Chapter 1329

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Chapter 1329: Are you only satisfied after I die?

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“After Qiao fengnian went upstairs to rest and Qiao Yanyan and the others drove away, the two of them went to the living room and sat down. ”

“In the distance, she could only see the figures of a few servants cleaning. ”

“Madam Qiao stood up and was about to pour tea for Qiao yanze, but he stopped her. ”

“””Please sit, I’ll do it.”” He said lightly and poured a glass of water in front of Mrs. Qiao. ”

“Mrs. Qiao took the cup with a complicated expression. She took a sip of the water, paused, and put it down again. She forced a smile and said,””Yanze, what do you want to ask me?”” ”

“Qiao yanze seemed to come back to his senses and looked up. “”You should go first.”” ”

“Madam Qiao hesitated for a moment. I didn’t tell you about it, ran ran. ”

Qiao yanze raised an eyebrow.

“he’s been paying a lot of attention to the letter of intent that you and yunshi group are talking about recently. Ran ran has even contacted yunshi himself. It seems that yunshi intends to make you his son-in-law, ran ran, “” Mrs. Qiao finally said. yanze, I still hope that you’ll consider it carefully. You’re still young now, but when you reach a certain age, you’ll definitely regret it. At that time, you won’t have a marriage partner like the Yun family’s eldest miss, Yingluo.”” ”

Qiao yanze chuckled softly.

“After a pause, she said in a stiff tone, “” “”I can apologize to her and beg her to forgive me, as long as you don’t be so stubborn.”” ”

“””You don’t have to force yourself.”” Qiao yanze’s tone became even more indifferent. if you’re not sincere, then it’s not an apology, but a burden. ”

“””I can’t do this, I can’t do that, what do you want me to do?”” Madam Qiao couldn’t suppress her anger, and her voice was tinged with exasperation. or are you only satisfied when I die? “” ”

“””Mom,”” she said. Qiao yanze closed his eyes, his voice a little hoarse when he spoke again. you don’t have to do anything. Also, I hope you can understand that I don’t intend to marry and have children with another woman. It’s not to punish you, nor to blackmail you. It’s my own decision, it has nothing to do with you.”” ”

Madam Qiao’s breathing was a little rushed. She picked up the cup and drank the tea in it.

“””Your father won’t agree. It’s fine if you disobey him occasionally, but if you still hold your own opinion on some key issues, it’s not impossible for him to change his mind.”” She took a deep breath and said, “” don’t forget that the company’s shares are still in your father’s hands. ”

“””If he has a better candidate in mind, it’s not impossible.”” Qiao yanze chuckled and leaned over to fill Madam Qiao’s glass with water. ”

Mrs. Qiao choked and was speechless.

“””Now, it’s my turn to ask you.”” Qiao yanze glanced at her. ”

“””What?”” Madam Qiao held the cup uneasily. ”

“””I remember you said that you were behind Wenyan’s death,”” Qiao yanze said calmly, “” how did you do it? “” ”

Madam Qiao’s expression immediately turned extremely ugly.

“She now regretted saying this out of anger that day. However, the words had already come out of her mouth, and it was useless even if she wanted to deny it. ”

“””It’s been more than 20 years, how could I remember?”” She shirked and said, “” besides, I didn’t really want her to die. I was just too angry that day, so I deliberately exaggerated it. ”

“I’ve checked. The records show that Wenyan died of amniotic fluid embolism after delivery. Qiao yanze stared at her without blinking. is that the truth? “” ”

Madam Qiao’s face was a little pale.