Chapter 1312

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Chapter 1312: Quot; let’s talk in the room. It’s cold outside. Quot;

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“She didn’t come from a prominent family, but when she first got married to Qiao fengnian, they were in love. However, their passion faded so quickly. She had just gotten pregnant, and that man couldn’t wait to cheat on her.”

“For many years, in order to maintain this marriage, she had been enduring. She had endured so much bitter water mixed with blood and tears. The reason she hated Wen Yan so much was probably because Wen Yan was the first woman who had ever threatened her status as the legal wife. At that time, she hated it so much, because this title was almost the only thing she had left!”

But that woman still wanted to snatch it from her!

“She thought that she hated that woman, but why was her hatred still not appeased even after that woman was dead?”

“Because the root of Hanhan’s problem was never that woman. She knew it. She had always known it, but she just refused to face it. Because she was so afraid of her husband’s disgust and dissatisfaction, she didn’t even question him.”

“But after so many years, other than the title of Madam Qiao and countless jewelry and clothes, what else did she have?”

“In the end, even her son, whom she loved the most, had left her.”

“At the thought of this, Mrs. Qiao almost broke down. Her entire body trembled.”

Qiao yanze did not say anything. He just filled his glass with water silently and pushed it in front of her.

This action might have given Madam Qiao some hope.

“She suddenly held the cup and said in a trembling voice, “” “”Yanze, your father won’t agree to you not getting married, Yingluo.”””

“””There’s nothing we can do even if he doesn’t agree.”” Qiao yanze chuckled hoarsely. don’t you understand? after I took office, you and father have no way to suppress me. Whether I can be re-elected in five years, the decision will only be in the hands of the board of directors and shareholders. By then, if father is not feeling well, father will even transfer more than half of his shares to me in order to maintain the Qiao family’s right to speak on the Board of Directors.”””

“Madam Qiao looked like she was about to cry at any moment.””Yanze, I was wrong. I should have been honest with you. It’s just that Yingluo was too hateful, so she lost her mind. Mom can apologize to li Yinian and we’ll give her enough money to make her forgive Hanhan. But don’t punish yourself like that.”””

“Are you really willing to apologize to Yinian? “” Qiao yanze said in a low and hoarse voice.”

“Qiao yanze laughed sarcastically, picking up his phone and quickly making a call. “”I’ll get the Butler to send you back.”””

“Soon, the Butler pushed the door open and entered.”

“Madam Qiao sobbed and could only follow the Butler out of the room, turning back to look at her every few steps.”

“Qiao yanze did not look at her again. He looked at the void silently, motionless like a statue.”

Until the room was completely silent.

He got up from the sofa slowly and walked over to pull open the curtains. He saw li Yinian who was sliding against the wall of the balcony.

“Qiao yanze’s Adam’s apple moved, but he still walked to her in the end. He leaned over and held her wrist gently.”

“””Let’s go back to the room first. It’s cold outside.”””

“The man’s hoarse voice and the night wind entered her ears, almost giving her the illusion of gentleness and carefulness.”