Chapter 1274

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Chapter 1274: The Dream Husband Candidate

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Ye Shengge was speechless.

“The biggest issue between her and Ji Shiting was that they were both too busy and needed to compromise and coordinate their schedules. Otherwise, they might not see each other for half a month. ”

“But on the other hand, the frequent separation also made their relationship more harmonious. As the saying went, absence makes the heart grow fonder… Cough, cough. ”

“””Doctor Qin is really a good man.”” Ye Shengge changed the topic. “”His eyes are clear. I can tell that he’s a kind and sincere person. You can try to trust him. I don’t think he’ll disappoint you, even if it’s something you find difficult to say.”” ”

Ye Shengge thought that she was good at judging people.

“Qin Hongyu was obviously a good person from a rich family. He did not lack material things in life, and at the same time, he had a profound mentality. Such men were often generous, gentle, and considerate. ”

“In this aspect, Ye Shengge felt that neither Ji Shiting nor Qiao Yanze could compare to him. People like them who came from top-notch wealthy families often had certain flaws in their personalities because of their upbringing. They might not be good husbands. ”

“””I know.”” Li Yinian nodded. “”He’s indeed a great guy. That’s why I feel guilty…”” ”

“””Give him a chance, and yourself too.”” Ye Shengge grabbed her wrist and betrayed Qiao Yanze without hesitation. “”Even if there are no obstacles between you and Qiao Yanze, I’m more inclined to the idea of you choosing Doctor Qin. You’ll definitely be more relaxed and happy with him than with Qiao Yanze. In fact, a man like Doctor Qin is the husband of my dreams…”” ”

“Ye Shengge sighed from the bottom of her heart, but she heard faint footsteps. Then, the man’s low and indifferent voice sounded. “”Are you serious?”” ”

Ye Shengge was shocked.

“””Why didn’t you knock before coming in?!”” She turned around and complained. ”

Ji Shiting looked at her deeply.

“””Mr. Ji.”” Li Yinian stood up and said, “”You talk to Shengge. I’ll go down first.”” ”

“With that, she decisively abandoned Ye Shengge and walked out. ”

Ye Shengge watched her disappear and could only look at Ji Shiting.

“The man had already walked up to her and grabbed her waist. He stared at her with his dark eyes. “”I didn’t expect you to think so highly of that Doctor Qin.”” ”

He had met Qin Hongyu after arriving home.

“””I want to matchmake him and Yinian, so of course I have to say something nice.”” Ye Shengge wrapped her arms around his waist and quickly tried to please him. ”

“””The husband of your dreams?”” He smiled ambiguously. ”

“””That was a long time ago… When I was still a little girl,”” Ye Shengge quickly explained. “”You know what I was like back then. Even if I was fantasizing, I was very conservative… How would I know that the husband fate had prepared for me was actually you!”” ”

“The man chuckled and leaned over to ask for a kiss. After a while, he said hoarsely, “”Have you chosen a wedding dress?”” ”

“””Uh… I narrowed my choices down.”” Ye Shengge rested her chin on his shoulder. “”How’s Qiao Yanze?”” ”

“””He’s very happy to know that you made Li Yinian stay. He sincerely asks you to keep her here for a few more days, preferably until he’s discharged.”” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow. “”Unfortunately, he’ll probably be disappointed. After all, you think more highly of that Doctor Qin.”” ”

“””It all depends on Yinian’s wishes.”” Ye Shengge had always been firm. ”