Chapter 1328

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Chapter 1328: Hope he still retains his rationality

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“At the family dinner, Qiao yanze was reporting to Qiao fengnian, so he only symbolically moved his chopsticks when the table was full of dishes. ”

“Madam Qiao saw this and smiled bitterly. She didn’t believe that this was a coincidence. This son of hers still held a grudge against her. In the past, he would never have ignored her feelings like this. One had to know that most of the dishes on this table were his favorite. ”

“However, what could she do now? Even if she hated li Yinian to the core, she would not dare to do anything else. Otherwise, she would lose this son of hers forever. ”

“Moreover, she was not that vicious. It was impossible to say that she did not feel a little regretful and guilty after Qiao yanze had told her off that day. It was just that she had already been like this for decades, and it was impossible for her to vent her resentment and dissatisfaction on Qiao fengnian after such a long time. In order to maintain her inner balance, she could only suppress her guilt and tell herself that she had not done anything wrong. ”

“However, in the face of Qiao yanze’s indifference, she still could not help but feel a sharp pain in her heart. ”

“Just then, Qiao fengnian’s hearty laughter suddenly rang out from the dining table. “”Not bad, well done! I’ve talked to Ares and the other old fogeys in my early years. They’re all tough and unyielding, but I didn’t expect you to have nothing to say to them! Hahaha!”” ”

“Qiao fengnian’s spirits were unusually high. However, Qiao yanze only smiled faintly. you’re overpraising them. They just want to work with Fengqiao, so they’re holding it in and not acting up. ”

Qiao fengnian looked even happier. this is the most difficult part!

“On the other side, Qiao Yanyan looked at the smiling Qiao fengnian, and his eyes darkened. All these years in the company, Qiao fengnian had always reprimanded him and was dissatisfied with him. Even if he tried his best and thought that he had finally done it perfectly, he could only get a cold nod from Qiao fengnian. ”

“What ability did Qiao yanze have to make him praise him so generously? What’s with the able occupying it and what’s with fair competition’, they were all pretenses! This old man was clearly biased, he had already planned to pave the way for Qiao yanze! ”

“The more Qiao yanxun thought about it, the more he hated her. In a moment of carelessness, the fork in his hand scratched hard on the plate, making an ear-piercing sound. ”

“Qiao fengnian furrowed his brows, looking displeased. “”Why didn’t your wife and Yingluo come today?”” he looked at his eldest son. ”

“Hearing this, Qiao Yanyan’s face turned even uglier. He forced a smile. mother-in-law hasn’t been feeling well these few days, so she brought Hanhan back. ”

“Qiao fengnian nodded and didn’t say anything. However, when the banquet was about to end, he still reminded her, “” “”Don’t forget that you are all surnamed Qiao. If Fengqiao develops well, you will all benefit. Don’t be short-sighted!”” ”

He looked at Qiao yanxun as he said the last sentence.

“Qiao yanxun naturally agreed, but his eyes drooped, hiding all the emotions in them. ”

Qiao yanze raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Under the double blow, it was inevitable for Qiao Yanyan to have such a performance. Hopefully, he still retained his rationality. ”

Qiao yanze was a little wary.

“After the meal, he looked at Madam Qiao’s busy back and finally couldn’t help but say, “” “”Mom, are you free now? I have something to ask you.”” ”

“Madam Qiao did not expect Qiao yanze to take the initiative to talk to her, and was surprised and happy. “”Of course. I also have something to tell you.”” ”