Chapter 1341

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Chapter 1341: The mercy of fate

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One of them suddenly stopped in his tracks when he passed by li Yinian.

“””Thoughts?”” The man’s voice was filled with suppressed surprise. ”

“Li Yinian raised her head in a daze. She was in a daze for a moment before she blurted out a name.””Hongyu?”” ”

“Wasn’t that Qin Hongyu? Ever since he had parted ways with li Yinian in Vienna, he had suspended his studies in Vienna and returned to Yangcheng. He had just been reinstated today, and he did not expect to see li Yinian in the hospital. ”

“””Right!”” The joy on the man’s face disappeared in an instant. what’s wrong? Wanwan? “” Wait, the person in the operating room is Yingluo.”” ”

“Li Yinian suddenly snapped out of her daze and grabbed his wrist, tears streaming down her face.””Hongyu, I beg you to save him. You have to save him, Yingluo!”” ”

“””I will!”” Qin Hongyu’s face turned serious. He held li Yinian’s hand in his palm. why is your hand so cold? “” ”

He seemed to have discovered something extraordinary. He suddenly grabbed her wrist and felt her pulse with his other hand.

Li Yinian stared at his actions in a daze.

“I’ve learned some basic Chinese medicine, but I could only tell that your pulse is slippery. Your pulse is a little shaky, “” he said with a complicated expression. Yinian, you’ve been having sex with a man recently. ”

Li Yinian’s eyes widened in confusion.

“””I mean, you might be pregnant, but I might be wrong.”” His smile was a little bitter. but if you’re really pregnant, you’ll have a child. After all, you’re in a relationship with Qiao yanze. ”

“no, that’s a misunderstanding. We’re not blood-related, Yingluo, “” she couldn’t help but explain. ”

“””I see.”” Qin Hongyu’s smile became more bitter. that’s good. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best. If you’re really pregnant, I won’t let the child lose its father before it’s born. So, you must pull yourself together.”” ”

“Li Yinian seemed to have been completely stunned by the news. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Qin Hongyu patted her hand to comfort her, “” “”I’ll go in first.”” ”

“As he spoke, he quickly walked towards the operating room. ”

“Li Yinian, on the other hand, could not help but hold her wrist as if she wanted to feel the legendary slippery pulse. ”

“But how could Yingluo be pregnant? A few months ago, Qin Hongyu had just given her a checkup in Vienna, and her condition clearly didn’t improve at all. Wanwan must have made a mistake. ”

“She did not dare to hope that fate would suddenly show mercy. Hence, if there was really a miracle, she only hoped that Qiao yanze would wake up. ”

“Thinking of this, she looked in the direction of the operating room and tears rolled down her face again. ”

Xu Chuchu only saw li Yinian in the hospital two hours later.

“At that time, after she had sent li Yinian off to the store for her appointment, she had retracted her gaze and was busy making phone calls to arrange her schedule. By the time she had reacted, half an hour had passed. She called li Yinian, but no one picked up. She had no choice but to inform the driver and get out of the car to look for her at the store. ”

“When she walked closer, she realized that there was no one at the door. She felt a little scared and once again regretted not insisting on having the bodyguards follow her today. Then, she mustered her courage and pushed the door open. She saw the scene inside. ”

“The next second, she was so scared that her legs went soft. ”

“Fortunately, the person lying in the pool of blood was not sister Yinian. ”

“After Xu Chuchu calmed down, she immediately realized that she could not call the police easily. ”