Chapter 1322

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Chapter 1322: Completely changed her life.

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“Li Yinian couldn’t help but laugh, but her eyes were gradually filled with a layer of fog. ”

“She reached out and wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, letting her face rest on his chest. ”

“The woman’s rare act of reliance made Qiao yanze’s breath sink slightly, and he tightened his arms. maybe you’ll think that I’m not tired of you because I’ve never really had you. If I achieve my goal, I might lose interest very soon. ”

“””It’s possible.”” She smiled. but there’s nothing to be afraid of. I might even be happy. This means that I can finally find a second spring.”” ”

“Qiao yanze seemed to be stunned for a moment, gritting his teeth and saying, “” “”Yes, I am. How could I have forgotten that you’re not the kind of woman who would want to die just because a man has a change of heart?”” ”

Li Yinian’s lips curled up silently.

“Qiao yanze, I knew a long time ago that I’m not the Li family’s biological daughter. She said in a low voice, “” I’ve always thought that I was abandoned by my biological parents. ”

Qiao yanze pursed his lips and hugged her even tighter.

“””I still don’t know who my father is, but now I finally know who my birth mother is.”” She chuckled hoarsely. and it seems like she doesn’t intend to abandon me. ”

“Since Wen Yan had chosen to give birth to her without any financial pressure, she would probably choose to raise her if she were still alive. However, from what Mrs. Qiao had said, Wen Yan didn’t seem to be a good woman in the traditional sense. ”

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t a good mother.

“In that case, her life would probably be different. ”

“From this perspective, Madam Qiao had completely changed her life. ”

Li Yinian bit her lip hard at the thought of this.

“””Yes. According to my investigation, she chose the best hospital in the city when she gave birth and booked the best confinement club, so I think she must have been looking forward to your arrival.”” After a long silence, Qiao yanze finally said, “” it’s a pity that ran ran’s condition was really bad after she gave birth to you, so no one suspected that there was another reason for her death. ”

Li Yinian could not help but hold her breath.

“she doesn’t have any immediate family, and all her assets have been taken by a distant cousin of hers. It was also that distant cousin who sent you to the welfare home. Qiao yanze’s hyoid moved. He knew that this information might push her further away, but he still told her everything. her distant cousin didn’t have much contact with her before, but he rushed to Yangcheng in time, as if he knew that she was no longer alive. Now that I think about it, it might be my mother’s doing. ”

It wasn’t enough to kill Wen Yan. She wanted to give away all the property she had taken from Qiao fengnian and send her only daughter to an orphanage.

“If it wasn’t for li Yinian’s delicate and cute appearance, which made her look like a beauty, and the fact that li Changdong had taken a fancy to her and brought her home, her fate might have been even worse. ”

“At the thought of this, Qiao yanze’s eyes became even more obscure, and the muscles all over his body tensed up. ”

“His mother had brought so much misfortune and malice to her that at that moment, even he felt that it was too much to beg her to be with him. No matter how much they loved each other, there would always be some principles that could not be easily broken. Even someone as unscrupulous as him couldn’t just cut off his relationship with Madam Qiao. ”