Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327: The sadness and loneliness that only he can understand

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“However, this change added another layer of Halo to her beauty. As a result, after the program was broadcasted, she immediately gained countless fans and her popularity went up a level. ”

“Qiao yanze stared at the woman who was smiling quietly on the screen, his already dark eyes darkening even more. ”

“At this moment, Qin Cheng pushed the door open and walked in. ”

“After being promoted to the assistant of the CEO, Qin Cheng’s workload had doubled. He jogged to Qiao yanze and placed a few documents on the table. “”President, this is the fifth version of the strategic cooperation plan with Aris. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll get them to continue editing the documents. These documents need your signature immediately. By the way, Chairman Qiao called and asked you to try your best to come back to the old residence for dinner tonight. You’ve already missed two family banquets.”” ”

“Qiao yanze forced himself to look away from the screen and said faintly, “” “”I know, just put it there.”” ”

“””Yes.”” Qin Cheng responded,””then tonight’s family dinner, Zhenzhen.”” ”

“””Tell Chairman Qiao that I’ll be there on time.”” ”

“””Alright,”” he said. ”

“After Qin Cheng left, Qiao yanze took another look at the woman clapping excitedly on the screen and his eyes darkened. He only closed the video with a snap when the camera turned to someone else. ”

“Not only did the netizens see the change in this woman, but Qiao yanze also saw it clearly. The estrangement in the past might have been because of the secret she thought. Now, the woman who had let go of this layer of shackles was finally and gradually revealing her original appearance. ”

“And wasn’t he just using work to numb himself? However, in the dead of the night, that crazy reluctance and restlessness would always find him. ”

“In the evening, Qiao yanze returned to the old house on time. He did not know if it was because he had not seen his family for a long time, but he even felt like a stranger when he saw them. ”

“Ever since he became the president of the company, he could clearly feel the change in the attitude of the people around him. In the Qiao family, the one who had changed her attitude the most was Qiao Yanni. She and Qiao yanze had never really gotten serious, so their relationship was the easiest to repair. It was the same now. She was the first to welcome him, smiling and greeting Qiao yanze. ”

Qiao yanze was also willing to give her face.

“Qiao Yansen snorted and ignored her, but he didn’t dare to be as rude as he used to be. ”

“Qiao yanxun was the only one who, although he would not make sarcastic remarks, had a gloomy look in his eyes. Moreover, Qiao yanxun had come alone today. He did not bring his wife or children back. ”

“Mrs. Qiao watched the servants prepare dinner in the kitchen and only came out when the food was almost ready. She smiled and hugged her children affectionately, but when it was Qiao yanze’s turn, she stopped in embarrassment. ”

“””Yanze, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Look, you’ve lost weight. You have to eat more tonight.”” Madam Qiao spoke carefully, her tone somewhat ingratiating. ”

“Ever since they laid their cards on the table, the mother and son had not met each other. Qiao yanze had missed the two family banquets not only because he was busy, but also because he did not want to see Madam Qiao. ”

“However, he couldn’t be too cold in front of his brothers and sisters, so he laughed. “”Alright,”” he said. ”

“However, Madam Qiao was already satisfied with this.””I’ll go upstairs and call your father.”” ”