Chapter 1321

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Chapter 1321: What kind of spell did you cast on me?

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“Perhaps it was because he thought of the child who was not fated to be with them, he pursed his lips tightly. The expression on his face also tightened, and there was a kind of cold sharpness. ”

“””Don’t say that I’ve long lost this qualification.”” He took a deep breath, paused, and said, “” even if you were infertile from the beginning, it wasn’t a difficult choice. I won’t say that I don’t mind at all, but compared to you, everything else is nothing.”” ”

“””Sounds like you’re nobler than me,”” li Yinian laughed silently. ”

“Qiao yanze’s hand was still branded on her lower abdomen, his palm burning hot. ”

“””I know you’re just being stubborn.”” He curled his lips. besides, your assumption doesn’t hold. It’s obvious that there’s nothing wrong with my functions.”” ”

Li Yinian was stunned and speechless.

“””Actually, it’s fine even if we don’t have children.”” The man seemed to know what she was thinking, and his voice became more teasing. that’s right, this is a regret, but I can also give you a home. I can satisfy you with anything you want. Unconditional love and warmth, trust and tolerance. I will be a good husband. With me around, you will never feel lonely.”” ”

“Li Yinian had been listening to him quietly, but when he said the last sentence, her breathing suddenly became rapid. ”

“She lowered her eyes and said after a while, “” “”That sounds pretty good.”” ”

“””There are even better ones.”” Qiao yanze’s voice lowered even more. we can adopt children, we can also raise cats and dogs. Of course, we can also raise nothing and just have the two of us. I’ll go to the office in the day, and you can do what you like. You can continue singing or anything else. We’ll have dinner together at night, then we’ll hold hands for a walk and chat after dinner. You can share all your emotions with me, Yingluo, or watch a movie, and finally, we’ll sleep together like this, Yingluo.”” ”

Li Yinian was listening very seriously.

“At this moment, their bodies were still pressed tightly together, and his handsome face and breathing were close at hand. However, at some point in time, the ambiguous atmosphere was replaced by an indescribable silence and warmth. She couldn’t help but let go of all her worries and let her mind go blank, so much so that with every sentence he described, she already had a specific situation in her mind. ”

“For a moment, she felt that such a life was really within her reach. ”

“Yingluo, you need to buy another house. You can decorate it according to your wishes, or you can buy another piece of land and design a house yourself. It must be more luxurious than qianfan villa. The man thought for a moment and added. ”

Li Yinian could not help but smile. there’s no need for that. I don’t like a house that’s too big. I don’t like too many servants either.

“Qiao yanze stared at her, his eyes burning. “”Alright, I’ll listen to you.”” ”

Li Yinian suddenly bit her lower lip in frustration and turned her face away.

“Qiao yanze did not expose her and only chuckled softly, making li Yinian even more upset. ”

“””I’ll probably get tired of this kind of life in a few years.”” She couldn’t help but ask. ”

“””Then we’ll wait until you’re tired of it.”” Qiao yanze caressed her face gently, raising his eyebrows and smiling. of course, I’ll try my best to delay that day. It’d be best if it never comes. ”

“Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered and she grabbed his fingers subconsciously. “”Why? Qiao yanze, why have you never gotten tired of it?”” ”

“The man curled his lips. I’ll have to ask you. What kind of spell did you put in me? “” ”