Chapter 1326

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Chapter 1326: 13.26 million highly anticipated celebrities

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“I saw that sister Yinian was dressed up, so we went to the restaurant to have lunch and then came here. Xu Chuchu glanced at li Yinian who was beside her and lowered her voice even more. I didn’t see President Qiao. I don’t know how long he’s been here. ”

“Li Yinian could not help but interrupt them. “”Can we start now?”” ”

“””Don’t worry, the producers aren’t here yet, we still have time.”” Shang Tianyi crossed his hands. why don’t you tell me what happened last night? “” ”

“””It’s exactly what you’re thinking,”” ”

“””They got back together?”” ”

“””Yingluo didn’t.”” ”

“I really don’t understand. This plot between you and Qiao yanze is even more of a headache for me than Shengge and Mr. Ji. Shang Tianyi rubbed his eyebrows. although President Qiao was very careful last night and didn’t let anyone take any photos, you can’t keep doing this, right? “” Even if you’re friends, it’s already been a few years. You should be tired of it, right?”” ”

“Li Yinian looked a little dazed. After a while, she suddenly said, “” “”Tianyi, I’ve decided to take a break from school in Vienna for a while and continue my studies when I have time. Can you help me arrange more activities?”” ”

Shang Tianyi was so shocked that his jaw almost fell off. Xu Chuchu also widened her eyes.

“you finally don’t have to hide from Qiao yanze anymore? “” He held his chin. and you still say that you haven’t reconciled? “” ”

“””It’s just that there’s no need to hide from him anymore.”” Li Yinian smiled and her gaze fell on the door of the recording studio. the producers are here. Let’s start. ”

“Since life was always boring, she might as well be a star who was the center of attention. At least, the eager eyes of her fans could give her a little more illusory sense of fulfillment and existence. ”

“Having just taken over the position of the CEO, Qiao yanze was indeed busier than before. Not only did he have to deal with the strategic plans for the company’s development for the next few years, but he also had to take over the affairs left behind by Qiao fengnian. He had been eating and living in the company during this period of time, and he would occasionally fly in the air. ”

“It had been more than a month since he last met li Yinian. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of creating a chance to meet her, even if it was just to look at her from a distance, but reality had never given him this opportunity. ”

“After reviewing the last document, he rubbed his eyebrows, held the mouse with his right hand, and accurately clicked on a variety music variety show. ”

“Li Yinian appeared on the screen in a light blue chiffon dress. Her makeup was exquisite, and her smile was gentle. She was listening quietly to the other instructors ‘comments on the students’ performance. ”

“This was li Yinian’s first variety show after her comeback and she would be appearing on the show as a music instructor. Although she was the least famous among the coaches, she occupied the most screen time. There was no other reason other than the fact that her beauty on the show was too impactful. The show had only just aired one episode, and the discussion was already off the charts. ”

“Li Yinian had been a Daoist for four years. Her outstanding appearance and ethereal voice were her most prominent labels. By this time, everyone should have been tired of her appearance. However, after more than half a year of dormancy, she seemed to have changed completely. The woman’s original cold and distant temperament was replaced by a charming and vivid charm. She was more able to let go of herself, and her expression and eyes were more lively than before. Sometimes, she could even catch the jokes thrown by other teachers. This was almost unimaginable for her, who had always been high and mighty. ”