Chapter 1299

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Chapter 1299: Not Having Children Doesn’t Affect Me Becoming The Ceo Of The Corporation

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“””I don’t think my private life will have any adverse effects on the company, unless you plan to publicly admit it, Father.”” Qiao Yanze’s tone was light. “”Besides, we won’t have children, and what you’re worried about won’t happen.”” ”

“Qiao Fengnian said sternly, “”Don’t tell me you don’t even want the child anymore!”” ”

“Qiao Yanze nodded slightly, and there was even a hint of a smile in his voice. “”Having no children doesn’t affect me becoming the CEO of the corporation. When it’s time for me to step down, I’ll choose a professional manager to be the CEO. In fact, I think Fengqiao Corporation should abandon its current style of family business if we want to expand.”” ”

This statement was exactly what the directors wanted. Someone couldn’t help nodding.

“Qiao Yansen couldn’t help but interrupt. “”You’re still coveting the position of the CEO of the corporation at a time like this? You’re so lawless that you won’t even let your biological sister off. Who dares to trust you?”” ”

“””Second Brother, it’s hard to say.”” Qiao Yanze smiled. ”

“Qiao Fengnian’s face turned sullen. “”Are you serious, Yanze?”” ”

“””Of course.”” Qiao Yanze paused. “”Besides, the heiress of Yunshi only dated me because she was pressured by her parents, but she can’t marry me. Sorry to disappoint you, Father.”” ”

“Qiao Yanxun took a deep breath and was still a little surprised. Logically speaking, Qiao Yanze’s attitude was enough for the board of directors to exclude him, but… he still felt uneasy. ”

“He looked at Qiao Fengnian, who was obviously angered by Qiao Yanze’s attitude. His face was extremely sullen, and his eyes were dark. No one knew what he was thinking. ”

“””We’ll discuss this later.”” He sat down and said in a deep voice, “”Let’s hold a vote anonymously and tally the votes at the end.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze had no objections, let alone Qiao Yanxun and the others. ”

The directors looked at each other.

“In terms of ability, Qiao Yanze was indeed the most suitable candidate, but they were really disgusted that he even slept with his biological sister. Moreover, as the CEO of the corporation, being too emotional was also a shortcoming… ”

“However, was being emotional really a shortcoming? Compared to Qiao Yanxun, who would even expose his family’s secrets for that position; compared to Qiao Yansen who would murder his own brother, and compared to Qiao Yanni, he wasn’t any better… A leader with a weakness might not be that bad. Besides, Qiao Yanze wasn’t being emotional. At least for now, he looked calm. ”

“It had to be said that in the face of Qiao Yanxun’s accusation, his calm and confident look made them feel that incest was not a big deal… After all, that was his private life. The board of directors wanted profits. As long as Qiao Yanze could bring them enough profits, it did not matter how much he messed around. ”

“Speaking of profits, they thought of the email that they had received before the board of directors started. Qiao Yanze had actually discussed the cooperation with Ares and signed the letter of intent for deep cooperation. In addition, although Qiao Yanze said that he would not marry the heiress of Yunshi, this did not seem to hinder his cooperation with them. That email also marked the progress of his cooperation with Yunshi. Speaking of which, when he dated that heiress, he would not be talking about work, right? He had heard that she was also a workaholic… ”

“Everyone had different thoughts. In the end, they confirmed their candidates and wrote down the names of the candidates they approved of. ”