Chapter 1268

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“Chapter 1268: That’s Right, It’s Because Of Him ”

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“””Uh…”” Qin Hongyu stammered. “”Yes.”” ”

“””How is he now?”” the man asked. Although his tone was calm, it was filled with the dignity of a superior, making it impossible for anyone to lie. ”

“Qin Hongyu could only nod. “”Mr. Qiao… Uh, he’s already awake.”” ”

“This greeting made the man frown slightly. He couldn’t help taking another look at Qin Hongyu and then at Li Yinian, but he didn’t probe further. He quickly looked away and walked to the other end of the corridor. ”

His subordinates and assistant followed behind him as the group filed out.

Qin Hongyu quickly hugged Li Yinian and walked into the elevator.

“When the elevator door closed, the woman beside him seemed to have lost her strength and fell to the ground. ”

“Qin Hongyu had just pressed the button for the first floor when he turned around and saw that the woman was already sitting on the ground. He was shocked. “”Yinian?”” ”

“””Help me up.”” Li Yinian reached out her hand to him. She was smiling, but that smile was unusually strange. ”

Qin Hongyu quickly helped her up and placed most of her weight on himself.

“He thought for a bit and couldn’t help asking, “”Is it because Qiao Yanze’s father doesn’t agree with you, so…”” ”

“Otherwise, why would Li Yinian be so afraid and nervous when she saw him? ”

“Li Yinian was stunned for a moment before the smile on her lips deepened strangely. “”That’s right. It’s because of him.”” ”

“On the other side, Qiao Fengnian looked at his assistant as he walked towards the ward. ”

“The assistant immediately said, “”That man looks unfamiliar. He doesn’t look like Fourth Young Master’s friend. But that woman…”” ”

“””What’s wrong with her?”” Qiao Fengnian asked casually. ”

“He didn’t care about entertainment news. Besides, Li Yinian hadn’t shown him her face just now, so he didn’t recognize her. ”

“””It’s Miss Li. She’s Xiao Cheng’s widow and Fourth Young Master’s ex-girlfriend…”” The assistant reported dutifully. “”As far as I know, Fourth Young Master seems to be obsessed with her… She actually received news of Fourth Young Master’s accident so early…”” ”

“In other words, Li Yinian and Qiao Yanze had never stopped contacting each other. Perhaps they still had a deep relationship. ”

Qiao Fengnian couldn’t help frowning.

“He had never interfered too much with his children’s private lives, but the person they were married to had to receive his approval. Yanze was clearly wooing the eldest heiress of Yunshi Corporation, so how could he still be related to his ex? ”

“””Find out her relationship with Yanze,”” Qiao Fengnian ordered. “”If the two of them are still in contact in private, inform me immediately.”” ”

The assistant immediately agreed.

“At this moment, Sun Ye was in the ward delivering dinner to Qiao Yanze. ”

“He said resentfully, “”Fourth Young Master, where’s your assistant?”” ”

“””He has something important to do,”” Qiao Yanze said casually. “”Why? Do you feel aggrieved serving me?”” ”

“””How could I?”” Sun Ye denied. “”It was Mr. Ji who asked me to guard you here. That’s my duty. I just find it strange…”” ”

“Qiao Yanze sneered. “”Don’t worry. I won’t need you after tonight.”” ”

Sun Ye stopped talking.

The door of the ward was pushed open at this moment.

“Qiao Yanze was facing the door, so he immediately saw Qiao Fengnian walking in. ”

“His pupils dilated and his voice tightened. “”Father?”” ”