Chapter 1342

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Chapter 1342: I give you my blessings.

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“With li Yinian’s current reputation, it would be a disaster for her to be involved in any murder case. She still remembered what happened to sister Shengge. ”

“So, she called Shang Tianyi immediately. ”

“Shang Tianyi couldn’t do anything about it, so he had to contact ye Shengge, and Ji shiting soon found out. ”

“So Xu Chuchu got the instructions to wait at the same place. She waited for another hour in fear and trepidation. Finally, a group of men who looked like bodyguards came. The leader of the group called himself Feng Jing. ”

“He ordered his men to send the man who was lying in a pool of blood to the car. When Xu Chuchu asked him about li Yinian’s whereabouts, the man took her to the hospital. ”

“Xu Chuchu finally saw sister Yinian. Sister Shengge was accompanying her, and teacher Ji was talking to a Haggard-looking lady. ”

She quietly walked behind sister Yinian.

“””Madam.”” It was teacher Ji’s voice. after you left, brother Qiao shot himself. ”

“Madam Qiao’s body shook violently, and she suddenly burst into tears. ”

“Ji shiting held her shoulder and said in a sad voice, “” “”Please restrain your grief. Besides, uncle Qiao’s matter was so big that he probably couldn’t hide it from him. But don’t worry, I’ve already called his doctor. He’ll come to the Qiao family’s residence to personally look after uncle Qiao.”” ”

“Madam Qiao fell back into the chair, so sad that she almost fainted. ”

“Ji shiting pursed his lips. He did not expect that the fight for the Qiao family’s heir would end in such a tragic way. At this time, Qiao yanze, who was in the operating room, was still in a critical condition. Although the bullet did not hit his heart, the result was still not optimistic. ”

“Li Yinian had only just received news of Qiao yanxun’s death, and in such a manner too. ”

“why? “” ye Shengge sighed. Yingluo’s situation is far from desperate. ”

“probably because he doesn’t want to go to jail, ran ran, “” li Yinian said hoarsely. if he didn’t shoot, yanze wouldn’t have run away. ”

“Ye Shengge held the back of her hand and said, “” “”Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”” ”

“As soon as ye Shengge finished, the door of the operating room opened. ”

Li Yinian stood up immediately and jogged to Qin Hongyu.

the bullet didn’t hit any vital parts. He’ll be fine. Qin Hongyu said in a hoarse voice as he looked deeply at li Yinian. you can rest assured now.

“Li Yinian’s tense nerves relaxed and she almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, ye Shengge caught her. ”

“Ji shiting was relieved and immediately took out his phone to make a call. When Madam Qiao heard the good news, she cried even harder. ”

“””You can go in later.”” Qin Hongyu paused for a moment. Yinian, I wish you all the best. ”

“Li Yinian’s tears rolled down her face. thank you, Xuanji Hongyu. Thank you, Xuanji. ”

“Qin Hongyu’s smile was complicated,””at least I didn’t fail my mission.”” You can go in and see him now.”” ”

Li Yinian nodded gently.

“Qin Hongyu’s lips moved, but he didn’t say anything. He nodded at ye Shengge and walked around them to the office. ”

Ye Shengge sighed. what a pity. Dr. Qin asked us to go in and see Qiao yanze.

Li Yinian took a deep breath. let’s wait for Xuanji Shengge. I need you to accompany me to the gynecology department.

“Not only was ye Shengge stunned, but Xu Chuchu was also stunned. ”

She suddenly remembered something strange about sister Shengge. Her eyes widened as she thought of something.