Chapter 1275

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Chapter 1275: I Know Everything About You

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“As expected, Li Yinian didn’t intend to stay in Qianfan Villa for too long. The reason she stayed was largely because of the two children.”

“That night, she even took on the task of coaxing the two kids to sleep and letting Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge have some alone time.”

Qin Hongyu accompanied her.

He looked at the gentleness in the woman’s eyes and recalled that she had once suffered a miscarriage. He felt that his guess was not as ridiculous as he thought.

“That night, the two of them rested in the guest room. The next morning, they went straight to the airport and prepared to fly to Vienna. After all, both of them had work to do. However, to Li Yinian, schoolwork was just an excuse. She was more worried that once Qiao Yanze was discharged from the hospital, she would never be able to leave Yang City again. She knew how stubborn this man was, and it was obvious that he was not joking.”

“After the plane took off, she looked out the window at Yang City that was gradually shrinking in her vision with a dazed expression until Qin Hongyu gently held her shoulder.”

“She immediately came back to reality and looked at him. “”It’s rare for you to return to Yang City, but you didn’t even have time to go home.”””

“Qin Hongyu didn’t say anything immediately, but there were some complicated emotions on his face, like heartache and pity. This made Li Yinian feel a little uncomfortable.”

“””What’s wrong?”” she asked.”

“””Nothing.”” Qin Hongyu smiled as if nothing had happened. “”My parents are traveling around the world, and they probably don’t want to see me either. Anyway, every time they meet, their routine is to mock me for being single and not being wanted.”””

“Li Yinian couldn’t help laughing. “”It sounds like your parents are very close to you.”””

“””That’s right.”” Qin Hongyu took the opportunity to say, “”My mother will definitely like you.”””

“Li Yinian was stunned and avoided the topic. “”Is that so?”””

She hadn’t thought of how to treat Qin Hongyu yet. Should she just end things with him or try to trust him and give him a chance like Shengge had said?

“Qin Hongyu could tell that she was avoiding him, so he smiled bitterly. However, he still did not pursue the matter. He only asked the stewardess for a blanket to cover Li Yinian.”

It was evening in Vienna when they arrived home.

“There were still many ingredients in the kitchen. Qin Hongyu made dinner, and after dinner, Li Yinian came to the courtyard and sat on the swing.”

“After a while, Qin Hongyu walked over and brought her a bottle of yogurt.”

Li Yinian took the yogurt from his hand and met his gaze. The gentleness in the man’s eyes made her heart ache.

“She bit her lip and made up her mind. “”Hongyu, I’m sorry… I want to…”””

“””Are you planning to reject me?”” Qin Hongyu interrupted her.”

Li Yinian was stunned and didn’t know how to continue.

“””Before you reject me, I have something to tell you too,”” he said. “”I know what stopped you from being with Qiao Yanze.”””

Li Yinian held her breath and almost lost her grip on the yogurt in her hand.

“””I know everything about you. It’s not difficult to guess the truth.”” Qin Hongyu smiled hoarsely. “”Especially after you saw Qiao Fengnian… You don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone.”””

Li Yinian’s face turned completely pale.

“The secret that she thought she had hidden well was actually exposed so easily… Although it was already dark, she still felt ashamed of being stripped naked in broad daylight.”