Chapter 1330

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Chapter 1330: I will definitely stand on your side.

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“””Yes.”” She squeezed the word out from between her teeth. I bribed her doctor, Yingluo, but I only asked him to give that woman a little pain. I don’t know how the doctor did it, but he actually caused that woman’s uterus to rupture and cause amniotic fluid embolism. She was beyond saving within a few minutes, Yingluo. I really didn’t want her to die! ”

She couldn’t help but emphasize it again.

“Qiao yanze’s eyes were dark as he stared at her for a while. “”You didn’t say this out loud, but you’re looking forward to it deep down. You know very well what kind of risk a woman takes to give birth, but you just had to make her suffer at that time, Yingluo.”” ”

“””Yanze! You also know what kind of risk I took when I gave birth to you, and you still talk to me like this?”” Madam Qiao interrupted her with a red face. ”

“Qiao yanze was silent for a moment, before he said calmly, “” “”That’s why I said that you’ll always be my mother. I’ll do my best to fulfill my responsibilities.”” ”

Madam Qiao was immediately speechless.

“yanze, didn’t you say that that girl doesn’t want you at all? ran ran, why are you still pursuing this? “” Her tone carried a hint of pleading. I’ll admit it even if you blame me. However, can we just let this matter pass?”” ”

Disdainful and asking for a beating

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips tightly, suddenly feeling a suffocating feeling in his heart. ”

Madam Qiao was clearly not innocent. He didn’t know what kind of miracle he could expect.

“””This is the last time I’ll mention this.”” His fingers tightened. of course, please don’t mention marriage or arranged marriage again. I hope that you can help me delay my father for a while.”” ”

“Madam Qiao opened her mouth, but closed it after a while. “”Alright,”” she nodded with a bitter smile. ”

Qiao yanze nodded slightly. you can rest. I have to go.

“After he finished speaking, he stood up and left without looking back. ”

Madam Qiao looked at his back and sighed faintly.

“In fact, she had already noticed a long time ago that Qiao yanze was the most stubborn among the children even though he seemed to be the most easy-going. Once he made up his mind, no one could change his mind. She could only pray that he would let go of his obsession with li Yinian as time passed. If that happened, he would have no reason to ignore her, his biological mother. ”

“Although she said that, she still felt very uncomfortable in her heart. ”

“She stood up and prepared to return to her room. Thinking about how she had to face her husband again later, she felt an unspeakable irritation in her heart. Now that this man finally couldn’t play anymore and had nothing to do at home, he was in the mood to play romantic with her. She had waited for so many years, and the day had finally come when her husband would be by her side. However, what was the point of having a weak and sick old man by her side? What was she after all these years? ”

“There were some questions that she really couldn’t think too deeply about. Once she did, she felt that she had been fed to dogs all these years. However, she still had to go on, so she could only convince herself again and again. ”

“She laughed bitterly and turned around, only to see a tall figure. ”

“””Yan Li!”” She was taken aback. why are you here? “” ”

“Qiao yanxun smiled. I left my phone behind. I came back to get it. Before I left, I saw that you and yanze seemed to have something to discuss. What are you guys talking about?”” ”

“His tone was a little nonchalant, as if he was just asking casually. ”

“It wasn’t something to be proud of, so Madam Qiao naturally didn’t want to talk about it. She forced a smile.””I just want him to get married quickly. You know his personality, Yingluo.”” ”

“””Mom, you don’t look so good.”” Qiao Yanjin frowned. what’s the matter that you can’t tell me? I’ll definitely stand on your side.”” ”