Chapter 1336

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Chapter 1336: An unforgettable nightmare

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“She gasped. Yan Xun! Are you crazy?”” A second later, she came to a sudden realization and her face turned paler. no wonder you advised me to meet her and specially arranged another bodyguard for me, Yingluo. But how did this girl offend you? “” ”

“””She didn’t offend me, but my good little brother did.”” Qiao yanxun’s smile was a little wild. mom, I’ve worked hard for so many years. Why do you and dad like Qiao yanze more? What did I do wrong?”” ”

“””What are you talking about? I like all of you the same, Chengcheng. Mrs. Qiao forced a smile. Yan Xun, let’s talk this out. Put your gun away, Chengcheng. ”

“Madam Qiao couldn’t help but shiver. Although she was confident that Qiao yanxun would not point the gun at her, she might become a scapegoat if anything happened! ”

“””Mom, don’t lie to me.”” He chuckled. your favorite son is yanze. If it wasn’t for your instigation back then, he might not have gotten involved, ran ran. ”

“””Yan Xun, there’s no such thing!”” Mrs. Qiao couldn’t help retorting, “” besides, even if the president of the group is your brother’s, you’re not bad either! Didn’t your father say that the business you were in charge of before will still be in your hands? It was not worth it to take such a risk just for the position of President! You should at least think about your wife Rongrong and Yingluo! He’s still so young!”” ”

“As soon as Mrs. Qiao finished speaking, Qiao yanxun’s face twisted even more. ”

“Mrs. Qiao was shocked. Qiao yanxun had never mentioned this before, so she did not know about it. No wonder her daughter-in-law and grandson did not come back for the family banquet that day. ”

“””I don’t want any other woman, I only want Rongrong.”” Qiao yanxun’s eyes were red as he said, “” mom, if you really care about me, help me get back my position! Besides, he’s already offended you because of this woman. What good would it do for you to let him take over?”” ”

“As he spoke, he nudged the gun in his hand again, causing Madam Qiao’s face to turn pale. ”

“Li Yinian finally coughed and said, “” “”You want to use me to threaten him?”” ”

“In the beginning, she did not know Qiao yanxun’s identity, so she did not act rashly. ”

“””That’s right.”” Qiao yanxun chuckled. this brother of mine is also a sentimental person. For you, he would definitely be willing to give up. ”

“but this position was chosen by the Board of Directors. Even if he resigns, the position of President will never fall on you. Li Yinian said calmly, but her voice was a little hoarse. ”

“””That will depend on how important you are to her.”” Qiao yanxun chuckled. my good brother is so smart. He’ll definitely think of a lot of ways to push me up. ”

“””But this isn’t something that can be done in a short time, Yingluo.”” ”

“””If that’s the case, my gun might not listen to me,”” Qiao yanxun sneered. if he can’t get that position, I don’t mind giving him an unforgettable nightmare! ”

Li Yinian’s heart sank.