Chapter 1314

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Chapter 1314: Quot; I hope you can admit that you loved me before. Quot;

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“That’s right, he understood. After he found out the truth, he knew that he had completely lost the chance to win her back. Even he himself would despise his behavior of continuing to pester her like before. ”

“He had no right to ask her to forget her hatred, and he had no right to ask her to accept Mrs. Qiao as her mother, even if it was only a mother by law. ”

“However, he still had a trace of humble expectation, even if he didn’t have the right to say it. ”

“””If you don’t know what to say, then let me say it.”” His throat moved up and down, as if it was extremely difficult for him to say these words. I’m sorry. I let you know everything without your permission. Just like the reason you hid it from me back then, I don’t want everything that happened between us to be a taboo in your heart. I hope you can openly admit that you still loved me. “” ”

Li Yinian suddenly felt her eyes heat up and she closed them immediately.

“””There’s more,”” Qiao yanze could not help but reach out to caress her face. I’m sorry for everything, even though I know that no matter how much I apologize, it won’t make up for it. ”

“””Are you here to apologize on behalf of your mother?”” li Yinian opened her eyes and looked at him. ”

“Qiao yanze shook his head and laughed at himself.””No, I’m doing this for myself. You see, because of my naivety and immaturity, she was on guard and decided to treat you that way. At the same time, because of my selfishness and self-righteousness, I let you bear so much alone. From this point of view, it’s the right decision for you to leave me. “” ”

Li Yinian bit her lip hard.

“Childish and immature Qianqian, are you referring to the time when he and Madam Qiao declared that they would marry her? ”

“””As for my mother, Yingluo, I can understand if you hate her or hate her. No matter what, I don’t have the right to apologize to you on her behalf, and I don’t have the right to ask for your forgiveness.”” The man laughed hoarsely. of course, I don’t expect you to let go of your hatred for her for me. ”

“””But you want me to do that,”” li Yinian lowered her eyes. ”

“Qiao yanze paused, saying hoarsely, “” “”My opinion is not important. The decision is in your hands. I will never force you.”” ”

Li Yinian remained silent for a long time.

“At the end of her vision was the man’s slightly heaving chest, which was enough to show his nervousness-he still held a glimmer of hope. ”

“In her impression, this man had always been evil and unbridled. What had once attracted her was the hint of playfulness and indifference in his eyes towards the world. However, she did not know why, but the man’s frivolous laziness had disappeared. His eyes had become deep, his temperament had become sharp, and he rarely had a casual smile. ”

“At this moment, he was like waiting for a trial, lowering his posture without any bottom line. ”

Li Yinian suddenly felt as if her heart was being clenched by a large hand. The extreme pain made her curl up uncontrollably.

“From the beginning to the end, Qiao yanze had laid his heart bare in front of her. Whether she had thrown it away or trampled on it, he had never backed down. ”

“She believed that if she agreed, he would do his best to protect her and get rid of all obstacles to be with her. ”

“But she was already afraid. Fate was so cruel and cruel. She had been tortured and scarred. She didn’t know how to continue with him, let alone go back to the past. ”