Chapter 1293

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Chapter 1293: Untitled

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“The next day, there was another family banquet. ”

“When Qiao Yanze arrived at the old residence, he realized that something was wrong. ”

“He didn’t know what Qiao Yanxun had done wrong, but for the first time, Qiao Fengnian didn’t care about his eldest son’s face and reprimanded him mercilessly in front of the others and even the servants at home. Although he lowered his voice so that no one could hear him, he knew from his expression that it wasn’t anything good. To Qiao Yanxun, this scene was embarrassing enough. ”

He pursed his lips and looked extremely gloomy.

“Qiao Yansen, who was watching the show, sneered while Qiao Yanni seemed to be gloating. ”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes flashed and he quickly guessed the reason.

“Ever since he joined the board of directors, Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni had been targeting him. Qiao Yanxun had been watching from the sidelines, but now it seemed… Qiao Yanxun was the target of their schemes again. ”

“Obviously, ever since he met him last time, Qiao Yansen had realized that his brother had been fanning the flames and sowing discord. With Qiao Yansen’s vengeful personality, how could he not take revenge? ”

“With the internal strife at this stage, the so-called brotherhood was no longer there. ”

Qiao Yanze suddenly found it ridiculous.

“He walked in and greeted everyone. Qiao Fengnian glanced at him and ended his lecture to Qiao Yanxun. He said in a low voice, “”Since everyone is here, let’s eat.”” ”

“Qiao Yanni immediately walked over with a smile and held Qiao Fengnian’s arm affectionately. “”Dad, don’t be angry. I was just careless.”” ”

“As the only daughter, Qiao Yanni would occasionally wheedle or do some intimate actions, which made Qiao Fengnian quite happy, so he snorted and did not refute. ”

“Qiao Yanxun seemed to have calmed down. When he walked over, he bumped into Qiao Yansen. Their gazes were burning. ”

“””Brother, do you like this gift?”” Qiao Yansen chuckled, not hiding that he had done it in private. ”

“””Do you know that you have no hope, so you’re acting like a mad dog?”” Qiao Yanxun said coldly. ”

“Qiao Yansen’s facial features were distorted. “”How dare you mention…”” ”

“””You’re the one who attacked. Why don’t I dare mention it?”” Qiao Yanxun sneered. “”Yanze was lucky this time. Why? Are you planning to do the same to me?”” ”

“Qiao Yansen was furious. Just as he was about to attack, Qiao Yanze placed his hand on his shoulder. “”Second Brother, that’s enough.”” ”

His tone was cold and emotionless.

Qiao Yansen snorted coldly and turned to walk to the dining room.

“Qiao Yanxun turned to Qiao Yanze and smiled. “”You’re back from your vacation! Was it fun in Interlaken?”” ”

Qiao Yanze’s pupils constricted.

“””It’s alright,”” he replied calmly. ”

“Qiao Yanxun put on an ambiguous smile and didn’t continue asking, but his smile was enough to make Qiao Yanze wary. ”

He pursed his lips and looked at Qiao Yanxun’s back for a long time until Madam Qiao came out to greet him with a smile.

“The dining table was quieter than usual. Other than asking Qiao Yanze about his recovery, Qiao Fengnian didn’t say much. Because of his silence, Madam Qiao didn’t joke around like she used to. ”

“After dinner, the children returned to their respective homes. ”

Qiao Yanze walked to the car and saw Qiao Yanxun driving past him.

There was that ambiguous smile again on his face.

Qiao Yanze suddenly gripped his car keys tightly.