Chapter 1339

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Chapter 1339: Using his body to block the gun

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“There were only a few people in the circle of the second generation in Sun City, and most of them knew each other. It wasn’t strange for this woman to know Rongrong. ”

“At the thought of this, Qiao Yanyan snorted. “”Then I’ll give you face.”” ”

“Li Yinian heaved a long sigh of relief when she felt the gun on her waist finally move away. She turned around to face the men, but the gun was soon pointed at her lower abdomen. ”

“The corner of Qiao yanze’s eyes twitched uncontrollably, his hands clenching and relaxing several times. Without absolute confidence, he did not dare to act rashly. ”

“””It’s not strange for sister Rongrong to leave you.”” Li Yinian looked at him and smiled. she’s always been a girl with her own ideas. She wants the best of everything. Of course, her husband is the same. ”

Qiao yanxun’s breathing became heavier and he looked a little agitated.

“””But she’s also a very loyal person, so everyone liked to play with her.”” Li Yinian paused for a moment. based on my understanding of her, I’m afraid that she didn’t leave you because of your failure but because you’ve been immersed in the emotions of failure and you’ve been unable to recover. She hates men like that the most. If you were to take the risk today and insist on finding someone to be your scapegoat, I’m afraid that she would look down on you even more, and she would also be glad that she left you early.”” ”

“Qiao yanze and Qiao yanxun said in unison. Qiao yanze did it so that she would not continue to agitate Qiao yanxun, but Qiao yanxun was completely infuriated. ”

“””What right do you have to say that?”” he gasped. How dare you?”” ”

“””Because I’m a woman too, and I understand sister Rongrong.”” Li Yinian’s tone softened. yanze didn’t call the police. As long as you put your gun away, we can pretend that nothing has happened. I’ll definitely help you find sister Rongrong.”” ”

“Qiao yanxun’s face twitched slightly as if he was moved, but he quickly shook his head. “”No, she won’t come back, Yingluo. How can you know her better than me?”” ”

“After he said this in despair, his finger suddenly pressed down on the trigger. ”

“Qiao yanze had been watching his movements closely. When he saw this, his pupils shrank and he rushed over without thinking, pushing Qiao Yanyan to the ground. With a loud “” bang “”, Madam Qiao screamed in horror. ”

“Li Yinian’s legs gave way and she almost fell to the ground. On the other side, Qiao yanze and Qiao yanxun were still fighting. Qiao yanze tried to control Qiao yanxun’s wrist so that he would not have the chance to shoot. Qiao yanxun screamed in despair and suddenly broke free from Qiao yanze’s grip. He raised his arm again and raised his gun at the same time … ”

“At this moment, li Yinian had just stood up from the ground and was about to go over to help when the gun was pointed at her. The cold fear had just filled her heart when she saw Qiao yanze pounce over again in the next second, using his body to block the gun. ”

Li Yinian felt as if a string had snapped in her head when she heard the dull sound.

“yanze … Madam Qiao’s heart-wrenching cries rang in her ears, like a sharp knife stabbing into her brain, and deeply into her heart. ”

“Qiao yanze seemed to grunt and tried to get up, but he failed halfway. ”

“Qiao yanxun was still holding his gun. He probably did not expect that he would really succeed. At this time, he had a shocked and confused expression on his face. ”