Chapter 1324

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Li Yinian’s smile deepened when she saw the glint in the man’s eyes. Her fingers brushed past his brow bone and then his tall nose.

“Qiao yanze’s eyes darkened and his breathing became heavier. He could not stand the torture and gritted his teeth.””Yinian, stop fooling around, okay?”” ”

“””Don’t worry.”” She curled her lips. I think I should treat you better. ”

“As she spoke, her fingers slid to the man’s thin lips. ”

“””Then be good and stop torturing me, okay?”” After Qiao yanze finished speaking, he felt her finger on his lips. His eyes darkened and he opened his mouth to bite her finger, the tip of his tongue curling around it and sucking hard. ”

Li Yinian shuddered at his unexpected action and her face flushed red.

“She pulled her hand back angrily. Qiao yanze, has anyone ever said that you actually look heartless? “” ”

His Adam’s apple bobbed and he grabbed her slender waist with both hands. He was so strong that he almost broke her slender waist.

“””Of course. Otherwise, how do you think I got my reputation of being a Playboy?”” He snorted. ”

“””That’s true.”” She seemed to be deep in thought. I thought so at first too. ”

“hehe. Qiao yanze’s hand slid down from her waist. do you regret provoking me? “” ”

“””A little.”” She chuckled. but I’m not very regretful. After all, you’re a good sleeper, Yingluo. ”

“””Then why are you still dawdling!”” The man’s hoarse voice was extremely angry, and his body moved up. hurry up! ”

“Li Yinian laughed out loud and straightened her body. Her soft hands started to roam all over his body again, from his firm chest to his well-defined abdominal muscles. ”

“Before Qiao yanze’s eyes were about to burst into flames, she finally let him get what he wanted. ”

“When he woke up again, the sky was already bright. ”

“The man’s voice on the phone rang in her ear. Although he had deliberately lowered his voice, she could still hear the coldness and impatience in his voice. She didn’t know when it started, but this man was becoming more and more like a superior. ”

“Even though in front of her, he didn’t look much different from the frivolous dandy from back then. ”

“Li Yinian did not open her eyes, nor did she move. However, she felt as if a stone was pressing down on her heart, so heavy that she couldn’t breathe. There might be magic at night that was enough to let her put down all her worries, but now that it was dawn, all the magic had disappeared, and she had to face the fact that they were about to be separated. ”

“The only thing she could be glad about was that at least this time, she would not have any regrets. Last night might have been the closest they had been in the past few years. ”

“After a while, Qiao yanze seemed to have hung up the phone and walked to the bed. ”

“Li Yinian felt that the glaring light was blocked a little, and then she felt the man’s hand on her face. ”

“Finally, she could not help but open her eyes. ”

“””You’re awake?”” Qiao yanze had already dressed up, and his suit made him look a little distant, but the lazy smile on his face dissolved the distance. ”

“””You’re going to the office?”” she bit her lower lip. ”

“The man was silent for a moment before he nodded slightly. Perhaps he saw something from the woman’s slightly teasing eyes, he said hoarsely, “” “”You know, no matter when, if you change your mind, you can contact me at any time.”” ”