Chapter 1297

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“Chapter 1297: “”But you still haven’t given up and constantly pester her?”” ”

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Qiao Fengnian’s expression changed as he stared at the so-called paternity test report in Qiao Yanxun’s hand.

Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni were also stunned. This shocking news… They hadn’t heard anything about it before!

“However, they immediately became excited again. If this was true, Qiao Yanze would definitely not be able to get the approval of the board of directors!”

“Only Qiao Yanze was the calmest. He smiled and said, “”Brother, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?”””

“””You knew about it long ago, didn’t you? Otherwise, why would you ask Qin Cheng to investigate Father’s private matters?”” Qiao Yanxun sneered. “”This report is recorded by the paternity test agency. Although they don’t know who the two people undergoing the test are, it doesn’t stop them from keeping this report until now.”””

“Qiao Yanze sneered. “”What makes you think that this report is identifying my biological relationship with Yinian?”””

“Qiao Yanxun revealed a confident smile and said, “”The report also contains samples that have been tested. We’ll know if it’s you after testing it. The other two samples were sent by Li Yinian back then. After she got the results, she left you. Later, she and Xiao Cheng got engaged. However, you still haven’t given up and have been pestering her. You know what your relationship with her is. A few days ago, you even flew to Interlaken to see her!”””

Qiao Yanze leaned back slightly and smiled sarcastically.

“””Ridiculous,”” he said calmly.”

Qiao Yanxun gritted his teeth.

“Qiao Fengnian finally calmed down and reached out to him. “”Show me.”””

Qiao Yanxun immediately placed the test report on the ground.

“””Father, I didn’t mean to expose this matter at this time. I just received this news from the board of directors not long ago… I think you know how much this scandal will affect Fengqiao’s reputation. It’s fine if Yanze is just an ordinary director, but if he becomes the president of the corporation…”””

“Before he could finish, his meaning was obvious.”

There was a commotion in the meeting room. Many people were whispering to each other.

“In fact, if this was true, it was enough to make the board of directors doubt Qiao Yanze’s judgment and self-control, changing their stance.”

“Qiao Fengnian flipped through the tesr report with a cold expression. Then, he slammed the thin paper on the table.”

“””I found out that Li Yinian’s biological mother’s surname is Wen, and her full name is Wen Yan,”” Qiao Yanxun added.”

Qiao Fengnian’s cheek twitched.

“Although he was a playboy and had never stopped having women around him all these years, he would not forget the name of a woman who had been with him for more than two years, even if more than twenty years had passed.”

“Li Yinian had always been famous in the upper-class circle of Yang City, so Qiao Fengnian still remembered what that girl looked like.”

‘Come to think of it… she does look a little like Wen Yan.’

“Then, he recalled the nervousness on that girl’s face when they bumped into each other at the hospital…”

Qiao Fengnian suddenly clutched his chest with a sullen expression.

“””Father, what’s wrong?”” Qiao Yanni was the first to realize that something was wrong.”

“””I’m fine!”” Qiao Fengnian waved his hand and took a deep breath. He stood up and looked around. His face twitched but he didn’t say anything.”

“One of the directors said, “”Chairman Qiao, why don’t we hold the vote another day…”””