Chapter 1292

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Chapter 1292: Untitled

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Qiao Yanze’s breathing suddenly became much heavier.

“Gu Yimo said hesitantly, “”Why are you asking this? Are you and… Uh…”” ”

“He was stuck, and his eyes widened. ”

“Seeing this, Qiao Yanze smirked. ”

“His relationship with Yinian seemed to be deeply buried, but in fact, it could not withstand suspicion and scrutiny. As long as he revealed a little information, those who were familiar with them would be able to guess. ”

It was the same for Ji Shiting and Gu Yimo.

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“If they wanted to bury this secret forever, it would probably be as Li Yinian had said. They would never see each other again and never mention each other again… This was probably the only way. ”

“However, that was impossible. He knew very well that he could not do it. He planned to be as cautious as possible in the beginning but at this point, he did not care if they knew the truth or how long this secret could be hidden. ”

“Just as he had told Yinian, the best way to solve this problem was to have enough power and authority. This way, even if the secret was no longer a secret, no one could do anything to him. ”

“Besides, there was still a small possibility that this was a mistake from the start. ”

“Although this woman said that she would not change her mind no matter what the outcome was, it was still different. ”

At least… he would be more confident and she would not resist him like before.

“Thinking of this, Qiao Yanze felt even more self-deprecating. Try to let go? Had he really tried for a second? ”

“Gu Yimo was still stunned speechless. After a while, he smiled and said, “”That’s impossible, right?”” ”

How… f*cking melodramatic!

“Qiao Yanze looked at him sharply. “”What are you thinking?”” ”

“Gu Yimo shrank back. “”Nothing… Nothing.”” ”

“””No matter what you’re thinking, delete that thought from your mind.”” Qiao Yanze sneered, his tone murderous. “”Otherwise…”” ”

“””I’ve always been good at keeping secrets.”” Gu Yimo coughed and almost swore. “”Don’t worry!”” ”

He had grasped countless secrets of wealthy families over the years. It was all thanks to his tight lips that he could survive until now!

“””I know what you’re capable of.”” Qiao Yanze paused and suddenly smiled. “”Can you find a way to get Qiao Fengnian’s DNA sample?”” ”

Gu Yimo shivered and almost bit his tongue.

“””That’s your biological father! Can’t you do it yourself?”” ”

“””No, it’s too eye-catching. I don’t want to arouse suspicion and face any investigation for the time being,”” Qiao Yanze said. “”I should have thought of it earlier… This is the most appropriate way to handle it.”” ”

“””Then… then the other one…”” he said vaguely. ”

Qiao Yanze took out a self-sealing bag from his jacket pocket and handed it to him.

“Gu Yimo took it and coughed. He couldn’t help but ask, “”So, this is why she rejected you… Uh…”” ”

“Before he could finish, Qiao Yanze’s cold gaze stopped him. ”

“””I’m afraid it won’t be easy to obtain your father’s DNA sample. I’ll try to see if I can get the cup he used…”” Gu Yimo said. “”The results might not be that fast.”” ”

“””It’s alright.”” Qiao Yanze smiled faintly. ”

He had waited so long that waiting a few more days did not matter to him.