Chapter 1349

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Chapter 1349: A custom-made meal for pregnant women

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“The woman’s body leaned over, and a familiar fragrance immediately assaulted him. ”

“However, Qiao yanze would not be fooled so easily. He grabbed li Yinian’s hand and sneered.””There’s only the two of us here, why are you talking about children? You have to give me an explanation today!”” ”

“Li Yinian’s wrist was in pain from his grip. She furrowed her eyebrows and glared at him.””Idiot! Let go!”” ”

“Qiao yanze gritted his teeth, his dark eyes so cold that it was terrifying. ”

What was this woman trying to do? Was she playing with him?

“Not only did the force on her wrist not decrease, it became even stronger. Li Yinian gasped in pain. are you trying to show off your strength? If I had known, I wouldn’t have fed you porridge and would have starved you to death!”” ”

“Qiao yanze was even angrier at her complaining and coquettish tone, but he unconsciously relaxed his grip. He clasped her soft hand and interlocked his fingers with hers. He said fiercely, “” “”You’ll be free if I starve to death, right? I’m telling you, even if I become a ghost, I’m going to pester you until you can’t live in peace!”” ”

“Li Yinian snorted and pried his fingers away. if you’re so capable, then go be a ghost. I’ll find another father for the child. ”

“Qiao yanze’s eyebrows twitched. Before his anger could surge up, it was drowned by a huge confusion. ”

This was the second time she had mentioned the child.

“””What child?”” His voice was a little tense. ”

“””Idiot!”” Li Yinian glared at him. ”

“Qiao yanze had a vague guess, but ran ran, but ran ran, how was this possible? ”

“His heart suddenly beat wildly, as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his heart, so much so that he even felt a little dizzy at that moment. He wanted to ask, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something, and even breathing became extremely difficult. ”

“He was afraid that he had misunderstood. If this was a joke or a prank, it would be too cruel. ”

“At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open with a clear female voice. ”

“””Sister Yinian!”” Xu Chu Chu walked in with a paper bag in her arms. you should eat. You can’t go hungry now. Mr. Qiao, you’re awake. ”

“When she said the last sentence, the little girl’s voice suddenly lowered, and she couldn’t help but shrink her neck. ”

Li Yinian broke free from Xu Chuchu’s grip while she was still in shock. She stood up and took the paper bag from Xu Chuchu’s hands.

“””What is this?”” She asked curiously. ”

“doctor Qin specially ordered a meal for you. I made it for you at brother Tianyi’s place. She chuckled and said, “” it’s refreshing, sweet, and sour. You’ll like it. ”

“””You’ve worked hard.”” Li Yinian nodded approvingly. have you eaten? “” ”

“””I ate before I came.”” Xu Chuchu coughed as she spoke. brother Tianyi said that he has rejected all the work for you, but it’s best to finish the confirmed schedule. Of course, it all depends on your body’s condition.”” ”

“””Alright. I won’t make him pay the penalty.”” Li Yinian smiled. I’ll give him a call tonight. ”

“Xu Chuchu nodded. then I won’t disturb you, Yingluo. You have to rest well too. ”

“She did not dare to say goodbye to Qiao yanze and ran off. Sigh, she was just having a casual conversation with Yinian, and Mr. Qiao couldn’t stand it. His gaze was so intense that it could burn a hole in her. She didn’t dare to stay any longer. ”