocked everyone.

The cure rate was close to 90%.

Seeing all of this from the guest seat, Fang Qiu couldn’t help but secretly nod in appreciation.

Although slightly inferior to the contestant in the second and third places in the last season, Zhang Dahai was outstanding enough. These candidates were the future mainstays of Chinese Medicine.

“The last one is Jiang Mengjie!”

As the host announced her name, everyone’s hearts immediately jumped to their throats, and they instinctively became nervous.

The students from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine were the most excited. Wherever they were, they prayed frantically for Jiang Mengjie, hoping she would win first place and become the champion!

This was very much like the expectation of those students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine for Fang Qiu before the final result was announced in the last season.

Just as Fang Qiu was looking forward to the outcome, the phone in his trouser pocket suddenly vibrated.

Fang Qiu was slightly taken aback.

Then he took out his mobile phone to check it.

Unexpectedly, it was a text message from Jiang Miaoyu.

He turned to look across at Jiang Miaoyu, who pointed at her phone to signal him to read the text message.

Fang Qiu clicked on the text message.

“Do you sincerely hope that your old classmate can win the championship?”

Fang Qiu’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the message.

She would blame him, no matter how he replied to her.

Fang Qiu quickly offered an answer, “All the people below me are nobodies!”

“Then I’m a nobody in your eyes?”

Jiang Miaoyu’s reply was instant.

This sentence made Fang Qiu break out in a cold sweat, and he sent her another message. “Except for you, a lovely lady in my eyes.”

Only then did Jiang Miaoyu reply with a smiley face.

Jiang Mengjie’s short video came to an end on the stage.

On the big screen, Jiang Mengjie’s scores gradually appeared.

Jiang Mengjie provided treatments for 610 patients.

The cure rate was 94%, and the improvement rate was 100%!

There was a brief moment of silence because these figures stunned everyone.

Even Fang Qiu was shocked.

She performed as well as Luo Jie, his strongest opponent in the previous season. Fang Qiu remembered that Luo Jie had treated 614 people and had a cure rate of 94.1%.

There was only a slight difference between Jiang Mengjie’s and Luo Jie’s score.

Jiang Mengjie would be the champion.

With this result, she would merely get second place in the last season. Yet, she was already very remarkable.

Luo Jie was the apprentice of the holy doctor, while Jiang Mengjie had no master at all. She studied all by herself.

Backstage, Director Li Huawen kept his eyes glued to the real-time viewing rate.

When Jiang Mengjie’s scores were published on the screen, a burst of fireworks immediately broke out on the spacious stage, and long slips of golden papers fell from the top of the stage.

“Congratulations! Jiang Mengjie, the champion of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

The host shouted out loud.

The entire audience broke into a deafening round of rapturous applause.

All of them raucously called out Jiang Mengjie’s name.

Fang Qiu was applauding too.

The moment the result came out, tens of millions of audiences watching the show through the livestream of Central Television burst into an uproar!

“Jiang Mengjie, my goddess!”

“With the crown of laurels, she is the veritable goddess, the Goddess of Chinese Medicine!”

For a moment, all kinds of bullet screens flooded the livestream platform instantly.

Everyone at the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine was watching the show with rapt attention. Jiang Mengjie’s result caused a stir throughout the university.

The Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine and the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine were competing with each other. Over the years, the latter improved its ranking constantly because of Fang Qiu. Now, Jiang Mengjie from the former university finally obtained great fame. This time, they had gained some strength to compete with the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. It was undeniable that Jiang Mengjie’s performance was way inferior to Fang Qiu’s, but at least she also won the championship!

Greater cheers went up from Jiang Mengjie’s fans on Weibo.

“Next, let’s welcome Fang Qiu, the champion of the first season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, to present the trophy to our new champion!”

At the scene, the host’s voice resounded across the studio.

Everyone present heard his announcement.

They were pleasantly surprised and turned around to look for Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu had been sitting in the guest area. At this moment, he stood up and stepped onto the stage.

His presence made the live audience break into ear-splitting cheers.

Those excitable women couldn’t stop shouting his name.

The tremendous sound wave almost overturned the entire studio.

The high-pitched screams continued for some time.

Even Xu Miaolin who was in the judges’ seating area was startled and hurriedly covered his ears.

Jiang Miaoyu, sitting off stage among the audience, watched Fang Qiu walk onto the stage without any change in her countenance, but she groaned secretly in her heart!

A great many remarks erupted onto the livestream platform of Central Television.

“Wow, Legendary Fang Qiu is here for real?”

“I met him finally. Fortunately, I didn’t give up. Legendary Fang Qiu, you’re here eventually.”

“I’ve been waiting for eleven episodes. During each episode, I’ve been looking forward to your appearance. This exciting moment is finally here.”

For a moment, various bullet screens popped up all over.

In an instant, they filled the whole screen.

The host stretched out his hand, motioning to the audience at the scene to stop their continuous shouts. Helplessly, the host had to let Fang Qiu help him silence everyone.

Seeing Fang Qiu beckoning them to calm down, the audience gradually quieted down.

It was only now that the staff of the show and all the contestants finally learned how popular Fang Qiu was. Some even wanted to rush up to the stage, but were stopped by the security guards.

Fang Qiu really enjoyed such immense popularity!

Reputation came naturally from real distinction.

After all, Fang Qiu played the lead in the highest-grossing movie in Huaxia.

Waiting until the cheers faded, the host quickly proceeded with the show. He asked someone to bring the trophy and certificate to the stage and let Fang Qiu present the award to Jiang Mengjie.

Jiang Mengjie stood at the center of the stage.

Seeing Fang Qiu walking toward her, she smiled.

This was the scene she had yearned for quite a long time. After countless days and nights of hard work, she finally made it and saw the scene she craved so much that she often dreamed about.

Fang Qiu came up to her.

“Congratulations, my old classmate.”

Fang Qiu handed the trophy to Jiang Mengjie and handed over the certificate, congratulating Jiang Mengjie with a smile.

At this moment, Jiang Mengjie was smiling radiantly.

Soon, the host came over.

“Allow me to interview the champion of the last season.”

The host walked over and stopped next to Fang Qiu and shot a question at him. “I believe everyone knows that you and Jiang Mengjie were classmates in high school. You won the championship of the first season of our show, and your old classmate became the champion of this season. Do you have anything to say to your old classmate at this exciting moment?”