Chapter 1340

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Chapter 1340: Because of blood

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“A few seconds later, he suddenly threw the gun in his hand to the side and retreated in panic. ”

“Very soon, li Yinian understood why Qiao yanxun was so flustered. It was because of the blood. When the bright blood spread before her eyes, she almost forgot to breathe … ”

“No, this can’t be true. It’s impossible! ”

“Li Yinian stumbled over and hugged Qiao yanze with her trembling hands. The man’s pale face had lost all color, and he covered his chest with one hand, which was still bleeding. Perhaps he saw her fear, he coughed strenuously and smiled to comfort her. “”Yinian, don’t be afraid of Wanwan.”” ”

Li Yinian could only shake her head desperately. Fear gripped her throat and she could not even form a complete sentence.

if only I could survive … the man raised his arm with great effort and held her wrist. are you willing …??????????????

Li Yinian could only nod her head vigorously.

“Qiao yanze could not help but laugh, then he furrowed his eyebrows in pain. ”

Li Yinian’s tears finally started to fall and she even felt like crying.

“She had never thought that this man would die, or even die because of her. Why? She really didn’t understand what was so good about her that he was willing to risk his life for her. Why, why could this man be so stupid! ”

“She wanted to call for help, she wanted Mrs. Qiao to call the ambulance, but great fear had completely taken over her heart. In her tears, she could only look up at Madam Qiao for help, whimpering in despair. ”

Madam Qiao seemed to have finally returned to her senses and crawled over on all fours.

“””Yanze!”” She shouted in a hoarse voice, and one of her hands trembled as she reached into her pocket to find her phone. She finally found her phone, but it slipped and fell to the ground. ”

“At this moment, the bodyguards suddenly rushed in. They were shocked to see the scene inside. ”

“””Save him, quickly save him!”” Madam Qiao shouted at them, “” call the ambulance! ”

“The bodyguards looked at each other and instinctively looked at Qiao yanxun. Seeing that Qiao yanxun had no objection, they rushed over. ”

“””It might be too late to call the ambulance.”” One of them said decisively, “” let’s send fourth young master to the hospital. ”

Madam Qiao nodded while crying.

“Li Yinian allowed the bodyguards to carry Qiao yanze, but she still held the man’s hand tightly and stumbled to keep up with them, refusing to let go. ”

“The group of people left quickly, leaving Qiao yanxun alone in the small shop. ”

It was as if he was the only one left in the world.

“He lay on the ground in a daze for a while. Suddenly, he raised his right hand with great effort and fumbled to the side. After a long while, he finally found the gun. ”

“An hour later, outside the hospital’s operating room, Mrs. Qiao was making phone calls one after another, her voice suppressing a strong sobbing tone. ”

“Li Yinian leaned against the wall, her face pale. She clenched her fists so tightly that her nails almost dug into her palms. ”

“However, no matter how painful her palm was, it couldn’t compare to the pain in her heart. It was so painful that she couldn’t even straighten her back. ”

“If she had known that such a day would come, she would have been stunned. If she had known, stunned. ”

“She suddenly trembled, and a layer of mist appeared in her eyes again. ”

“At that moment, another group of doctors in white coats rushed over. Their destination seemed to be the operating room. ”