Chapter 1300

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Chapter 1300: It’s Qiao Yanze?

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“Qiao Yanxun looked very nervous and kept rubbing his hands. On the other side, Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni were also trying their best to suppress their excitement. Qiao Yansen had thought that his chances were slim, but no one expected that Qiao Yanxun would jump out and Qiao Yanze would court death. He was the most agitated right now.”

“Qiao Yanni also took deep breaths. There was a hint of eagerness in her eyes. In the current situation, her chances of winning had increased.”

Only Qiao Yanze looked calm.

“He even smiled faintly and said to Qiao Fengnian, “”Father, since you already know, can I ask you for a hair sample for a DNA test? Although I won’t mind it even if Yinian is related to me by blood, at least you won’t be worried if she’s not my sister.”””

“Qiao Fengnian looked at him coldly. “”I’ll arrange it myself!”””

“Qiao Yanze nodded. “”Sure.”””

“””If Yinian is really your sister.”” Qiao Fengnian sneered. “”Do you think I’ll sit back and watch you bully her? That girl obviously doesn’t want to be involved with you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have fled overseas.”””

“Qiao Yanze’s pupils constricted. After a while, he smiled calmly and said, “”That’s another matter, but I won’t change my mind.”””

“””Kid…”” Qiao Fengnian took a deep breath. He wanted to chide him but was at a loss for words.”

“Just then, a phone rang in the conference room.”

His displeased gaze immediately landed on the source of the voice.

“It was Qiao Yanze. He picked up the phone as if no one was around and said, “”Hello.”””

“He did not know what the other party said, but his breathing became much heavier.”

“””Are you sure?”” He asked hoarsely, suppressing the trembling in his voice.”

“He closed his eyes and said, “”Okay.”” Then, he hung up, probably because he had received an affirmative answer.”

“””What is it?”” Qiao Fengnian frowned.”

“Qiao Yanze seemed to take a deep breath and quickly calmed down. He smiled hoarsely and said, “”It won’t be too late for me to talk after you announce the results.”””

“Qiao Yanze looked very calm. There was no change in him before he picked up the phone, but for some reason, Qiao Yanxun felt that he looked more relaxed and confident than ever.”

Could there be a reversal in that matter?

“No, that was impossible. If there was a reversal, he would definitely announce it before the vote ended.”

Qiao Yanxun was relieved.

“Qiao Fengnian snorted and didn’t say anything. Soon, the vote ended.”

“The assistants collected the votes one by one and quickly brought them to him. Qiao Fengnian nodded slightly and the assistants immediately started to count. The results were out very quickly. When the envelope was handed to Qiao Fengnian, he subconsciously looked at his children.”

“For the first time, Qiao Fengnian realized that he was really old.”

“He looked away and quickly opened the envelope. When he saw the name on it, his eyebrows twitched and he calmly said, “”It’s Yanze.”””

“Most of the directors looked happy. After all, this was the person they had chosen, and the outcome was the same as their choice. Of course, they were very happy, but Qiao Yanxun and the others’ expressions changed drastically!”

“””Impossible!”” Qiao Yanxun almost went crazy. He almost broke down and shouted, “”What are you all thinking? You actually chose him? Such a beast? If the news is exposed…”””

“Before he could finish, the door of the conference room was suddenly slammed open.”

“””Who is it?”” Qiao Fengnian was furious.”

“””Father, he’s my subordinate.”” Qiao Yanze smiled.”

“Gu Yimo finally caught his breath and waved a document in his hand. “”I’m… I’m not late, am I? The evidence is here…”””

“””Actually, you’re late.”” Qiao Yanze stood up and walked over. He took the document from him, looked around, and smiled meaningfully. “”But it doesn’t matter. It won’t affect the outcome.”””