Chapter 1278

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Chapter 1278: Dark Tide

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Qin Cheng didn’t dare to say anything.

“It seemed that there was indeed a undercurrent in the Qiao family. This matter was not ordinary… However, the Fourth Young Master was meticulous and had a bottom line. He felt that he was really lucky to be able to follow such a superior. ”

“””Forget it. Have you done what I asked you to do?”” Qiao Yanze said casually. ”

“Qin Cheng was stunned. After all, Qiao Yanze had asked him to do many things. How could he know what Qiao Yanze was talking about? ”

He thought about it. The only thing he hadn’t given back yet was…

“””You mean… Chairman Qiao’s… ahem… list?”” he asked tentatively. ”

Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

Qin Cheng immediately knew that he had guessed correctly. He quickly found a list of names from the document.

“””I’ve put all the names I can find on this list. Take a look.”” ”

Qiao Yanze reached out to take it and started reading in descending chronological order. His fingertips swept across the names and he laughed cynically.

He looked up. There was only one name between twenty-six and twenty-four years ago.

His eyes flashed as he memorized all the information related to this name. He continued to peruse and read through the list before putting it aside.

“””You can go back first. I don’t need you here for the time being,”” he said as he stroked his glabella, looking a little tired. “”What other important documents do you need to sign? Tsk… I promised to rest for a day.”” ”

“””You’ve already signed a few important contracts recently. If it’s not an urgent job, I won’t disturb you.”” Qin Cheng said. “”Have a good rest.”” ”

Qiao Yanze nodded in satisfaction.

“After Qin Cheng left, he immediately called Ji Shiting. ”

“He could not investigate Li Yinian’s biological mother personally. That would be too obvious, so he could only ask Ji Shiting. ”

“After thinking about it, Qiao Yanze realized that the only person he could trust was Ji Shiting. He believed that this man had enough resources and the means to handle this matter flawlessly. Moreover, even if Ji Shiting found out the truth, he would not make a fuss. ”

“Sure enough, after Ji Shiting heard his request, he agreed calmly without even asking why. ”

“After ending the call, Qiao Yanze called the two bodyguards he had arranged for Li Yinian. ”

The feedback he received was that Li Yinian and Qin Hongyu had gone to Switzerland for a vacation.

“Together, they took a vacation. ”

He curled his lips coldly and hung up the phone.

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“Interlaken was just a small town in Switzerland, but because of the beautiful scenery, it was a world-renowned tourist spot. ”

“When Qiao Yanze arrived, it was drizzling, and the distant Maiden Peak looked like a medieval oil painting. ”

He found the hotel where Li Yinian was staying without much effort.

“After checking in, he did not return to his room. Instead, he left the hotel and strolled around the town. ”

“The town was very small, so small that Li Yinian’s figure appeared in sight within a few minutes. ”

“Fortunately, Qin Hongyu wasn’t beside her. ”

She stood in front of the moving ice cream truck and smiled as she took a triple-scoop ice cream cone from the girl selling it.

“The red-colored ice cream was watermelon-flavored, white-colored one was yogurt, and the blue-colored one was blueberry… Her taste hadn’t changed in years. ”