Chapter 829

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Suo Te was livid! He participated in the Tower Lord Assessment every year, but he always failed! But now that he got the hang of what the assessment was supposed to be, he still fell short from a young human boy!

“You’re being too arrogant for your own good, brat! Death will await you, I promise you that!” Suo Te said as he bit his lips to calm his anger!

“I am arrogant? It seems someone forgot about his own word before we all started, saying stupid and all that stuff! But now that I’ve already defeated him decisively, he is saying that I am being arrogant?” Yi Tianyun said as he taunted Suo Te.

“Well, I don’t know the truth of this place at that time!” Suo Te said as he tried to reason. “But then again, you will see what happened to you soon!” Demon God Suo Te said as he walked forward to the new passage that opened after Yi Tianyun was done comprehending the Stone Tablet.

“Little Brother Yi, are you sure it’s wise to irritate that man?” Fan Hongde asked with worry in his eyes. Despite his attitude, Suo Te was a Divine King cultivator nonetheless. If he chose to fight Yi Tianyun, it sure wouldn’t work against their favour!

“It’s fine! Fighting him is what I am after! You know that we have to kill the Evil Spirit Race, right? You’ve got to steel your conviction some more, Lord Fan! Or is that you have been away for too long that you have become meek like this?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Fan Hongde was silent as he let Yi Tianyun’s word sink in. He sighed heavily as he knew that Yi Tianyun was more powerful than he let on, so Fan Hongde just followed Yi Tianyun for now.

Yi Tianyun had this attitude from the beginning. He didn’t like it when someone just let somebody else trample their legacy. They need to fight back. Otherwise, the bullying wouldn’t stop! Yi Tianyun walked towards the new path, and he noticed that the corridor was long and winding too. The Heavenly Yin Fire still burned brightly on the side, but it was certainly weaker than the previous corridor.

This time, Suo Te ran to the other side of the corridor very fast. He felt uneasy inside the corridor, and he didn’t want what happened on the previous corridor to repeat itself! Yi Tianyun noticed it and just shook his head helplessly. He wanted to toy with Suo Te’s luck some more, but it seems he’d have to pass for now.

As they walked past the corridor, Yi Tianyun and the others arrived at a huge open space. A Phantom Shadow resembling a young man appeared in the middle of the room. This was just an illusion that was left by Ancient Netherworld Divine King, and it served as the Illusory Spirit of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower.

“Congratulation for passing all the previous tests. The next one will be the last, but since there are too many of you, you will have to exclude one person! Now, you two will duel each other, and whoever wins will be allowed to proceed further!” The Illusory Spirit said as he pointed his finger towards Fan Hongde and Suo Te.

“Finally! I will defeat you in no time!” Suo Te said as he turned his attention towards Suo Te! “Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Holy King, I’ve always wanted to eat you!” Suo Te said coldly. The Evil Spirit Race has always been after Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s bloodline. Furthermore, Fan Hongde’s bloodline was the purest of other Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s descendants.

Surely, Fan Hongde’s complexion immediately changed as he saw no way of winning the duel. His cultivation wasn’t weak at all, but he knew he was no match against a Divine King.

“Just forfeit for now, and I will deal with him in your stead!” Yi Tianyun said as he patted Fan Hongde’s shoulder. Fan Hongde paused for a while and nodded his head. He didn’t say anything as he didn’t have any other solution.

Yi Tianyun looked at the Illusory Spirit. “That guy is part of the Evil Spirit Race. Don’t you have any sanction for them?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

Illusory Spirit turned its gaze towards Demon God Suo Te, and after observing Suo Te for a while, Illusory Spirit turned its attention back to Yi Tianyun. “He has Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s bloodline on his body, and therefore, there shall be no sanction for him!” The Illusory Spirit said solemnly.

This was within Yi Tianyun’s expectation because the Illusory Spirit would’ve already sanctioned the Evil Spirit Race inside the tower long ago if they could!

“Idiot! Do you think you could force the Illusory Spirit to attack me? Relax, after I am done with this guy, you will be next!” Suo Te said to Yi Tianyun coldly.

“Are you both ready?” Illusory Spirit asked Fan Hongde and Suo Te.

“I’m always ready!” Suo Te said impatiently.

“I am ready!” Fan Hongde said as he nodded his head.

“The battle is ready to start! Anyone who escaped from the barrier would be disqualified!” Illusory Spirit said as it erected a barrier that surrounded Fan Hongde and Suo Te. It wasn’t a very wide area for a duel, but clearly, it was a disadvantage for Fan Hongde as the opponent was very strong!

“Commence the duel!” Illusory Spirit shouted. Suo Te immediately released his Divine King’s aura, and his power immediately increased significantly. He immediately slammed his foot to the ground, and the ground immediately turned into a pit from the pressure and power Suo Te released! He wanted to use his full power to shred Fan Hongde into bits and swallow him whole!

Fan Hongde immediately turned around and fled to the edge of the barrier. He knew that he didn’t have any chance of winning, so he would willingly surrender!

“You want to escape? That is impossible!” Suo Te shouted as he quickly charged towards Fan Hongde. He was much faster than Fan Hongde, and the distance between them closed very quickly! Suo Te eventually closed the distance with Fan Hongde as Fan Hongde was only within an arm’s reach and tried to grab Fan Hongde immediately. However, his hand was repelled by a sudden ray of light that came out of Fan Hongde’s body, forming a huge shield-like energy that kept Suo Te from coming any closer.

Suo Te tried to attack the shield, but his attack bounced back towards him, slamming him to the side!

This shield that protected Fan Hongde was actually Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure’s ability! Yi Tianyun lent it to Fan Hongde as he knew that something like this would happen! With Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure, Fan Hongde would be able to escape smoothly and withstand the attack from a Divine King at any given moment!